Will Nationals be in St.Louis in 2010?

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by atomant, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. PokeDaddy

    PokeDaddy New Member

    My two cents.
    1. The venue did not have cheap, available food. That is so important to those who struggle financially just to make the event.
    2. The town itself seemed to shut down over the weekend.
    3. Smoking. Smoking was allowed in restaurants and other places. That just was horrible. I don't mind that folks smoke, their decision.
    4. Open play and trade area is needed.
    5. GG. They were rude. No matter what the good reasons are, you are an establishment that is based on Customers. Customers are to be treated fairly and with respect.
    6. GG. The prices were off the hook. Price gouging poor folks.​
    1. Chicago or a burb of Chicago. Why? Major Airport Hub. Open on weekends.
    2. More Vendors. I appreciate the fact the TCPi even had a supplier there however, the performance and gouging of GG must not be tolerated.
    3. Wherever, pick a place that has McD's or BK nearby. Maybe include this on the list of determining factors for venue selection. Let's face it. Most of us are struggling just to make it to Nats.​
    Thanks for reading.
  2. mcynet

    mcynet New Member

    Indy Reply

    Not only gen con but Star Wars Celebration, Major Cheer Events and Auto shows and the like. I went to a worlds cheer event 10,000+ entries and there was a Colts vs. New England AFC championship on the same day 62,000+, I know, I went to the cheer event in the morning and a company I do business with invited me to the game in the afternoon it was a great day. (70,000+) seemed like no problem the city was ready after all it handles many of the biggest sporting events every year. (Indy 500, Brickyard, Colts, Pacers...)
    Also, don’t forget the 2012 Super Bowl in Indy. The NFL does serious research before allowing people to even be considered to hold this event and Indy was not only considered but chosen. There are plans to double the current convention space by 2011 and add even more skywalks.
  3. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Gouging by GG?

    I didn't buy anything except stuff to keep my little guy busy, but this confuses me a bit.

    Name me a "bargain" store on the internet that sells their product/singles for less than the GG does?

    They were selling $2.50 packs and less than $90 boxes! How is that over the top?

    If you use the Baltoy example...well, that was a price mistake. Their "normal" price is $6.00 for four of them and they messed up. Oops. Didn't force you to buy the card. Some other people took advantage of their $5 Uxie mistake too. Don't hear them offering to sell it back.

    Their prices on boxes, and a lot of other stuff was reported to be pretty low.

    And they were buying too? I can name on ONE HAND the card shops around that buy everything.

    Once again, I am not connected with the GG other than them being is STL, but you people are, well, getting out there with your comments.

    Also, cheaper food (Quiznos/Subway/Lion's Choice) was less than 2 blocks from the venue.

    Could there have been improvements? Sure.

    We will see what hits next year.

  4. mcynet

    mcynet New Member

    added url to check it out it looks cool


    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    My wife walked to subway it was closed, Quiznos was also closed she grabbed the car and drove to get us food while my son and I played. She then paid another eight bucks to park again. It seemed like everything was closed on Saturday.
    Not sure why?

    I have no problem with GG. I'm with you Vince; they had a lot of people to serve and not much space to do it in. Mistakes are going to be made in the heat of battle. How many times have people reviewed play after a match and found there is something that could have won them the game. Same thing here I'm sure if it is here next time they will fix the problems.
    That being said there were problems that aren’t that easy to fix, like lack of choice in attached hotels. More Hotels attached to convention center is good for business I hope St Louis realizes this and starts building more choices for guest. More choices = better prices for customers. Same equation is good for card vendors as well.
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  5. TSDMage

    TSDMage New Member

    I hate to disagree with you, but nothing covers up the fact that those people were extremely rude. As far as the buy prices, I'd much rather sell a few good cards for good cash than sell a ton for pittance. That wasn't my biggest complaint, though. If Baltoy is your only example of a "price mistake," I doubt you saw the majority of prices for some of the more "prestigious" cards. I had no problem on the pricing on the smaller rares, though.

    Bottom line is that as a business, rule number 1 is based how to treat customers and that rule was ignored.
  6. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Once again, not addressing the issue of the rudeness, as I didn't see it, not going either way.

    Not defending the food, or the hotel, both could have been improved through several factors.

  7. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    Vince: If GG "mis-marked" cards they sure mis-marked Many Cards.
    I highly doubt someone could MIS MARK an uxie, unless they didn't know how much they were worth, which in this case I think that's what happened.

