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Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by youthattack, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. youthattack

    youthattack New Member

    hi, all my cards were basically collected by the time I was 12...I know they probably arent worth anything now, but I was wondering about general value for these cards, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I remember coming to this site when I was like, 9 or 10, hahaha.

    Dark Charizard Holo First Ed.
    Shining Celebi (Japanese)
    Mew (Holo; Japanese Fossil set)
    Electrode (Holo, Fossil Error)
    Shining Kabutops

    Meowth (Holo) #10
    Entei (Reverse Holo) #34
    Dark Persian (Holo) #17
    Ancient Mew (Holo) (Movie Promo)
    Arcanine #6
    Ho-oh #52
    Moltres #21
    Rapidash #51
    Groudon #002
    Mewtwo #3
    Mewtwo #14
    Unown J #38
    Pikachu #4
    Pikachu #27
    Electabuzz #2
    Zapdos #23
    Kyogre #001
    Articuno #22
    Marill #29
    Dragonite #5

    Japanese Vending Machine Cards:
    Charmander (u)
    Abra (c)
    Eevee (c)
    Snorlax (u)
    Pidgey (c)
    Ditto (u)
    Poliwag (c)

    Chansey (white Diamond)
    Japanese neo 9-card set (G/S starters and all evolutions)
    another Japanese 9-card neo set (contains holo pichu, charizard, entei)
    Southern Islands US set

    Thank you!

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  2. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    shining celebi japanese is a good card, like $20

    the others are worth somewhere between nothing and $5

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