Where can I find Apprentice + new patches?

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    [DEL]Hello! I need to start getting better practice at this game. I figured I'd finally start trying to play Pokemon online through Redshark. I connect through a hub, so Redshark doesn't seem to work correctly :frown:. So I downloaded Hamachi, and figured out how to get a network started, and how to get other people to connected. Now could somebody please explain how to play a game of Redshark over that established network? And would my firewall conflict with this setup? I use ZoneAlarm as my firewall. Thanks for any help![/DEL]

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    I figured out how to use Redshark and it is cool. But now I'm interested in Apprentice since it has all the new cards already. Could anyone please link me to where to get Apprentice plus its latest patches? I can't find the new patches anywhere after spending several minutes searching Pokegym and Google.
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