Wisconsin States Report w/Luxchomp

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  1. Ch0ncey is Pr0

    Ch0ncey is Pr0 New Member

    Bored right now and figured I might as well write a report, if nothing else to just help myself recap what happened.

    I played Luxchomp, the night before I wasn't sure if I wanted to take out Drifblim fb for a consistency card which would have helped a lot. Only got to use the balloon once, and it didn't matter because I was so far behind. I'm also glad I decided to stick Roserade GL in the week prior as it saved my butt so many times.

    Oh, and my list is pretty much the same as the one I won citys with except I took out copycat for Roserade Gl.

    Round 1 vs Machamp

    Great, what a way to start out the day. He starts first with a smeargle, attaches a fighting, portraits my only supporter which is bebe's. He grabs a mesprit and psychic binds, then passes. I figure he is playing regigigas at this point, my start is Garchomp C with a call, Bebe's, a double, 2 power sprays, and a poketurn. I draw a 3rd spray (Ok...) and I play the bebe's to get it out of my hand for a uxie for next turn since I have 3 sprays, then call for promocroak and luxray gl. His turn he plays collector, and then it hits me. He takes two Uxies and a machop, plays machop down and candys to machamp, attaches a fighting. Then he portraits to find nothing put sprays. He gets head on scoop up and trys to psychic bind which i spray so I can set up next turn, then i spray both of his uxies. He retreats and uses take out. I push up promocroak I believe and draw a cyrus. I use set up for 4 or 5 and get a collector and some energy. I go collector for lucario gl, a second uxie, and a crobat then flash bite machamp. I then attach to uxie and pass. He draws, plays down the machop he drew and uses take out as he has only 1 card in his hand. I push up luxray gl and top deck a gain, nice. I cyrus for a bebe, a sp radar, and a lightening. I go get luxray X and bright look the machop, then flash impact. He top decks a Uxie and uses set up for 7, gets tails and then heads on super scoops to psychic bind me again, then uses take out. I push up uxie, bebe for the X, attach and zen blade for the K0 grabbing an Aaron's from my prizes. He pushes up his smeargle, attaches q, plays machop rare candy, machamp. He has no energy so he passes. I locked up his smeargle for a while trying to find a premier ball for my uxie X but never did. I did knock out 1 more machamp but the 3rd machamp sealed the deal.


    Round 2 vs Matt Ennocenti w/ Steelix/DialgaG

    What a way to start the day, ugh. Btw, I can never tell Matt and Eric appart >.< . I thought he was playing Dialgachomp untill he collectored for 2 onix about half way through the game. I remember using portrait to find a lone Judge on turn 1 which shuffled away my awesome hand. I drew a cyrus off that, but then he judged me again next turn and then deafened. I remeber using Dragonite FB to 2 shot his Dialga G X and then bright looking high retreat pokemon like Skuntank G and Steelix with no energy to get some cheap prizes while he trys to draw warp points or junk arms. After the 3rd bright look he can't find any more, and I won on time by 2 prizes. Sorry it had to go that way, but those judges were messing me up man.


    Round 3 vs Luxray/Garchomp/Dialga

    I start with Garchomp C and a call energy, power spray, and 4 Cyrus conspiracy? So some games I won't ever see one, and this game I start with 4. Even better yet, she mulligans 3 times to give me an even more amazing hand. I think she took 1 prize from my Luxray GL lv. X this game the turn before I won. There was no way she could recover with her Dragonite FB and Diagla G lv. X prized as well. There was just no way she could win, and I kind of felt bad that it wasn't even really a game. If I wasn't so hungry I would have asked to play a fun game.


    Round 4 vs BLG

    I remember my only supporter in my starting hand was Aarons, but I had 2 DCE and 2 Egains with a Uxie call start. I ended up calling for dragonite and garchomp, then top decking a collector. I was able to use smeargle to use a total of 7 cyrus chains through out the game which was awesome. He did take roserade to lock my smeargle but his 1 bright look attempt was met with a power sprayed. I think he prized a basic garchomp this game, and played a 2-2 line which pretty much sealed the deal. He did manage to take 3 prizes before I could dragon rush for game though.


    Round 5 vs Sableye Tyranitar

    I played this guy at citys, and he says he is playing the same deck he played a citys so I knew what to expect. My opening hand is similar to my last game, but instead i started with Roserade Gl and call. He went first with sableye to impersonate collector grabbing a uxie, a larvitar, and another larvitar I think. All i can do on my turn is call for luxray and garchomp, hoping to draw something next turn to start attacking. On his turn he rare candys into a tyranitar, I power spray his set up, and then for some reason he impersonates judge. Probably because he doesn't play any other draw supporters or something. I drew a cyrus and a dce off of that and proceed to dragon rush his larvitar that turn. I continued the bright look/flash impact and dragon rush combo to take 4 prizes, used drifblim fb to take the 5th one, and then promocroak to K.O. the tyranitar for the 6th.

    After the game he tells me he was happy to have been 3-2 because he had played vs 2 lostgars and smashed them, and then he donked a luxchomp lol.


