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    Wooper Goes to Woodbridge
    A Woodbridge, VA City Championship Report

    This one will be short and sweet, I promise. And by short and sweet, I mean it won’t be as long as my Regionals report. So here’s how this little thingy went down...

    All week I had been going back and forth between Queendom and Ludicargo, since those are the two cheapest decks in the format right now and, consequentially, the ones I had the option of playing. Ludi’s matchups versus MetaNite and SMP were better than Queen’s, but besides that it didn’t have much going for it. I decided, in the end, on Queen, and tested a lot of games between Ludi and Queen because:

    1) I don’t have Apprentice to simulate other battles
    2) LackeyCCG was crashing
    3) I didn’t even have close to enough cards to even proxy stuff like Medicham and SMP

    Queen won a lot of them, but it wasn’t really giving me a good indication of how I should change Jermy’s list. I almost dropped the Briney for an ATM Rock once, thinking Milotic was too situational and could only have practical use about once I game, but I am glad I did not make this change. In short, I used Jermy’s list, only the Fighting and Heal counts to match Pablo’s list. Yes, I know; what a horrible, terrible thing that only a million other people have done this tournament season. So let the flames flow, my dear children. Isn’t this great? You’ve already got a reason to criticize me and we’re only three paragraphs in! =)

    Mmmk, so Friday was a snow day for me, and at about 3 PM my family and I leave for a concert in Baltimore, Maryland. We all have a good time, blah blah blah, and we get back around 1, then I don’t get to sleep until about 2 AM. Suddenly, I wake up the next morning at 6:59 AM and my alarm rings a split second later. It was the weirdest thing ever. So I get up, shower, get dressed, forget to shave, and zoom downstairs to get everything together, including my (approximately) 11 million pound card singles box and all the cards inside it. 0_o Rhema comes to the bottom of our really really long driveway, afraid of slipping on the ice, and Devon runs up to knock on the door. I see him coming and we head back down to the car, and we’re off.

    On the way, Devon and Daniel get their decks sorted out, and mine’s already basically sorted. We borrow cards from each other to fill up the proxied holes in our decks, and the drive takes about an hour and four minutes, but then we have to spend thirty minutes looking around for which shopping center the Game Parlor store is at. The reason this is extremely sad is that I’ve been there once before, so I’m looking around hopelessly for a place I’ve already visited. Anyway, we finally get there, and still not too late, since we left my house at about 8:15, and the store hasn’t even opened! Johnny the Rabid is already outside waiting, as are Mike and CFK, I believe. We talk for a little while before the doors finally open and there’s a mad dash to get inside (poetic license) before our limbs freeze in their places (more poetic license).

    I still need 2 Pidgeot and a Rocket’s Admin. Johnny had a Pidgeot and a Rocket’s Admin, and the Andersons show up not too long after and give me my last Pidgeot. Johnny also generously loans out Nidoking and Nidoqueen to Ryan, and the Andersons give a Rocket’s Sneasel ex to Devon to help complete his deck, and several DRE to Ryan for his. So we’re all ready to go, blah blah blah. The problem is that Daniel, who built his deck about a year ago, has illegal LPS and Buffer Piece in it, so we switch them out for real cards and the judge graciously does not give him a penalty. Now we’re ready to go, and just in time. Here’s Jeremy M’s World Championship-winning Nidoqueen list, which I used in this tournament, for those of you who don’t know it OTOH:

    Pokemon: 21
    4 Nidoran (F)
    3 Nidorina
    4 Nidoqueen
    3 Pidgey
    2 Pidgeotto
    3 Pidgeot
    1 Feebas
    1 Milotic

    Energy: 15
    6 Grass
    4 DRE
    3 Fighting*
    2 Heal*

    Trainers: 24
    4 Celio’s Network
    4 Copycat
    3 Great Ball
    2 Steven’s Advice
    2 Rocket’s Admin
    4 Desert Ruins
    4 Rare Candy
    1 Mr. Briney’s Compassion

    * Jeremy used only 2 Fighting and 3 Heal instead, but I didn’t have three Heal energy. ;p Probably would have switched to 3 Heal if I had been able to get my hands on one, but I guess this means my list wasn’t card-for-card. Hoorah. Matt L and I play a quick game of mirror Queendom, and he decks me out by Admining me at a key moment. It was an intense game, and I wasn’t too good at Queendom mirror, but hopefully if I played him in swiss I would be able to win.

    So Sensei lays down the law: have fun, good sportsmanship, the new opening setup rules, you can’t replace a stadium with the same stadium, etcetera. He names the top door prize: A Nintendo Gamecube WITH Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. How cool is that? Matt L and I talk some and he’s playing Queendom too, but only going 3-3 CCat-Steve and his energy count matches mine as well. I wish him the best of luck, and then pairings are up! I venture over to the sheet where everybody is crowded around, and with my natural height advantage (yeah, right) I can see that I’m playing my arch-nemesis. I guess he’s my arch-nemesis. *shrug* Hey Luke, want to be arch-nemesis...es?

