Why do people use playtcg to use the most commonly known op meta decks?

Discussion in 'Other' started by mirosama, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. mirosama

    mirosama Member

    What's the point?
  2. Kezzup

    Kezzup New Member

    For... uh... tournament testing?
  3. Freze

    Freze New Member

    Why not? It is to test for tournaments. I used Hydreigon/Darkrai there for ages and then went to my BR and won even though I played vs hard counters.

    Honestly if you would have asked why people use random decks like Gardevoir/Gothitelle I would have been like I don't know they want to be/are stupid maybe. But archetype decks ranging from Ninetales/Amoonguss to Hydreigon to Hoho to Eels that is normal and logical to test for tournaments.
  4. mirosama

    mirosama Member

    I've always used play.tcg for testing rogue decks, seeing how certain things work in the actual game. But I can't imagine the value of playing a deck that has been played thousands of times over by thousands of different people. I guess I'm the strange one.
  5. Kezzup

    Kezzup New Member

    Just because a deck has been played thousands of times by thousands of people doesn't mean that specific person will know how it works. People want to test their decks for consistency and matchups before going into a tournament, and PlayTCG is a convenient way to do that.
  6. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    99% of the people who are successful at tournaments are successful because they have tested and tweaked their deck many times, and didn't rely on the fact that other people have played it and said it was good.

    A large proportion of those players also don't wish to waste precious testing time on decks that they know full well won't make the grade.

    There's nothing wrong with using playtcg to play rogue or fun decks. Each to their own.
  7. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    Any deck, no matter how overpowered it may seem, is only as good as the user is familiar with it.

    I would fail using Darkrai/Hydreigon (worse than I already have, mind) if I hadn't tested it as extensively as I have.

    PlayTCG is a way to do that whenever is convenient, without owning the cards, with people of all skill levels from across the world. Why isn't that awesome?

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