why not? my nats report,almost made it,grinder here i come

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by twitchy lv x, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. twitchy lv x

    twitchy lv x New Member

    ok so i get to the hotel around 7-8, bobby told me to meet him at max and ermas, but they were already done so i meet up wit aaron,aaron,steve, n michelle, they told me that we were g2 bucas n there we got to chill play some games, i was pretty sure my decisions were either banbliss or empoleon zong, since i hate gg,the deck is just not fun to play wit or against. so we get back to the hotel were i met up wit bobby,matt,n kyle,they were going crazy that i got there, n we hanged out

    friday, i knew pro cup was today n me n kyle wanted to play in modified to tourny, only problem was the no one woke us up and kyle ended waking me up at 12 pm. so we get ready and go downstairs n meet up with everyone we chill and stuff, i meet up wit aaron n tells me that hes undefeated n im telling him that hes going to pull a john silvestro from last year, top4 pro cup n top 4 at nats. so i go wit kyle to hang out or w.e, hang out with tati,garret,liz n some other bunch of ppl i kno, so later on we go play test at kens room, it was me,john,jim,ken,steve,aaron, and garret there, were just testing around and steve decides to go with banbliss, john with empozong, i was pretty sure that i was going with that to nats aswell since it has a good match against plox, enough talkin though lets going to nats, im with kyle n he wants to get xxl shirts just for laughs, so here it goes, by the way i was in blue flight

    round 1-eveelutions w/ blissey
    dont remember much about this hand besides my bad hand, thank god i started with chatot, but she only had around 4-3 cards from the things she played, so i go down try to set up and get a empoleon but she got like t2 jolteon and attacks twice and gets heads twice, she got set up way better than me, having lefeon lv x in play and a bunch of boosts ready, try to make a come back but didnt happen, o well.gg
    round 2-???
    i only saw a dialga the whole game and i get t2 empoleon and he does that attack that bounces my attacks highest evo back in the deck and im in trouble, i copycat for 13 and get candy,empoleon, and basics for the knock out, he wasnt going draw another basic in 4 turns.

    round 3-speedrill-king of magickarps
    ok my hand is ok but not the best, he gets t2 or 3 claydol and tries to set up and i set up my lv x and i hyrdro impact 3 times, i felt confident but he makes a huge comback wit tsd and night maintance , time gets called i tie the game, and he wins next win, if we would have heard the warning i would have one cuz i could have knocked out 2 claydols earlier.

    round 4- gg
    YES, finally get to play it, i get a mew* and he starts with pachi, YESSS, good set up, i just get dual splashing the whole time wit cess lock and zong doing his thing just got me control of the whole game.gg


    round 5- meganium
    ok i get a slow start while she gets t4 meganium and i waste all my warp points try to kill it, as soon as i spent those 3 turns killin the meganium she only had basics left that i kept knocking out,gg
    round 6- eveelutions
    he only saw around 6 energies the whole game and i get a slow start but he cant doing anything cuz of cessation the entire time. i get lv x up and running and keep hydro impacting his bench, while all he can do is 30 no retreating, but in the end i just had too much damage spread out on his field and i win.gg


    round 7- infernape
    ok , this game is pretty easy,i get t2 empoleon splash and i kill like 2 pokemons before he brings out the infernape kills me but i bring out my other one and he has no more bench so i win.gg

    2 more round left and i have a good chance of making it if i win my next 2, everyone is like 5-2 at this point so i was worried

    round 8- eveelutions/magmar-premawat
    god, why of all people i had to play micheal, my hand is the BAD, i stared with 3 celios,scramble,piplup, 2 waters, he has an evee start and roseanes for baltoy and chatot, he mimics my 6 bad cards for 6 really good ones, as of now ive aqua showered twice, and splashing t4, he gets the claydol and like lefeon,espeon,umbreon and vaporeon, that jus stabbed my heart right there, he cleaned his bench with vaporeon , i try to set up with chatot after my empoloen died from lefeon, so i try to mimic about 4 times and just couldnt get anything and he attacked for 160 damage for the last prize, i busted laughing, its only a game might as well enjoy it, so theres no way im making it cuz my resistance is really bad .
    round 9- mirror
    this guy was pretty cool,from cali, i get t2 empoleon cess, and im wanderin why couldnt i get this before, he had basically nothing but piplups which i killed everytime, he never saw an evo, sorry man, gg

    so i end going 6-3
    i talked to bobby and he ended up the same , so i was starving so i go wit aaron to max and ermas and we get some laughs and talk around

    we end up g2 chads room and chilled for a bit, we go to sleep around 3 or 4 in the morning, so i had to leave around 4 pm, everyone was sad that i left but ill see them again in worlds since its 40 mins away,YESS

    kyle,aaron,bobby,tati,garret,liz,mike farrington,the currys,linda,dan,ryan,chesley and matt
    kareoke night
    the silvestros-u guys rock
    the rolls- u guys kick ***
    the twitchies-amazing
    aaron for his class at the pro cup,true winner right there
    everyone that i met with
    kant,MATT CHIN,
    the hive
    torterra making top 4

    not making top cut
    leaving sunday
    3 gallades in top 4

    ill see you guys at worlds

    by the way i was the guy with the black hat ,that had a golden cross in it, i had a baby blue polo on friday i think
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  2. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    nice meetin u twitch
    ur a cool guy, we gotta chill at worlds =D
  3. charchar

    charchar New Member

    0-1 to 6-3. nice job and cya at worlds.
  4. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    someone bring a kareoke machine to worlds
  5. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    Nice meeting you Twitch, and showing you the "Call"!!!
  6. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    Sorry we couldn't hang out more Twitch, that wasn't my intention. Since Wednesday, Nats was just a roller coaster of BAD, at least that's what it seemed like.
  7. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    Lets not and say we did....lol i <3 you bobby....

    Good job Twitchy see you at the grinders
  8. spazcrackers

    spazcrackers New Member

    nice try big dog,worlds?

  9. Raichu2063

    Raichu2063 New Member

    ily twithcey we r so chilling at worlds
  10. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    see ya in the grinder. I may even play with my hand up..........

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