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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Jason, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Jason

    Jason New Member

    10/10 UPDATE: With cities all completed, would someone please report the missing deck information that is listed in this post. Thank you. If you cant post in this thread, you can still PM me the information. Statistics of top decks will be added next week sometimes. Also, rankings will be added sometimes this weekend. Cheers!





    With two more weekends of Cities left in North America with 37 and 42 respectively, I would like most of you to try and provide as much information as possible and tell someone who know the details to report the top 2 decks from the master division here.

    ****ADDED 12/28**** If you cannot make a post here, feel free to PM me the information.

    More the deck information, better the tally results for the first place, 2nd place and overall decks in the T2 which will be posted on the Rankings thread for future reference in 3 weeks.



    Jason :)


    You guys/gals know what to do.

    Required Fields:
    Location and State/Country:
    MA winner + deck:
    MA runner-up + deck:
    Additional MA runner-ups + decks:

    Optional Fields:
    Jr + Sr Winners + Runner-up + decks.

    BUT REMEMBER...there are rules
    * Please do not use code names or deck names like Fire truk, Galactic etc
    * Both the Masters 1st and 2nd placers are REQUIRED with their deck played
    * Keep any silly arguements like deck names off the thread please

    This post will be updated at end of each week or so.

    At end of our Cities run before States would start (sometimes at end of Feburary), the Deck information such as BDIF and the best 10 or so archtypes will be listed in the Rankings thread (in the World Championships forum) along with all the rankings and such for reference after cities have finished.



    Remember, it ordered by week then state.

    =Week 1=
    Edmonton, AB, CA - Banette/Bliss, T2Blissey
    Surrey, BC, CA -
    Barrie, ON, CA - Garde/lade, Megnaium-d/Gatr-d
    Oshawa, ON, CA - Honchkrow/Absol, Magmortar/Typhlo
    Thunder Bay, ON, CA -
    Hamilton, ON, CA - Honchkrow/Absol, T-tar/Weavile
    Mexico, DF, MX - Blissey/Sableye, Blissey/Sableye
    Jalapa, VC, MX - Machamp/Lucario, Blissey/Sableye
    Granada Hills, CA, US - Garde/lade, Lucario/Blissey
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US -
    Wheat Ridge, CO, US - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Manchester, CT, US - Honchkrow/Absol, T2Blissy
    Newark, DE, US - Absol/Gardy, Blissey
    Auburn, IN, US - Blissey/Lucario, Feraligatr
    LaGrange, IN, US - Blissey/Magmortar, Feraligatr
    Lusby, MO, US - Blissey/Banette, Honchkrow/Absol
    Kalmazoo, MI, US - Garde/lade, Feraligatr
    St. Louis Park, MN, US - Garde/lade/Milotic, ???
    Brandon, MS, US -
    Madison, MS, US - Electivire/Flygon, Torterra
    Nigh Point, NC, US -
    Mooresville, NC, US -
    Watervliet, NY, US - Kingdra-ex-d, Kricketune
    Brooklyn, NY, US - Absol/Garde, Absol/Garde
    Nanuet, NY, US - Absol/Garde, Absol/Garde
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH, US - Empoleon/Mantine
    Columbus, OH, US - Blissey/Lucario, Garde/lade/Cario
    Sellwood, OR, US - Banette, Electivire/Flygon
    New Holland, PA, US -
    Ambler, PA, US -
    Anderson, SC, US -
    Fort Worth, TX, US - Honchkrow/Absol, Garde/lade
    Crowley, TX, US - Honchkrow/Absol, T2Blissey
    Layton, UT, US - Inferncatty, T-tar/Lucario
    Lacey, WA, US -
    Auburn, WA, US - Magmortar/Typhlo, Raichu/Vire

