Wild TanGrowth (DP-on)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Axx, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Axx

    Axx New Member

    Cards: 60

    Pokemon: 25
    3 Eevee (MD #63)
    3 Leafeon (MD #7)
    1 Leafeon LvL X (MD #99)
    3 Tangela (GE #87)
    3 Tangrowth (GE #10)
    2 Treecko (GE #90)
    2 Grovyle (GE #40)
    2 Sceptile (GE #8)
    2 Baltoy (GE #60)
    2 Claydol (GE #15)
    2 Celebi (MT #7)

    Trainers: 17
    2 Roseanne's Research
    4 Bebe's Search
    2 Proffessor Oak's Visit
    3 Warp Point
    1 Switch
    2 Rare Candy
    2 Dawn Stadium
    1 Premier Ball

    Energy: 18
    2 Call Energy
    16 :grass:

    This is my first post but I've been playing TCG for the last 12 years.

    I've been playing this deck for a little over a month now and it has preformed very well for me. It's beaten many of the established decks and even the majority of :fire: decks that thought they would have an easy time.

    The ideal setup is usually achivable by turn 3 or 4. You should have an active Leafeon LvL X, and a bench with Claydol, Tangrowth, and Sceptile. You attack with Leafeon LvL X until it is knocked out or retreated, all the while powering up your Tangrowth. When Tangrowth is your active start snipeing and healing when nessasary. If one Tangrowth gets low on HP just use Celebi to switch the energy to a different Tangrowth thats waiting on your bench, then while you attack with that one you can power up the old one and heal it at the same time with Dawn Stadium. Sceptile should be an attacker only as a last resort or rarely as a quick start if you can rare candy on turn 2.

    Remember that with Sceptile in play both Tangrowth's Power Whip and Leafeon LvL X's attack are doing double the damage that they normally do. The way the deck normally plays is that you take out there first couple of threats with Leafeon and then mop up the rest with a Tangrowth or two. When the format rotates and Scramble Energy and Double Rainbow Energy are gone every succsesful deck will have to use some kind of pokemon for energy acceleration, make sure to target those first (Togepi (GE #88), Cyndaquil (MT #79), and Treecko (GE #90) are just a few examples). Next try to target Claydol, Furrett, or whatever else they happen to be using for card advantage. Remember to take out whatever threat they are powering up, if it can take out Tangrowth it needs to be delt with ASAP.

    One of my favorite things about this deck is that it has the ability to deal 350 with one attack from Leafeon LvL X.

    Things to watch out for include Duskinoir (man is that guy a beating) and Magmortar of course.
    Things to remember, both Leafeon LvL X and Celebi's attacks require only 1 :grass: if sceptile is in play. Claydol is the most important part of this deck (and most decks these days for that matter) get it out as fast as possible even if you have to blow two Bebe's on it. Premire Ball gives you a second chance with Leafeon LvL X so try not to blow it on searching it out of your deck, use Bebe's for that.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. There are a few things I'm already thinking about trying with this deck. Possibly less pokemon -1 Leafeon and Eevee, as well as -1 Tangrowth and Tangela, so that I can fit some more card draw in. I've also tried the deck with only 1 Grovyle and tried to depend on the Rare Candy but it is way less consistant. Anyway, thanks in advance for the input.
  2. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    I'm honestly surprised that this deck works for you.
    I mean, 25 Pokemon... How do you Top Deck stuff?

    Also, there is a chance there will be a new Sceptile coming out that let's you move Grass Energy around like Venusaur in the early days. That should most definatly replace the 2 Celebi.
  3. ApachePrime

    ApachePrime New Member

    I play pretty close to this deck. I run one less Tangela line, no Celebis.

    Just a tip on the Dusknoir, use Vine invite to make your opponent switch to Dusknoir, it's got a hefty retreat cost, and most people run it as a tech that and won't have the energy to use it's attack. Don't overlook Vine Invite's major disruption. Claydol is weak to Grass, and Vine invite can bring it up to take it out in 2 hits. It's a pain in the butt for your opponent that can help you stall to get setup and ready to pwn.

    I really like the Celebi idea, though. Keep an eye on the new IFDS-Tangrowth for Damage spread.

    I use the rare candy idea, only one Grovyle. I think it works splendidly. I think having the three Leafeons can be a big help, since (like you said), they only need one energy. You can leave a Tangrowth on the bench to mop up after you burn through all of the Leafeons.

