Why does the Soviet Engine Work?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by IDoLikeMudkips, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. IDoLikeMudkips

    IDoLikeMudkips New Member

    I'm sorry. I'll admit that I'm a noob, but I don't understand why the Soviet Engine works. I looked at Porygon2 in the Researching Tower and it says "Once during your turn...". Everyone is talking about using this multiple times per turn, so I'm guessing there's a rules technicality that I don't get. Could someone fill me in on the specifics? Thanks!
  2. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    It's once during your turn per Porygon2. If you could only use one per turn, it would say "You can't use more than 1 Download Poke-Power each turn." at the end. BTW, this shouldn't be in Deck Help and Strategy.
  3. Flareon

    Flareon New Member

    I think you're misinterpreting what they are saying. I don't know what posts you are talking about, but I'm guessing they are talking about being able to (basically) use two supporters per turn. Also, if you have two Porygon 2 in play, you would be able to use both of their Powers. If they said anything else then they are wrong.
  4. IDoLikeMudkips

    IDoLikeMudkips New Member

    Ok, thanks for clearing that up! And I'm sorry if this is a bad place for this post; it just seemed like the place to put it.
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