What they should have done with Pokemon Colosseum (part 2): A GCN "Rainbow" Version

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by mysterioustrainer, Apr 2, 2004.

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  1. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Okay now that I have talked about what could make a great online Pokemon game lets talk about what could have been a better story mode for Pokemon Colosseum's story mode. So what I would call a "Rainbow" version is one a completly brand new adventure but yet still be able to catch every single Pokemon with the help of Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green.

    I wouldn't find as much fun traveling through Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn in 3-D as much as a completely but intensely larger new land. My guess such a version would have about 20 towns at the most (however only eight would have a gym to fight for badges for). Every town should have some important value to the story of course so you will have to spend some time in each town. Next routes would be very unique from each other not only in the road but also the landscape. Another thing that would be fun is puzzle solving and completely challenging "dungeons". This would be either a cave, a team's (will be explained later) hideout, or better an abandoned castle of sorts to explore.

    The badges of course should be different from previous regions. However I think the gyms should have more a dugeon like feel meaning not only do you have to battle to get your way to the Gym Leader but there should be more puzzle solving and stuff to get to him/her. That would be fun.

    Illustration is everything so I would want to see what they can do to make each town look unique, they did this perfectly with the actual Pokemon Colosseum story mode. Make each town look like you are visiting a whole world all over again. Magic in every moment is important to make a game fun so putting in interesting cut scenes where possible is important. For example it would be cool to see a scene where the trainer is riding a bird pokemon while using HM02 Fly. Get the idea?

    Now while the game should look good, I want it to last longer too. Gyms should be more spread apart and therefore you and the leader should have a more larger level increase from the last gym. Basically the game would really rock that by the time you faced off against the elite four at the end, your Pokemon should be around level 80 not just 40. So there is going to have to be a lot of varied trainers to give the game life.

    Pokemon Catching should be no different in this game as it is in Ruby, Sapphire, Leaf Green, and Fire Red. However I would like to see every ball avalable to get (including the apricorn ones from Gold, Silver, Crystal) and there should be a Safari Zone. Also you shouldn't be able to catch them all with this version alone. There should be some exclusives to the four gba versions to keep their value. However Pokemon that couldn't be found in those versions should be able to be caught here (like Celebi).

    Once again, I would want trainer customization (see part 1) and there should be plenty of box room. And there would have to be a criminal team somewhat like CIPHER and not like Team Rocket. Come on if they are going to be bad, make them bad! As I said in part 1, this game should be able to be loaded with a Colosseum game.

    Overall my two biggest wants its that it should look good and that it should take forever to complete! That would make being a Pokemon Trainer fun. So any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. bullados

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    Unfortunately, Nintendo does not see Pokemon as being their big seller anymore (dispite the nearly 10 million copies of RS sold worldwide and almost 2 million of FR/LG in Japan) and are not willing to pour as much money into it as they should have a few years ago. I'm not sure WHAT Big N has planned as it's top seller, but it certaintly isn't Pokemon.

    That being said, there should have been more for the current version of Collosseum. Note that almost all of the big games for every system except for GCN has had at the very least 2 disks. I personally like the premise behind the Collosseum story mode, I just wish that it could be expanded to the level of GSC or even RBY, both are games that take a minimum of 20 hours to really beat (E4 in RBY, Red in GSC) without cheating or trading. I don't really see Story mode as lasting more than about 5-10 hours to really beat the game (not sure what the final challange is, but it shouldn't take that long).

    Personally, I like the entire premise behind Collosseum, but I think that they were trying to do too much and didn't have the kind of memory space in the GCN disk to really work hard on what they were doing. Story mode is a game unto itself. As the Stadium series proved, the Battle mode is a game unto itself. They could have marketed the two games seperately, spent a ton more time and energy really getting the story mode worked through right, and made a killing in the process.

    All non statistical information above is purely IMO.
  3. Joe Monkey

    Joe Monkey New Member

    I agree with that.

    But I'm pretty sure that they could've done a GBA like verson for the Game Cube. Look at some of the games that are one the Cube.

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