    Round 1: Luke R w/ Medicham ex/Espeon ex
    Game starts out normally, I mulligan twice and he sets his prizes. I draw my cards a third time and my hand is bad. Really bad. He flips over Jirachi DX and I flip a Feebas. I don’t concede, though. If his start is as slow as mine, I could pull off a win. Maybe. Luke goes first, Wishing Star, attaches a Fighting, wakes up. I draw, and topdeck GREAT BALL! I get a Nidoran (F) and I think I Steve for one? Then I attach to Nidoran and pass. He draws, Wishing Star, Swoop, attach, evolve, Pure Power 10 to Feebas and 20 to Nidoran. Smart play, I think to myself. He’ll probably Reversal me unless I can Candy. I haven’t played Pokemon in like three months, except for the past week, which I only played one or two days in, so I dunno if Reversal is still played in 4 copies in T2, what with Cyclone and Espeon being added in. So I draw, get Nidorina (it’s the best I can do), and say go. He Cyclones me out, sure enough, and does 60. KO. I draw and pass. Sky Uppercut, GG.


    I don’t know how everybody else does, exactly, but from my crew I know that everybody has won except me. This was how I started my last City Championship - with a loss before blowing through the rest of swiss undefeated. Little did I know that I was about to experience some serious deja vu...

    I have lots of time to shuffle since my match was over so quick. So I get to talk to everybody, the tournament’s going great even though there was a glitch in the software or something so that we started at 12 PM. Because of this, lunch break is after round 1, so Daniel, Ryan and I head over to Subway. Devon decides to go to Dairy Queen, but all the cool kids were at Subway, apparently, because Mike, CFK, Johnny and some others were there. We go to Dairy Queen to pick up Devon and Matt is sitting in there with his food nearly untouched, complaining about slow service. Should have gone to Subway, dude. =D

    Anyway, we all head on back to Game Parlor and Devon and I start up a quick pickup game with fifteen minutes left, but he takes a five minute turn so I just stack up my cards because I have to shuffle again. Stalling in a fifteen minute game isn’t cool. *tears* So Jon Anderson comes up to me and says, “Hey, I lost last round, too. I hope we don’t face each other, that would suck.” So the pairings are put up, and IRONY STRIKES!

    Round 2: Jonathan A w/ Dragtrode/Steelix ex
    We both have pretty bad setups in this one, but I get out a T3 Pidgeot, I think? This game is very hazy, but he eventually gets rolling too with a Dark Electrode, 2 Dark Dragonite, a Rocket’s Sneasel ex, and an Onix out. He’s waiting to drop the Dark Steelix because of my Ruins, so he gets a kill off with Dark Electrode on my Pidgeot after I clutch Dragonair. Now his Switch and Warp Point are both discarded, so I bring up my Nidoqueen and formulate a plan. 120 damage is just out of his reach, and even if he had brought up Sneasel, I had a nice hand of Candy Nidoqueen DRE to unleash, and a Nidoran (F) and Grass already on the bench. So I get a prize, he puts up Dark Draggy, if memory serves, and I end up killing that. We trade prizes back and forth for a while, with Clutch coming in extremely handy in a few spots (I’m not sure he played Briney), and eventually we’re tied on prizes. We’re tied on prizes going into the final minute of the game, and he puts up Dark Dragonair for an easy retreat. He has the Steelix ex and his hand, and I wouldn’t be able to OHKO it next turn, then he’d hit my benched Pidgeot for 100 and win. But instead he retreats for his Dark Electrode by mistake. To be fair, it wasn’t like, “OH! You took your hand off by a fraction of a centimeter!” He actually gave it three seconds with both hands a good distance away from his last play before time is called and he realizes his misplay. I bring up Queen and KO. GG.

    What an intense game, I say to him afterwards, and I say I’m sorry that he had to lose like that. “No you’re not,” he says jokingly. Ehh, I kinda was, though. That’s a crappy way to lose to somebody, on a misplay where you had the game won. I wish Jon nothing but the best of luck in Odenton on the 11th, though.

    I have literally no time to shuffle since the game ran out on time, so I do a really fast four stack and hope it’s sufficient. Standings are up, there’s a stampede to the board, and I’m up against the girl I played at the 2003 Skyridge SBZ. Relieved that I’m not up against a player that had a good matchup against me, I head over to Table 5.

    Round 3: Kim V w/ DS Slowbro/DS Crobat/Furret
    She starts with a Sentret, not a bad starting Pokemon, I must admit. I get a Pidgey start and build up to a Nidoqueen T3 with a Nidorina ready to follow in its footsteps, and I finally get a Pidgeot out around T4. She has out a Slowbro and is using this really cool power, Prize Shift, which lets you take a card from your hand and switch it with one of your prizes, but the best part is, you get to keep the card from your hand that you turned into a prize faceup. So that was a cool little thingy there. Anyway, she keeps using Psychic Option to remove my DRE, and I Toxic her, not able to OHKO. She tries to use Prize Shift but she’s poisoned, which is good because she might have been able to get out a second Delta Crobat if she had been able to use the power. I eventually kill her blasted Slowbro, but she has already removed 3 DRE. o_O I have enough manpower to beat her DS Crobat, and she brings out a Slowpoke, her final Pokemon, and tries to put me to sleep to stall. No such luck. I wake up and Power Lariat.

