What rules do you use for outside cards?

Discussion in 'Pokemon Rumble' started by Tombstoner, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. Tombstoner

    Tombstoner New Member

    There could be multiple good variations of these rules. Post any you have here.
    Mine are:
    Ignore coin flips
    Ignore effects related to elements not existent in Rumble, including:
    - deck, discard pile, Prize Cards, Lost Zone, hand, Supporters
    - Special Conditions
    - Benched Pokémon
    - opponent's/your Pokémon
    - Energy
    If a card says that the damage for its attack can be changed by something that is not applicable in Rumble, the damage cannot be changed.
  2. Luxatos

    Luxatos <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    The way I play, the opponent's Benched Pokemon are the first (X-1) clockwise and your own Benched Pokemon are the first X Pokemon counter-clockwise from the attacker, not including the Defending Pokemon or any Pokemon on the opponent's "Bench", when X is the number on the die. It could make for interesting strategy, especially if you allow switching of Pokemon.
  3. Squidwina

    Squidwina New Member

    Why no coin flips? They make the game only very slightly more complicated. We just threw a rolling die into the box.
  4. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    We play that the number of energy attached to the pokemon you are attacking with, is the number of energy you rolled on the dice.
  5. Giratinamaster

    Giratinamaster New Member

    I have played Rumbe a diffrent way by allowing all effcets cion flips SC its well funny we at my league we have a rumble ban list.

    espsely gardvwair LVX
  6. Sarahbear

    Sarahbear New Member

    pokemon,rumble rules are you can use ragular card!
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