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Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Spectreon, Aug 24, 2003.

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  1. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Well, I am looking for a good moveset for Wismur. I was in Rusturf Tunnel yesterday and ran into what I have been wanting for a while, a shiney Wismur. For anyone who doesnt know me, Whitney is my FAVE gym leader. Normal types and a badge that can only be desribed as PLAIN. Well, I wanted a Exploud for my new RuSa Whitney team, especially if I could find a shiney one. Unfortunately this means I cant use Breed moves on it, but hey, whatever. Here goes

    Wismur-Exploud, lvl 50 training.

    Train Whismur til lvl 41, when it learns Rest Naturally, then evolve up from there. The Nature is Rash, which I cant change:(. It is +Sp At, -Sp Df. Its Sp Df is low enough already, but hey, what can I do. I want to keep this one (its Shiney!). Was thinking of a Paraflincher move set.

    Secret Power

    but need a 4th move. Was thinking Roar or Uproar, but Uproar is a 3rd normal tyoe attack, but prevent opponent from resting. It is also multi turn, so wouldnt go along I would think. There is also the fact it has a SP At boost with Nature, so maybe something there. Or Shadow Ball for Ghost. NO EARTQUAKE, I am out of TMs for it for now:mad:

    other thoughts were Atract for more disruption (it is Female by the way) or Brick Break, or I dunno..... Suggestions

    Please do not suggest Egg Moves, I cant use them. If you think I should go another Route besides Paraflincher, tehn please ellaborate...... thanx in advance
  2. M.B.A

    M.B.A New Member


    Well I do have one ideer, but I don't know if it will be any help for you

    it's seems to me you all ready got the answer, you got a lot of ideers so try them... :rolleyes:

    1) Save your game
    2) Let the pokemon learn a/the move,
    3) Try it... (just for some time)

    (Remember this: Do not save the game futher)

    If you Don't like the move/combination.... :confused:

    1) Turn off you gameboy
    2) Restart it.
    3) You will now continuen from your last saving
    then you can use a new move without loosing the other one.

    If you like it...

    just keep it. ;)

    (And of cause now you may save you game again)

    I hope, it could be a help but of cause you will/may "waste" some time. :thumb:
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