    =Week 2=
    Campbell River, BC, CA - Empoleon/Lucario, Blissey/Arcanine
    Langley, BC, CA -
    Victoria, BC, CA -
    Oakville, ON, CA - Blissey/Banette, Blissey/Banette
    Aguascalientes, AG, MX - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Edo Mex, MX, MX - Garde/lade, Electivire/Flygon
    Mesa, AZ -
    Elk Grove, CA - Magmortar/Typhlosion, Blissey/Electivire
    Fontana, CA -
    San Diego, CA - Banette/Honchkrow, Duskqueen
    Frisco, CO -
    Peyton, CO - Honchkrow/Absol, Meganium-d/Mismagius
    Coral Springs, FL - Magmortar/Typhlosion, Garde/lade
    Lauderhill, FL - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Austell, GA - Garde/lade, Blissey
    Duluth, GA - Blissey, Garde/lade
    Ames, IA - Mario, Gallade/Cario
    Boise, ID - Sableye/Rampardos, Blissey
    O'Fallon, IL -
    Urbana, IL - Blissey/Lucario, Blissey/Infernape
    Muncie, IN - T2Blissey, Honchkrow/Absol
    Olathe, KS - Magmortar/Typhlosion, R-Gon
    Danville, KY - Garde/lade/Milotic, Honchkrow/Absol
    Rockville, MD - Garde/lade, solo Blissey
    Rochester Hills, MI - Blissey, Mario
    St.Paul, MN - Banette/Electrode, ???
    Eureka, MO -
    Springfield, MO - Torterra/Celebi, Garchomp/Delcatty
    Biloxi, MS -
    Gautier, MS -
    Greensboro, NC - Absol/Magnezone, Garde/lade
    Burlington, NJ - Blissey/Absol, Absol/Garde
    Dayton, OH - Gardy/lade/Cario, Blissey/Weavile
    Elyria, OH - Blissey/Lucario, Blissey/Electivire
    Akron, OH - Garde/lade, Kingdra-ex-d
    Oklahoma City, OK -
    Corvallis, OR - Magmortar/Typhlosion, ???
    Lebanon, PA -
    Media, PA -
    Toa Baja, PR -
    Johnston, RI - Garde/lade, Magmortar/Absol
    El Paso, TX -
    Garland, TX - Blissey, Garde/lade
    Katy, TX - Blissey/Ninetales, Blissey/Clefable
    Magnolia, TX - Absol/Garde, ???
    Mesquite, TX - Garde/lade, Honchkrow/Absol
    West Valley, UT - Feraligatr, Infernape/Delcatty
    Woodbridge, VA - Solo Blissey, Blissey/Banette
    Bremerton, WA -
    Mukilteo, WA -
    Vancouver, WA -
    Green Bay, WI - Inferncatty, Duskqueen
    Marinette, WI -

    =Week 3=
    Angus, ON, CA - Garde/lade, Magmortar/Typhlosion
    Etobicoke, ON, CA - Honchkrow/Absol, Garde/lade
    Leon, GT, MX - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Edo Mex, MX, MX - Feraligatr, Feraligatr
    Gilbert, AZ -
    Bakersfield, CA - Honchkrow/Absol, Garde/lade/cario
    Carnimichael, CA -
    Lancester, CA -
    Santa Clara, CA - Garde/lade, Blissey/Electivire
    Littleton, CO - Garde/lade, Garchomp/Raichu
    Longmont, CO -
    Jacksonville, FL -
    Melbourne, FL -
    Orlando, FL - Garde/lade, Gastrodon
    Lawrenceville, GA - Garde/lade/Absol, Blissey/Sableye
    Marietta, GA - Honchkrow/Absol, Garde/lade/Absol
    Boise, ID - Gallade/Flygon-ex-d, Blissey/Electivire
    Cromwell, IN - Garde/lade, Absol/Magmortar
    South Bend, IN - Garde/lade, Feraligatr
    Baldwin, KS - Flygon/Rayquaza, Honchkrow/Ambipom
    Louisville, KY -
    Lexington, MA - Empoleon/Lucario, Absol/Magmortar
    Brooklyn Park, MN -
    Coon Rapids, MN -
    Kirksville, MO -
    St.Peters, MO -
    Columbus, MS - Honchkrow, Infernape/Delcatty
    Ashville, NC -
    Londonderry, NH - Gardevoir/Nidoqueen, Absol/Magmortar
    Cedar Grove, NJ - Absol/Garde, Absol/Gallade
    Northfield, NJ -
    New York, NY - Nidoqueen/Nidoking, Garde/lade
    Dublin, OH - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Hillard, OH - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Ada, OK -
    Salem, OR - Garde/lade/Absol, Garde/lade/Absol
    Palmyra, PA -
    Rapid City, SD -
    Sevierville, TN - Absol/Garde/lade, T2Blissey
    Clearlake, TX - Absol/Gardevoir, ???
    Conroe, TX - Absol/Gardevoir, ???
    Sherman, TX - Feraligatr, Gardevoir
    Tom Bean, TX - Blissey/Electrode, Blissey/Arcanine
    Midvale, UT - Blissey/Arcanine, Lucario/Rampardos
    Fairfax, VA - Garde/lade, Blissey/Banette
    Gainesville, VA - Feraligatr, Magmortar/Blaziken
    Kirkland, WA -
    Lakewood, WA - Honchkrow/Absol, Banette/Gardevoir
    Pleasant Praine, WI -

