Win's Prof Cup Rules Tourney for a Free Trip to Canadian Nats (List Included) UPDATED

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by Omega_Prime, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member


    I can't believe it myself.

    It looks like '06 - '07 Canadian Champ is going to Canadian Nats to Defend his title!
    (if you want to skip how i got the deck together the rounds start after the decklist)

    My story starts at Oakville Pre-Release; the announcement of the Professor Cup. I knew I needed to win because it was my last chance to make it to Vancouver. That same day I looked at all my commons and uncommon and tried to piece something together.

    Anyways, a lot of decks were put together and destroyed until maybe a week ago when Matt built his deck and completely ran through mine. At that moment drastic changes had to be made. So with the help of Matt and Curtis, I saw the light.

    I knew I wanted to start with Corsola because of the early set up with Rally and the WC hook for 30. The 30 in this format was deadly because every Pokemon’s HP did not exceed 100. With this in mind 3 different type Pokemon were needed. I really liked Donphan tracing back to the day me and Matt bought those starter deck for fun and faced off. I liked how Donphan worked and how deadly it can be; 100HP, hit and run? Too good for words. The problem was who was I going to use as a wall? My initial idea was give a Grandbull, take a hit and Rage for 40+, but Matt mentioned that he was a one trick wonder, so I scraped him right away. I was thinking and thinking to come back to Curtis’ deck, Venomoth. Donphan hit for 40, switch to Moth and if they hit me, they’re poison and asleep. The last piece of the puzzle was what to do about the Pokemon I send back and they don’t put active for the rest of the game? I thought of snipers and looked back to Matt’s fun spread deck. Since everyone in the format was going to be evolved for obvious reasons, and I was already playing Boost Dodrio would be the best hidden tech to get though weakened evolved pokemon on the bench. For the engine of the deck, I used the “not a surprise” porygon2 Cast/Scott engine. I was TOO familiar with this engine considering it ran my Golem/Exploud deck last year.

    Here’s the deck that I played:

    But for those who are wondering what i won with, here is a card for card deck list:

    3 Corsola (POP 7)
    2 Phanpy (SW)
    2 Donphan (SW)
    3 Venonat (SW)
    3 Venomoth (SW)
    1 Porygon (GE)
    1 Porygon2 (GE)
    1 Doduo (MT)
    1 Dodrio (MT)

    4 Celio Network
    1 Roseanne's Research
    2 Mr. Stone's Project
    2 Professor Rowan (Prof Gold Stamp :cool:)
    3 Scott
    3 Castaway
    2 Warp Point
    4 PlusPower
    3 Strength Charm
    2 Lake Boundary

    2 Water
    5 Fighting
    7 Grass
    3 Boost

    Yup that's my deck

    Okay, so the day started with the Battle Road, I played Leafeon Swarm (Thanks to Junior for showing me the light!). I go 3-2 losing because leafeon LvX were prized both games, that didn't matter since it wasn't the important as the Professor Cup. So after waiting for Matt and Kevin to finish their daily finals, i was enjoying the free pizza, running around doing absolutely nothing, getting more nervous and of course annoying Matt and Kevin during the finals by chanting "Chatot" and/or "Gunky" every 10 seconds.

    On to the Event, it was funny because there were only 8 participants which 1 was Terry's wife only filling to make the tournament even. Even with 8 players, it still cut to top 4 hahaha.

    Round 1: Robin (Donphan, Sudowoodo)

    So here I am thinking he's playing LunaSol/Raichu and I thought I had the win in the bag since i covered all his weakness. He flips his Phanpy and right there and then i was confused. I flip my Phanpy and start the game. I couldn't draw cards for the my life. I misplayed by attacking the Sudowoodo which ended up costing me the match since he failed my only Donphan. I got my porygon2 late game, but couldn't get a single supporter to download. It was too late, time was called, he had 1 prize and i had 3, he took 2 packs and i took the left over one.
    I felt like crap and discouraged. I handed my pack to Matt in depression, he opened the pack to reveal the first card to be a Munchlax. He tells me "See it's a sign, it means don't give up now". My cheerleading squad, Curtis and B.J., comes to comfort me and try to give me some confidence.

    Round 2: Janice (Manectric/ Skarmory)

    Here I need to win no matter what! she starts with Delibird, me Venonat. Slow start, no porygon in sight for a while she got two Manectric. I get one Donphan set and with warp points OHKO them with Lake bound. She's stucks and I take the win quickly.

    After round 2, 4 players dropped so top 4 was already determined:
    1 Kevin
    2 Jennifer
    3 Robin
    4 ME!!!

    I face off with Kevin. Before the match Curtis was all in my ear constantly "don't worry you got this" "YOU DO WORK!!" even though i don't know what "YOU DO WORK means...

