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  1. Finally a POP mod says something about that. I know there isent much that can be done now but cant they make stricter rules on being quiet during the top 4 and top 2 just incase this happens again. Maybe the golf sign that says quiet go up by the head judge. I felt sickened to hear that they boo'd the Norway player for getting a prize. If it was me id say something so that dosent keep happening. He had some good nerves to phase that out and i commend him for staying cool and calm through all of that.

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    Still to this day laugh that my buddy Ray was part of Worlds History:
    Ness needed dice and Seena looked around till Ray said go ahead and use mine. His dice were used by Ness in top 2 of Worlds. He was glowing over it for a while afterwards and rightfully so LOL
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    I knew I saw 2 Chatot.
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    It cuts down on Mullys
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    If you remember, you didn't hear booing for very long.
    It was taken care of by POP fairly quickly.
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    I played 2x Chatot...

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