    =Week 4=
    Edmonton, AB, CA - Garde/lade, Garde/lade/Ampharos
    Ecatepec, MX, MX - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    *Puebla, PU, MX - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Modesto, CA -
    Riverside, CA -
    Oxnard, CA - Ferligatr, Blissey/Arcanine
    Anaheim, CA -
    Westminster, CO -
    Key West, FL - Garde/lade, Gastrodon
    Kissimmee, FL - Magmortar/Typhlosion, Empoleon/Absol
    Brandon, FL -
    Douglasville, GA -
    Caldwell, ID - Magmortar/Blissey, Kricketune
    Rockford, IL - Magmortar/Typhlosion, Blissey/Arcanine
    Lexington, KY - Feraligatr, Blissey/Absol
    Mandeville, LA -
    Hadley, MA - Magmortar/Absol, Gardevoir/Gallade
    Mechanicsville, MD - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Presque Isle, ME -
    Westbrook, ME -
    Grand Rapids, MI - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Rolla, MO -
    Independence, MO -
    Albuquerque, NM -
    Rio Rancho Albuquerque, NM -
    Las Vegas, NV - Garde/lade/Milotic, Lucario/Blissey
    Seaford, NY - Garde/lade/Absol, Garde/lade/Absol
    Mansfield, OH - Garde/lade, Honchkrow/Absol
    Massillon, OH - Venusaur/Quagsire, Blissey/Lucario
    Mustang, OK -
    Tualatin, OR - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Eugene, OR -
    Holmes, PA -
    Pittsburgh, PA - Garde/lade/Absol, Empoleon/Garde/lade
    San Juan, PR -
    Fort Mill, SC - Magmortar/Typhlosion, Garde/lade/Absol
    Greenville, SC -
    Memphis, TN - Garde/lade/Absol, Blissey/Electivire
    Nashville, TN - Garde/lade/Absol, Garde/lade/Absol
    Tomball, TX - Absol/Garde/lade, Absol/Garde/lade
    The Woodlands, TX - Absol/Garde/lade, Infernape/Delcatty
    Provo, UT - Absol/Honchkrow, Absol/Walrien
    Renton, WA -
    Brookfield, WI - Garde/lade, Garde/lade

    =Week 5=
    *Queretaro, QT, MX - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Pasadena, CA -
    Loveland, CO - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Nampa, ID - Magmortar/Furret, Blissey/Electivire
    Indianapolis, IN - Garde/lade, Feraligatr/Gardevoir/Absol
    Albany, LA -
    Covington, LA -
    Caribou, ME -
    Valley Park, MO -
    Flowood, MS -
    Newburgh, NY - Absol/Garde/lade, Absol/Garde/lade
    North Ridgeville, OH - Absol/Garde/lade, Venusuar/Swalot
    Leon Valley, TX -
    South Salt Lake, UT - Raichu/Electivire, Garde/lade
    Mill Creek, WA -

    =Week 6=
    St.Albert, AB, CA - Absol/Garde/lade, Feraligatr
    Georgetown, ON, CA - Garde/lade, T2Blissey
    Avondale, AZ -
    Phoenix, AZ -
    Fountain Valley, CA - Absol/Garde/lade, Infernape
    Huntington Beach, CA - Absol/Garde/lade, Absol/Honchkrow
    Colorado Springs, CO - Garde/lade, Venusaur/Celebi
    Avon park, FL - Garde/lade/Absol, Blissey/Absol
    Miami, FL - Garde/lade, Absol/Blissey
    *Tampa, FL - Garde/lade, Garde/lade/Absol
    Centreville, GA -
    Franklin, GA -
    Newman, GA -
    Statesboro, GA -
    Belleville, IL -
    ?Collinsville, IL - Garde/lade, Blissey/Gyarados
    *Overland Park, KS -
    Baton red face paint, LA - Absol/Honchkrow, Absol/Honchkrow
    Mandeville, LA -
    Cherry Valley, MA - T2Blissey, Garde/lade
    Okemos, MI -
    St Louis, MO - Magmortar/Absol, Garde/lade
    Clinton, MS - Garde/lade, Electivire/Flygon
    Pearl, MS - Garde/lade, Honchkrow/Absol
    Greenville, NC - Mismagius/Lucario, Banette/Blissey
    Morrisville, NC - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Denville, NJ - Absol/Garde/lade, Absol/Garde/lade
    Henderson, NV - Duskqueen, Banette
    Sandusky, OH - Garde/lade, Garde/lade
    Aloha, OR - Absol/Garde/lade, Absol/Garde/lade
    Hillsboro, OR - Absol/Garde/lade, Magmortar
    Blue Bell, PA - Absol/Garde/lade, Absol/Garde/lade
    Barlett, TN - Ninetales/Delcatty, Garde/lade/Absol
    Montgomery, TX -
    Sandy, UT - Garde/lade/Dodrio, Garde/lade/Cario
    Federal Way, WA -
    Kennewick, WA -
    Lakewood, WA -
    La Crosse, WI -