    T4 Kevin (Breloom/ Hariyama)

    Game 1:

    Okay so i YET to start with Corsola the whole day, but start with two Venonats. I draw dead and he starts setting up fast having 2 Porygon2s and starts cleanning his deck fast! I do some top decking and Donphan him for a while and Moth stall until i finally get my Porygon2 out. He passes a couple of turns because of Moth and gets all the heads for super scoop up. It's not looking to good me, 2 Moths and 1 Don in the discard, I have almost no steam left. He has 2 prizes left and i have 5!!! he's got a full set up and i keep hitting and running and boosting for the KOs to catch up! it's now 1 left for him and 2 for me! He's got 3 more cards in his deck and 2 2's on his bench and active Breloom with 3 energies on it. I hit and run forcing him to put a 2. He attaches to 2 and passes. He has one more card and i know he's got an energy to retreat and KO me with breloom, I draw !!!! to my surprise DODRIO!!! i topped deck a Dodrio retreat Boost KO his Breloom on the bench. He sees there's no way and scoops for game two.

    Game 2:

    With 30 minutes on the clock there's still enough time for Kevin to get a game. All i remember at the beginning game was that i still didnt' start with corsola but got it t4 and tried to confuse his pokemon for 3 whole turns hahaha. He takes some early prizes and i finally get set up nicely. The most memorable play though had to be when I hit and ran and put up my Dodrio which i regret immediately. He Brelooms for 120 attaches a buffer piece. I send up Donphan and Boost for 130 hahahaha. Time was called with game 2 incomplete, i go to finals.
    Sorry Kevin didn't mean to do that too you

    So i'm like the happiest person alive, i'm going to finals, but we have to go Terry's house to finish the finals. Knowing i have to face Robin again, i felt like it was game over for me... but my Cheerleaders believed in me and keep Cheering me on regardless. Anyways Curtis said i had to write a paragraph about him and how he "changed me spirit" and to write his prophecy which i completely forgot... sorry dude hahaha

    So we get to the house and we're waiting for Robin and Family to arrive. We're about to play the match says "it's time for the student to face his teacher for his final exam" ;) little does he know i've been taken side lessons from Matt KOO!!! hehehe.

    Game 1:
    AGAIN! Corsola no where in sight! I start with Doduo and go no where with it. I got a 2 in my hand so i celio for a corsola, rally and get the porygon phanpy and venonat. So i finally get a set BUT NO SUPPORTERS in sight, i luckily kept top decking energies to fight with. So we both start Hitting and running but i foolishly send up my Dodrio and he OHKO's it... So i start abusing Venomoth's posion and asleep and prevent effects. he's up on prizes too he need 2 left and i need ALL 6!!! this time i learned my lesson, i didn't attack his Sudowoodo. I'm still getting nothing until i finally topped deck my scott and the game began! I started OHKOing all of his pokemon with Lakebounds and plus powers and strength charms to catch up and make it 3-2 in prizes. So he starts comeing back with 4 warp points left right and center! i'm getting scared. he hand one Donphan full charged and i needed to KO that one the most! but if he hit and run it was over for me, so i pressured him and i set up a fresh corsola so he OHKO's it and leaves it there. it's now 3-1 for him. I send up a moth and KO it. so he send up Sudowoodo and stalls. he's running out of cards in his deck. I thought i had the game so i warp point him, thinking i got the game... but i found out that there was one more option I PASS!! everyone was confused but i knew what i was doing. he retreats and hits my moth for 70! and becomes poisoned i retreat and hit for 80 with corsola KOing it! last play he mimics restores his deck, i Warp Pointed and matched weakness to which ever pokemon he sent up.

    Game 2:
    10 Minutes left, all i needed was a full bench, i start with porygon, him with chatot, he chooses that i go first, i start calculate put corsola on top, retreat next turn rally and the game was mine.

    So yes i win the tournament and i'm going to nationals!

    I'm still not done the report just gotta add some things but i gotta for for now!

    But i have to shout out to Terry and his Family for their LARGE amount of generosity; making sure that today's BR was the best. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you've given me.

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  2. Mystery Thing

    Mystery Thing Administrator

    Congrats! At least this time I won't be able to lose to your crazy random decks three times, I'll be judging instead... ;p

    See you there! :)
  3. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    time for our re-match, haha, but i'll see you at the airport :D guess me and you are hitting the town before Matt gets here :D haha
  4. ugly psyducky

    ugly psyducky <a href="

    Well played Geneses. I swear either your game with Kevin or yours with Robin were the two best games I've seen played ... period. I never thought Pokemon was a spectator sport, but I've changed my mind.

    Special thanks to my judges Paul and Matt K. Thx for your support in this endeavor and of course to my wife for giving me the best Father's Day gift ever in letting me put this thing on.
  5. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    Congrats Geneses, represent us Ontario Professors well at nats, you and Koo top two! I'll see you next season. Thanks for the day Terry, it was fun, its a shame I couldn't stay until the end.
  6. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    Mystery Thing: too bad we can't play each other again, but it'll be nice to meet up and chit chat at nationals

    Bidier: i'd be WAY too epic for us to be in the finals again!!! hahaha it'd be cool if it was to be repeated

    Terry: you don't even understand how much this opportunity means to me THANK YOU SO MUCH the games i played through the professor cup were one of my best and i'll never forget that day.