    I almost won a Battle Roads with this deck, the biggest problem you'll have are Skittles and something like Blissey that gets setup much faster than you do.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008
  4. Axx

    Axx New Member

    Thanks for the tips AP. Your right about the quick set up decks, those are my biggest problem currently. I find that I can take a few loses early and then usually make a come back. The problem is if they have disruption like warp points.
  5. ApachePrime

    ApachePrime New Member

    I lost to a Blissey in a Battle Road, and Bannette always gives me a run for my money. The Warp Points shouldn't do too much to mess you up, as everything can be retreated for one energy with Sceptile out. I run 2 Switches and 2 Warp Points just in case. See if you can fit those in?
  6. StarWolf

    StarWolf New Member

    Your deck doesn't look bad, but i believe Celebi isn't that quick to play.
    What i'm playing is this,

    3x Treecko
    1x Grovyle
    2x Sceptile (Wild growth)
    1x Sceptile (Energy trans)
    3x Tangela
    3x Tangrowth
    3x Phione (Evolution wish)
    2x Baltoy
    2x Claydol

    The only thing i'm having problems with is not being able to attach energys fast enough.
    This saturday, i will test if 1 Phione (Evolution wish) and 2 Rotom (Dual trans) works well enough.
  7. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    Well, if you are going grass, Torterra IFDS comes to mind.... If it comes out that is.
    (Why did I not think if it before)

    It evolves every of your Grass Pokemon upon coming into play, making it a great Tech in decks such as these.
  8. ApachePrime

    ApachePrime New Member

    That is what the Leafeon is for. 2 Energies per turn.
  9. Axx

    Axx New Member

    I'm not sure why your focusing on sets that are several months away afstandopleren, IFDS isn't going to be played for quite some time. When IFDS does come out I may take out the Celebis for 1 more Treecko and 1 of the new Sceptiles, but then again maybe not, being able to move 5-6 energy from one guy to another in a single turn is pretty sweet.

    AP got it right StarWolf, a couple turns of Leafeon LvL X out and Tangrowth will be snipeing like nobodies buisness. Not to mention Leafeon LvL X gets a bonus to attacks from Sceptile as well.
  10. StarWolf

    StarWolf New Member

    Well in my opinion, i rather rare candy a Treecko for an energy trans Sceptile instead of wasting turns with Celebi.
    But i already admit that i'm having problems attaching energys fast enough.

    Ah well, pokemon wouldn't be much fun if we don't all play different decks.
    Just sharing my personal opinion.

    I'll post again after i tested Rotom and Felicity's drawing next weekend.
  11. Axx

    Axx New Member

    It's not really wasting a turn, I'm still dealing 30 damage. Celebi is also a wonderful starter, it's another way to beef up Tangrowth early.
  12. ShinySwampert

    ShinySwampert New Member

    I run the same deck with no Claydol and 4 POV-2-Felicity's. Claydol dependency is bad, and it will be worse in the coming sets. With all the great cards coming out, you probably won't have room for it anyway. Just my opinion.

    My Sceptile line is 4-2-4. It will be 4-2-3-1 when the Energy Trans Sceptile is released. Works great for me.

    Celebi is a great starter; it's an energy accelerator. When Shaymin Lv. X comes out, this will be one of the best decks in the DP-IFDS format.

    18 Energy is alot. Try using 15 Grass (it's really 30) Instead of Call Energy, use 4 Roseanne.
  13. ApachePrime

    ApachePrime New Member

    That's some great advice. I'm not so sure about 4-2-4 Sceptile, as that seems to leave you with extra Sceptiles on the bench. I can say that moving up to 4-2-4 to guarantee an Energy Trans when IFDS comes out here would be a great idea.
  14. ShinySwampert

    ShinySwampert New Member

    I get that a lot. I max on Sceptiles because of Primal Swirl + Wager and Flame Bluster. Sceptile isn't optional. If Sceptile is KOed or swirled and not replaced, the deck falls flat on it's face. Keeping a Sceptile in play at all times is critical.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    I get that a lot. I max on Sceptiles because of Primal Swirl + Wager and Flame Bluster. Sceptile isn't optional. If Sceptile is gone, the deck falls flat on it's face. Keeping a Sceptile in play at all times is critical.
    I originally ran 3-2-3 but 4-2-4 + 4 Candies, 4 Roseanne's and 4 Bebe's gives a great chance of getting Sceptile on the bench on T1-2. I don't use Claydol because it takes up bench space, deck space, and it slows down the deck.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008
  15. ApachePrime

    ApachePrime New Member

    I'm going to try it out without the Claydol. I really think it can be a liability sometimes.

    I totally see what you're saying about the Sceptiles, but I've never really had a problem with the swirl/dark palm.
  16. ShinySwampert

    ShinySwampert New Member

    When Shaymin Lv. X comes out, there definitely won't be room for Claydol.

    With Shaymin's help, Tangrowth (both IFDS and GE) will be a monstrous 150 HP self-healing juggernaut (one does 60 for 2 and spreads 20 to 2 with a Regeneration Body, the other, as we know, is the best sniper in the game, and does 60 for 2 while removing 3 damage counters. ) Not to mention the awesome power of Shaymin's Seed Flare. Grass will rule the next format.
  17. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    ^Yes and prepare to be Tortured! Finaly Torterra becomes playable again :biggrin:
  18. StarWolf

    StarWolf New Member

    ShinySwampert -

    Some people in my area play Omastar with Primal swirl, but 2 Wild Growth Sceptile is enough for sure.
    The Energy trans Sceptile is reprinted in POP 4, so you can play him right now already.
    (Atleast, that's what our tourney leader has told me).
  19. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    Yes, but after the Worlds, everything from POP 4 (And 5 I think) won't be tourny legal.
  20. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    so you just have to wait till november (IFDS is released) so you can play it again
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