    =Week 7=
    *Calgary, AB, CA - Honchkrow/Absol/Weavile, Absol/Garde/lade
    Burnaby, BC, CA -
    Missisauga, ON, CA - Garde/lade/Corsola, Banette/Blissey
    *Montreal, ON, CA -
    *Lindavista, DF, MX -
    Glendale, AZ -
    Kentfield, CA - Magmortar/Typhlosion, Garde/lade/Sudowoodo
    San Diego, CA -
    Centennial, CO - Banette, Garde/lade
    Winter Haven, FL - Magmortar/Absol, Meganium/Feraligatr/Garde
    Port St Lucie, FL - Garde/ladethoy, Gastrodon
    Ft Pierce, FL - Banette/Blissey, Garde/ladethoy
    Cedar Rapids, IA - Honchkrow/Absol, Typhlosion/Magmortar/Delcatty
    Mancester, IA - Garde/lade, Honchkrow/Absol
    Niles, IL -
    Chicago, IL -
    *Fort Wayne, IN - Magmortar/Typhlosion, Garde/lade
    Tewksbury, MA - Magmortar/Absol, Garde/lade
    *Milford, MA - Garde/lade, Magmortar/Absol
    *Tecumseh, MI -
    Sedalia, MO -
    Jackson, MS -
    Southaven, MS -
    Garner, NC - Magmortar/Typhlosion, Magmortar/Typhlosion
    Cinnaminsen, NJ -
    Scotch Plains, NJ - Garde/lade, Blissey/Ninetales
    North Olmsted, OH - Garde/lade/Furret, Garde/lade/Absol
    Del City, OK -
    Norman, OK -
    Portland, OR -
    Conshohocken, PA - Absol/Garde/lade, Absol/Garde/lade
    West Chester, PA - Magmortar/Typhlosion, Banette/Furret
    North Charleston, SC - Absol/Empoleon, Magmortar/Typhlosion
    Cleveland, TN - Absol/Garde/lade, Banette/Garde/lade
    San Antonio, TX -
    Deer Park, TX -
    Houston, TX -
    Murray, UT -
    Midlothian, VA - Honchkrow/Absol, Blissey
    Burien, WA -
    Seattle, WA -
    *Manitowoc, WI -
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  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    can someone please sticky this so peoople can see it and report the outcomes. thx
  3. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    Hamilton, ON
    Nov 24, 2007
    1st Place: Honchkrow w/ Absol
    2nd Place: Tyranitar/Weavile
    3rd Place: Banette/Blissey

    I'm not sure who won, but the two decks in the finals were

    As for the juniors, no clue
  4. hitmonchan93

    hitmonchan93 New Member

    Fort Worth, TX
    Nov 23, 2007
    1st Place: Jorel K.(jkwarrior) w/ Dark Wing Duck.dec
    2nd Place: Marco P. w/Gallade/Gardevoir
    3rd/4th Place:Billy K. (drrty byl) w/ Mario
    3rd/4th Place:Cassie M. w/Breloom/Parasect/Venomoth

    1st Place: Josh H. w/ Ramen TRUK
    2nd Place: Demetre/Oliver F. w/Gallade/Gardevoir/Donphan
    3rd/4th Place: Cameron H. (me) w/ Gallade/Gardevoir
    3rd/4th Place: Andy M. (shiftrymaster68) w/Lucario/Absol

    1st Place: David M. w/Empoleon/Lucario
    2nd Place: ??????? w/Empoleon/???
    3rd/4th Place:???????? w/ ????????
    3rd/4th Place: ??????? w/ ????????
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  5. Nu Gundam

    Nu Gundam New Member

    Oshawa, ON
    Nov 24, 2007

    1st Place: Kant S (desert eagle) w/ Absol/Honchkrow
    2nd Place: Kevin L (Nu Gundam) w/ Magmortar/Typhlosion

    1st Place: Monta S w/ Banette/Blissey
    2nd Place: Mike L w/ Electivire/Blissey aka Moving TRUK
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  6. Spotter

    Spotter New Member

    3/4 in masters was Cassie M. w/Breloom/Parasect/Venemoth and
    Billy K. (not Blake C.) with the is-it-a-deck-or-is-it-not-a-deck Mario.