    Sean: yeah, it's a weird coincident that we played the same deck hahaha i wish me and Matt can do very well at nationals so we can both continue our travels to worlds together again.
  7. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    If any of you intend to drive to worlds let me know, I'd very much like to participate in grinders. I will pay my share of gas money.
  8. LucarioLvlX

    LucarioLvlX New Member


    Congratulations on a fantastic Professor Cup victory!

    Props to Robin McK-B for making it such an epic battle. It looked like he had you for the first 45 minutes.

    A big thank you to Terry and Janice for putting on the tournament and supplying the epic prizes. It made for a great conclusion to our Pokemon year here in Southern Ontario.

    I expect to see you and Matt in the final in Vancouver on 5 July.

    Let's all go to Orlando! :lol:
  9. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    Yeah I know, it seemed that i wasn't going to win for a while... and that misplayed warp point on my part i thought i lost for sure... who would've thought that passing would've been the right play hahaha...

    It seems that a lot of people want to see me in the final... :confused: but with different match up... Me and Matt are going into unknown territory we need to expect the unexpected

    wait a minute :tongue: you're coming too aren't you? that'll be 3 members representing Team L! :thumb: Maybe i'll convince Bidier, Malcolm and Henry to join too hehehe :biggrin:

    ABOUT ORLANDO!!! seeing that our nationals is after the US and Mexico! MATT'S current number 22 IN NORTH AMERICA HE MIGHT GET A RATINGS INVITE!!!
  10. Nu Gundam

    Nu Gundam New Member

    Good, that means our work is NOT in vain :lol: Regarding Nats, I will obviously be there and watch me change my title as the "First Loser of Ontario" to "First Loser of Canada" :tongue:
  11. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    KOO KOO KOO KOO!!! hehehe, Thanks for being such a good sport from when it was our fun at Battle Roads and even the Prof cup. I know how much it meant for you to go, but it meant the exact same for me, maybe even more considering i won last year.

    About our "work" for Matt!! Ollie didn't register Matt's points for Brampton, and seeing that Matt beat you twice his points should increase by 10 or more (he faced Curtis too) making him at 13-15th rank guaranteeing him a spot in top 25 even after US and Mexico Nats!

    I guess there's another Finals match up ME AND YOU!!! hahaha :tongue: it's good to know that you'll be going to Nationals too... now the question is... how to fit all of us in Matt's and my room...

    P.S. i don't know if anyone noticed, but my Snorlax went to sleep after regionals... I think it's time for him to wake up again for NATIONALS!!!!
  12. ugly psyducky

    ugly psyducky <a href="

    OK, just so you know. I plan to be the first Eastern Canadian to be eliminated from Nationals. Lets see whether I can place X+1 for a Top X cut yet again!!

    No one is getting that glory spot, but me!:biggrin:
  13. Nu Gundam

    Nu Gundam New Member

    Hmm ... it seems that the points from the Ollies tournament are up already. However, for some weird reason that Oliver did something wrong and my opponent's (Matt in this case) ratings point was @ 1600 (I am sending an e-mail to POP regarding that). Regarding the Finals though, we will have to make it through the people from BC, Alberta, and of course, our fellow Ontarians first :biggrin:

    Sorry Terry, but vindication will be mine first! :lol:
  14. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    About Matt's situation, i knew something was wrong when i got my Ollie's point almost a week ago and Matt didn't get his. With your statement i guess it's true that Ollie had Matt's POP ID wrong. Matt blamed me the other day hahaha...

    As for the BC and Alberta players, I'm terrified already and got this on my mind 24/7 but there's only one thing i can do and what i do best. I'm gonna try my best and beat Bidier! hahaha

    Canadian Nationals '07
    1st ME
    2nd Bidier

    World '07

    48th ME
    60th Bidier

    Canadian Rankings '08
    13th ME! w/1704.38
    14th Bidier w/1683.50

    hehehe maybe i'll do it agian at nationals!

    Canadian Nationals '08
    Xth ME
    X+1th Bidier

    As for the others such as the players i've already played such as Gordon, my Nemesis Malcolm, and even YOU Kevin I plan to try my best against them as well and maybe this time become victorious! :thumb:

    P.S. Terry, Remember you beat Zach, that's something more than i can do -.- I can't even beat him one wrong in best 2 out of 3 so in my books, you've got SKILLS!
  15. Throne0fLegends

    Throne0fLegends New Member

    I'll watch from the sidelines.. it's gonna be quite boring if I decide I'm not going to play... hopefully they let me help out and stuff if I do have to sit out. Anywaysss... Prof Cup was too least we're still friends ;) haha... see I should use that line more often.. it'll get you more pumped to win games XD

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Btw, Kevin I replied to the e-mail, let me know if you got it and yea I'm 14th now in NA. hopefully I'll stay there XD
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2008
  16. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    Hahaha, probably, but like i think it was more tense for you watching from the sideline considering you were going to have a heart attack every time i misplayed, good thing my deck was good enough to come back without falling too far behind.

    I think you gave yourself a good safe gap for top 25, if you didn't lose to Greg you'd probably be 13. That's pretty funny though, from 45 to 14 in 7 battle roads.

    P.S. i found a turtwig for 29.99 just to let you know

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