    Honestly the way you word it
    UMM who wouldn't? Vince I'll sell ya Uxies for $5 (I am offering) yeah you would bite that right.
    It's not like you came up to me hey Tina I'll give you $5 and me not knowing sell them to you.
    If is totally different when someone offers a pice to you then you offering a price to someone else.
    (for all I know they could have had a mega sale ~_~)

    I personally had no issues with GG other than the selling line took a bit to get through. I was GLAD to get rid of my 5600+ commons even if they only gave me $100 for it (again I estimated the count of my cards for them so I do understand)

    I am not going through all the cards there that they "mis marked" because it's just not possible But I'm Pretty sure Gengar SF, NidoQueen RR, Nidoqueen (the other one) sells for more than .50-$1. And Weavile (SW) was also marked pretty low.

    The only price gouging I saw was definitely GE Baltoy which COULD have been a mistake..
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  8. chriscobi634

    chriscobi634 New Member

    Rare Candy was bad too. $6? I don't think it has ever been even close to being that high. So in the format right now, with SPs ruling over Stage 2s, AND BTS helping those Stage 2 decks Rare Candies value should have been way low. I would say $2 maybe even $1.5 would have been a fair price, heck $3 isn't all that bad either, but $6, that's just ridiculous.

    Jimmy Ballard: "Dude, those guys from GG are complete *explicit*. They make me look like Pooka."

    You know something isn't right when even he (Jimmy Ballard) recognizes someone else is being rude.
  9. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    I was happy with selling my commons. I felt that their buying prices for other stuff was really iffy. Was offered $3 for Machamp lv. X. I passed.
  10. TheGeneral

    TheGeneral Active Member

    I hope they have it there in 2010...maybe my buddy Havok will be there as well :wink:

    Smell sarcasm?
  11. ChaosJim

    ChaosJim Member

    I got to this party so late but felt a need to weigh in.

    I read a lot of this thread but not everything.

    I'm usually annoyed by people's poor argumentation, but when it comes to something like this that goes on outside of the game it bothers me extra. If you're not convincing, thats fine, develop that. Suggesting other people are ignorant or have undeveloped opinions because they disagree with you is not. Allow me to return to the heart of this subject and respond to somethings I glanced over.

    Great event. Not a great venue. Someone suggested projecting the pairings, this represents a technical and cost element but lessens runners. I suggested this as a DREAM scenario during the swiss rounds. I don't think anyone foresaw the food problem, I'm very confident we won't see a repeat of this but even an improvement could be disappointing because it was so awful before, during, and after the event. Someone said they found a great deli, and I realized if everyone else did they would have had crowd concerns. Vince made a great point about the local finds being cool for next time, but this is in hopes that businesses opt to stay open on the weekend of Nationals (yes, I know we want to put some blame on the convention center here but it still needs to be said). Holiday Inn select had some exception employees, and some clearly subpar service in other areas, someone described it as uneven and that sounds perfect. I was upset that I couldn't find a way to review the STL Holiday Inn select on their website. They have their own standards to uphold which they didn't do constantly. Enough of that, Hotel complaints aren't the bread and butter of what makes or breaks nationals.

    Gouging Ground. I'm joking partially, but some of their prices were clearly too much. Their service was uneven at best from when I was there. More importantly, I never was convinced from the beginning that it was bad to have competition. I don't think vendors/dealers etc would mind being one of a limited number of selections at Pokemon Nationals. Many would invest in making the trip to develop a relationship with the Pokemon community to hopefully maintain online. I believe someone said it was a logistical nightmare to try and organize a vendor, I remain unconvinced it isn't worth the minimal trouble.

    Rotating Nationals
    This is a big, big, discussion. Maybe something to be seperate entirely. 'Mom makes a good point: its not up for a vote. Pokemon (I think) has paid people to think of things like this. They don't know for sure the community's feelings on something of this nature though. I made a list of cities in the US with some of my friends who don't play Pokemon of places that would be cool to go, and we crossed out expensive cities (like NYC), most coastal cities (lets say NYC again), and made sure remaining cities had airports. Our Top 4 in order were Indianapolis, Boston, Minneapolis, and Chicago. Gen Con makes the case for Indy. Minneapolis has a convention center (I've never seen it) and an airport, is also central. I've heard mixed things about Chicago, but it seems like it could meet the needs of Pokemon nationals. Boston would be great for the 3rd west coast worlds year if there is a rotating worlds. Give East Coast players a break.

    On the subject of players begging for a nats convenient to them
    Three of the four cities I suggested aren't convenient at all for me, and I ruled out NYC and Seacaucus (the two most selfish but doable choices I could imagine, would still put in a bid for Seacaucus if at all possible, different thread, different day). I think a rotating Nationals is a great way to shift some players from casual or locally competitive up a notch. By getting locals psyched up and exposed to the thrill of Nationals, maybe they'll realize its worth traveling to next time. If not, I still don't believe there is any harm. Bringing the excitement of Nationals is a great joy, and I think exposing more people to that more frequently is great (props to every regional PTO who rotates regionals for this reason).

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