  7. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    what is safari truk?
  8. Epyon0015

    Epyon0015 New Member

    There was no cities on 11/18
  9. Umbreon777

    Umbreon777 New Member

    Someone needs to do a thread explaining the TRUK thing a little more clearly.

    Just to make sure, you know, we're all on the same page.
  10. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    Lusby MD

    1st Sr. Patrick M. - Hurricane (The one posted on the front page)
    2nd Sr. LJ W. - Honchkrow
  11. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    "Safari TRUK" is insufficient.
    Name the main Pokemon please or don't post anything at all.
  12. Aggy&Co.

    Aggy&Co. Member

    I'm not sure what eventually did win but here are the
    Barrie On Nov 24 top cuts
    1st & 2nd. ZL. - Gallade/Gardy vs GP - Megainium d/Gater d
    3rd TN. - Gater MT variant

    1. JL - Gastrodon east & West
    2. SC - Meganium d/Flygon

    1. PN - Blissey/Vire
    2. CA - Electivire/Lucario
  13. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Lemme see here...
    Location and State/Country: Auburn, WA (USA)
    Date: 11/25
    MA [del]winner +[/del] deck: Magmortar/Typholosion
    MA [del]runner-up +[/del] deck: Raichu/Electivire(Every Electivire)
    Additional MA runner-ups + decks: Magmortar/Typholosion (we're so original...), Flygon EX d/Altaria EX d

    JR Winner: Kingdra EX d
    JR Runner up: Empoleon/Blissey
  14. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    In Masters it ended up being ZL with Gallade/Gardy.
  15. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Watervilet, NY 11/25/07

    1st Place - Lenny w/ Magmorter+Venomoth
    2nd place - Zane w/ Rampardos+Sandlash

    1st place - Jacob w/Turbo Blissey
    2nd place - Dylan w/ Magmorter+Absol

    1st place - Cara with Kingdra-ex swarm
    2nd place - Dawn Marie (Ms. Blaze) w/ Kricket

    Manchester, CT 11/26/07

    1st Place - Noah w/Kingdra-ex Swarm
    2nd place - TT w/ Gallade+ Blissey

    1st Place - Dylan w/Magmorter+Absol
    2nd Place - Nick Blaze w/ Turbo Magmorter

    1st Place - Daniel w/The Krow
    2nd place - Johnny Blaze w/Turbo Blissey
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2007
  16. AgentP

    AgentP New Member

    Columbus, Oh - 11/25
    1st - John C. (Blissey, Lucario)
    2nd - Austin R. (Gardy, Gallade, Lucario)
    3rd - Liz R. (Infernacatty)
    4th - Dan D. (Blisseycatty)

    1st - Ryne M. (Flygon d EX)
    2nd - Clark M. (Lucario/Wormadam Trash Cloak)

    1st - Andrew D. (Flygon d EX)
    2nd - Alex T. (Gardy/Gallade/Flygon d EX)
  17. TrainerJL

    TrainerJL New Member

    Cuyahoga Falls, OH

    Masters (18)
    Richie K, Empoleon/Mantine.

    Seniors (14)
    Kyle L, Electavire/Delcatty.

    Juniors (12)
    Joey N, Blissey/Arcanine.

    Total 44. Thanks everyone!
  18. jonnj

    jonnj New Member

    Oslo CC 17/11/07

    1. Khanh Le Machamp/Lucario
    2. Rafael HÃ¥kon Blissey/Catty
    3/4 Willy Cun Bliss / CAT
    4/3 Joakim Flygon ex d

    1. Tord Reklev Infernape/Catty
    2. Andy Cheung BlissCatty
    3/4 Linnea Vestre Blissey
    4/3 Daniel Chan Kingdra SWarm

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  19. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    11/24-kings games, brooklyn, NY

    1st- gardy/gallade
    2nd- magmortar/delcatty
    1st- electivire, mismagius, absol
    2nd- blissey, lucario(me)
    1st- t2 bliss
    2nd-kingdra swarm
  20. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    Wheatridge CO 11/24
    1st Gardy/ Gallade
    2nd Gardy/ Gallade
    3rd Blissey
    4th Ampharos/Raichu

    1st Mario (My bro)
    2nd Garchomp
    3rd Mario
    4th Walrein

    1st Mario
    2nd Garchomp

    Happend something like that.. I don't want to reveal names because ppl will be angry

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