    Round 6 vs Gyarados

    For some reason, I cannot open with a supporter other than Aaron again (this is after 6 pile shuffling before every game). He takes a 4 prize lead by hitting reversals on anything I put an energy on. I am able to take 2 prizes with roserade somewhere in there by locking up a regice and an azelf until I drew a supporter on like turn 10. Drifblim fb soaked up a few hits for me, and then took a prize on a mesprit thanks to lucario gl already being in play. He top decks a belt and then flash bites once which i spray, then he seekers and flash bites again to hit the 120 mark for Drifblim fb. Now I have to take 3 prizes without him taking 1, great... I promote luxray, attach a gain and a lightning, Use a cyrus to find out that my last 2 prizes are cyrus which means I need to topdeck a poketurn next turn to stay alive. I flash impact on the belted gyarados for the K.0. since it had 30 on it from Roserade. His rescue energy gets gyarados back, and he brings it back up and judges, then swings for 90. I drew garchomp x, so i reatreat and healing breath which was the only move to stop him from taking a prize next turn. He top decks junk arm to get belt back and win. Ugh...


    Great, I have to win this last round to make cut. I also found out that even if I win, my round 1 opponent dropped at 2-3 which kills me. Can I do it?

    Round 7 vs Vilegar/blissey pt

    I sit there for like 3 or 4 minutes waiting for this guy to show up, watching the games around me. The guy to the right of me playing mewdos gets judged into a 3 magikarp and mew prime hand vs lostgar, which almost made me puke. And I'm not even playing the game lol. My opponent finally shows up just before he would get a game loss and hurrys to shuffle and we finally get set up.

    And.... my hand has no supporters yet again. I start with Roserade call again which is very nice, but it just confuses me. Roserade ends up taking 4 prizes on his spiritombs and chatot because he cannot seem to find a warp energy for the longest time. I think my first cyrus I got was when I drew my 5th prize which is gross. This deck really must just hate me or something. I struggle to take my last prize, but finally am able to bright look his vileplume and zen blade for the game.

    I squeezed into top cut at 16th seed thanks to the other 5-2 that would have been 16th that was late getting his deck list in. I have to play the 7-0 who is Josh Wittenkeller (Jwittz) playing Sableye Luxchomp

    Top 16 vs Josh W. w/ Sableye Luxchomp (LoxChomp?)

    Game 1:

    I actually have a pretty good opening hand with luxray call start (I know another call start) and a cyrus and dce in hand. He starts sableye and has a horrible hand, so he impersonates judge >.< . I drew a call back, but nothing else really so I call for dragonite and garchomp to get ready for the prize exchange. He plays a collector for Dragonite, Garchomp, and I think another Garchomp. He attaches to Dragonite as expected, and impersonates a cyrus to get set up. I draw a poketurn or something useless, and proceed to call for Roserade and Smeargle. I think he didn't have the unown q to retreat so he impersonated a initiative and gets 1 heads, taking away the DCE I was saving. I drew a energy, so i retreated into roserade and started locking. I had heard that he plays a warp energy, but i figured it couldn't be more than 1 so he couldn't access it until I was up on prizes and he could use twins. I was very correct with this, and I took the first 2 prizes but his set up was just too much for me as I never hit a cyrus until he was up by 1 or 2 prizes and had a huge field advantage over me. I scoop to maximize my time after he sprays my bright look in an attempt to lock up his benched sableye I see no possible way to stop him from winning 2 turns later.


    Game 2:

    Yay, I finally started with not 1, but 2 cyrus!! along with 2 DCE as well. I'm really foggy on what exactly happened here, but he ended up getting sableye out to get 2 initiative heads and completely ruin my hand. I also remember him getting a nosebleed on like turn 3 lol so we had to stop the game for that, but I didn't care really. Once again, I don't draw a supporter for a while and he just manages to set up better than I do. Roserade Gl does give me some hope, but I end up falling too far behind on the exchange to come back and he takes the last prize on my 3rd Garchomp C. Thats how it goes I guess, his deck did exactly what it was made to do.


    Just glad I made cut I guess after last weeks flop, and It was cool to actually meet Josh after managing to avoid each other at tournaments for a long time some how. He turned out to be a really cool guy and we had some fun chatting before and during the games.

    Thanks for reading all of this

  2. JWittz

    JWittz New Member

    Great report, man! You have more knowledge of our game 1 than I did! I will admit that I was rolling extremely hot on the initiative all day--I think I only got one double tails all day, well above my average. It was definitely cool to finally play you, and best of luck for the rest of the season!
  3. Ch0ncey is Pr0

    Ch0ncey is Pr0 New Member

    You too man, see you at regionals? Or are you going to Missouri again?
  4. JWittz

    JWittz New Member

    Haven't quite made up my mind yet--I obviously feel pretty strong in the Illinois/Wisconsin metagame, but it'll also be hard to not return to the regional I won last year. It'll probably come down to what's closer/ what kind of ride I can get.
  5. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Let's be real here. You know where you wanna go.

    STL for the win.

  6. Ch0ncey is Pr0

    Ch0ncey is Pr0 New Member

    Yeah if its closer, then that would make sense. Plus you gotta defend that title. And lol @ Vince both tournaments will be awesome so there is no bad choice. If my dad didn't run ours, I would consider the extra mileage to make it down there.

    And yes, the Metagame here tends to be very different from everywhere else.

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