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  1. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    What I should play with Flygon ex d and Flygon d? I don't want start playing R-Gon or something FlyTeCH deck (too much EX's and *'s...)! (=too expensive) Damage spreading? High attacking? IDK!
  2. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    Play them with Electivire/Lv. X/Magneton/Castform. That's probably as hardhitting it can get. It's a hawt deck.
  3. clement30

    clement30 New Member

    Try playing it with a 2-2-2 line of Empoleon, that way, when you use Prinplup, you can use Psychic Pulse to its full potential.
  4. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    I played this at league: (Wins: 5 , loses: 1)

    My Poké's:

    4x Holon's Castform

    4x Trapinch δ DF (Quick Bind)
    2x Vibrava δ DF ( :pbody: )
    3x Flygon ex δ DF
    2x Flygon δ HP

    2x Totodile δ DF
    1x Croconaw δ DF
    2x Feraligatr δ DF

    2x Spearow CG
    2x Fearow δ CG


    7x :psychic:
    3x :lightning
    4x δRE

    I can't remember trainers...

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