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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Arshen, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Arshen

    Arshen New Member

    Whatsup? I'm used to the way the Pojo forum trade threads are set up so yeah...Also trying to get back into the game so Wheeee!! I have a ref rate of 33 on Pojo Not like it matters. Just wanted to put that out there...Dunno why. It's 11:45PM and I'm tired. Ah well. On to the list.

    I trade world-wide.
    I wouldn't mind deals being made via PM or AIM.

    Infernape lv.X (Black Star Promo)
    Empoleon lv.X (Pack version - No Error)

    Torterra lv.45 17/130 (pack)
    Infernape lv.40 5/130 (pack)
    Empleon lv.42 4/130 (pack)
    Dialga lv.68 1/130 (pack)
    Ho-Oh - OP5
    Lugia - OP5
    Deoxys Delta - Holon Phantoms Steal 4/110
    Deoxys Delta - Holon Phantoms Dark 3/100
    Natu - Dragon Frontiers 55/101
    Energy Recycle System - Power Keepers 73/108
    Jigglypuff - Crystal Guardians 53/100

    Holo Engergies
    Lightning Energy - Dragon Frontiers 106/108
    Lightning Energy - Holon Phantoms 108/110
    Lightning Energy - 104/106
    Water Energy - 103/106

    Black Star Promos:
    Ludicolo 020
    Torchic 017
    Midkip 018
    Pikachu 012

    I have a crap-load more of the older sets that I have yet to list. and probably won't because it is too much. So ask. :p

    I also have a little bit of cash. Also have Yu-Gi-Oh! as well. Good ones, not all jank.

    My wants:
    3 Magmortar - Secret Wonders
    1 Magmortar X - Mysterious Treasures
    3 Magmar - Mysterious Treasures
    1 Typhlosion - Mysterious Treasures
    1 Quilava - Mysterious Treasures
    2 Cyndaquil - Mysterious Treasures
    2 Delcatty - Power Keepers
    1 Skitty - Crystal Guardians
    4 Pachirisu - Great Encounters
    1 Stantler - Secret Wonders
    2 Celio’s Network
    2 TV Reporter
    2 Rare Candy
    2 Copycat
    2 Roseanne’s Research
    1 Windstorm
    1 Warp Point
    2 Night Maintenance
    3 Scramble Energy
    Pokemon Fan Club
    1 Arbok Delta - Dragon Frontiers
    2 Ekens Delta - Dragon Frontiers
    2 Absol ex
    4 Great Ball
    1 Skarmory ex
    1 Gengar lv.39
    2 Haunter lv.32
    3 Gastly lv.12
    1 Toxicroak lv39
    1 Xatu Lv 44
    1 Cresselia LV X
    2 Weezing lv 42 - Great Encounters
    2 Koffing - Great Encounters

    Yes I'm trying to build the Magmortar deck. It hosts my 2 favorite Pokemon: Typhlosion and Quilava
    Here is the link to my 'ZOMG Collection Wants lol ya right keep dreaming" list. Big Picture Warning. Will check off cards as I get them! Oh look! Theres One check!

    Good night! And good Tradings!
  2. phoenixback4fire

    phoenixback4fire New Member

    any dark armed dragon?
  3. LilBandit

    LilBandit New Member

    hi, I have a few cards that you might need for your collections list and the only thing I have from your want list is 1x warp point. Just a couple of questions first, is there a specific quantity of cards you need for each in your collection. I prefer to talk here because my pm box is kinda full so lmk if we can work out something!
  4. Kire3003

    Kire3003 New Member

    I have about half of your wants/ Can i CYL for yugi, via a link perhaps? thx

    oh and btw, where do you live? Just to see where I might be sneding to if we do make any deal
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  5. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    Hey, I have A LOT of your wants, including a lot of your collection wants, if you can get your hands on a Darkrai Lv. X (GE, not tin).. lmk and we can work something out. Thanks!
  6. turtwig999

    turtwig999 New Member

    any1 that wants yu-gi-oh pm me and also i have toxicroak
  7. RandyDragon

    RandyDragon New Member

    would you be willing to trade the Deoxys d :dark: for my Magmortar SW and the three Magmar SW
  8. Spirit Of Mew

    Spirit Of Mew New Member

    I need you empoleon x please see my list.
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