What they should have done with Pokemon Colosseum (part 1): A Pokemon Online Game

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by mysterioustrainer, Apr 2, 2004.

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    As you all know I wasn't overly pleased with the newest GCN Pokemon game, Colosseum. If you don't know, read my review in this forum. Anyways let me tell you in detail what could have been an awesome Pokemon game for GCN. First allow me to say Pokemon Colosseum would have been better if it had been two seperate games! This first part is going to describe what could have been a great Colosseum game with online capablities.

    Pokemon Colosseum Online (my tentative title)
    Basic Idea: There would be no story mode. Just a huge variety of Colosseum Formats to battle in many of which are capable of online connectivity. There would also be rental pokemon avalable for those (weird people) who don't own a Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, or Leaf Green game pak. Of course Rental Pokemon would not be nearly as powerful as Pokemon upload from a GBA Game Pak. Also you could upload Pokemon from a GCN version (see my part 2 article).

    First and formost all of the pre-existing battle formats should still be around. Thats right Baby, Pika, Petit, Challenge, Poke, Prime, Challenge, Lv50, and Lv100 formats would all be here. However there should be at least three special changable formats from "online moderators" to give the online community something to play with. And of course you should be given the right to customize your own rules like you can do in Pokemon Colosseum however you couldn't play your own rules online (that would get way to complicated). Of course there are interesting challenges like Gym Leader Castle and Mt. Battle modes just to keep things interesting.

    Now the online part I think is the tricky factor so here is how I would propose it would work. First players would log in. Then you could search for a tournament that hasn't started yet. Tournaments should be avalable in Swiss and Single-Elimination formats. There should be no more than 64 players to a tournament and no less than 8. Like the Pokemon-e TCG, there would be a ELO Rating and Ranking system. Another part that could make this online function work is a instant challenge mode where you face off against another player in the appropriate format instanly for a fun quick battle online. Third I think a friends list is important to keep track of your own friends and rivals. The last most important factor is a fixed message system simular to Ruby and Sapphire. This way there can be no poor language and very little room for insults. However it would provide a fun way to give customization to a character.

    Now to make sure the online community isn't filled with Brendon or May (the characters from Ruby and Sapphire) there should be a complete customization for your character to make yourself unique. This would include gender*, eye color, skin color, hair color, faceal looks, hair style, height, body shape, and of course a ton of clothes! (Gender wouldn't be made an option if you are using a uploaded team.) I think this could really make things come alive!

    So that is my idea for what a perfect Colosseum game would look like. Any thoughts, suggestions?

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