    Well, Jon Anderson is 0-3, and I beg him not to drop. He agrees, what a cool guy. We figure out that I need to go 4-1 to make it anyway, but he still doesn’t drop, because hey, why pass up a chance to play the Pogeymanz? The 11-14 is in such short supply at this tournament that there’s only a Top 2, and Devon has just lost his first round, so he’s 2-1. He has to win, and even then he might not make it. Melody is 2-1, also, I believe, and Johnny is 3-0, so it looks like he’s in. The match was quick, so I shuffle up real nice and chill out while we wait for the standings. Ryan is 3-0 in the 10-, and he comes up to me about to burst with excitement! “I’m in the Top 4! I’m in the Top 4!” Standings are up.

    Round 4: Timothy F. w/ Parasect/Eggs
    I’m not worried about this round until I see Eggs hit the board. I’m so afraid that he’s going to be played Eggs.dec, but his starting Pokemon is Cleffa, not Magmar, and he plays a Paras? Now a huge burden is lifted from my shoulders, and I think I’m in the clear. I go second and get a T1 Pidgeot, DRE it, Quick Search for Briney, and use it to scoop up my active Nidoran, clutch his Cleffa for 30 to get a jump on things, and pass it off to him. Then he plays Battle Frontier second turn. I check my hand. No Desert Ruins. He doesn’t Eeeeeek, instead attaches to Eggs Jr., played an EXP. All and passes. I draw. No Ruins. I play another Pidgey, attach to my Nidoran, and Copycat. No Ruins. No big deal, right? I evolve to Nidorina, KO the Cleffa, my prize is a Nidoqueen. Things are looking alright. He puts up Eggs Jr., evolves, Scramble, 80 to my Pidgeot, I check my hand, Candy into another Pidgeot, evolve to Nidoqueen, DRE it, retreat, can’t KO, I Toxic. About turn 10 I get out Ruins =_=. We trade prizes for a while until it comes down to me up by one. I have a Pidgeot with 80 active and a Pidgeot with no counters benched, both with GF attached to them (there’s something I’ll never have again ;p), so they do 40 with Clutch. I forget the free retreat for the Pidgeot with less, and do 40 to his Eggs. Doh! He KOs Pidgeot, I send up my other Pidgeot and clutch for the kill. Now I’m still one up, and I have only one prize left. He’s got two, and he sends up Eggs with a bunch of energy on it and 40 damage already from a previous attack. He can tie it and basically win, since my last Nidoran is prized, that would be game. He uses Big Eggsplosion with 5 dice, I believe. He needs 3 heads to win the game.

    He gets 2.

    Tough break, Tim. The game could have been yours after my horrendous misplay, but the dice didn’t like you that day. GG, man.

    So here’s how the standings look right now:
    Rory H (4-0)
    Luke R (3-1)
    David A (3-1)
    Me (3-1)
    Sean G (3-1)
    Brett M (2-2)

    Only four of us will make it. We predict that only 4-1s will make it, but I think Luke might have had a chance if he had lost. Of course, then he would have grinched CFK/Brett out of the Top 4 by being the only 3-2, so Round 5 was crucial in determining the Top 4. At this point the 11-14 and 10- Swiss rounds were over, and Devon had made it as 2nd seed and Ryan, although losing his last match, was 3-1. Daniel was 1-3 or 2-2 at this point, but his resistance was shot. There was no way to even hope to make the Top 4, but he played it out anyways. Since I’m 3-1 and I’ve already played Luke, I quickly figure that I will either play Sean with ZRE or David with POW! Block, both good matchups in Queen’s favor as far as I know, especially TTar. I pray to face David. Standings are up...

    Round 5: David A w/ POW! Block
    David was playing a version of Ross’s Spin Tail/Electrode ex deck, using a thicker Pidgeot line over Magcargo. Both of us, knowing that this was the match that would decide that which of us would go on to the Top 4, also knew that no prisoners could be taken. He started with Voltorb and I started with a Nidoran, I think. He gets off to a decent start, with a T2 Pidgeot, and builds a TTar on the bench while I fumble through my deck and finally get out a Pidgeot a couple turns later, and a Nidoqueen with a Nidorina in the wins soon followed. David still has Voltorb active after a few turns and he’s ready to blow up Electrode ex, but he has no energy in the discard. In what I considered to be a misplay, but apparently he didn’t think so, he blew up his Trode to get Pidgeot active, Scramble and Clutch my Nidoqueen. I start to build into my second Nidoqueen and bench a third Nidoran, and Toxic his Pidgeot since Lariat wouldn’t do much. Next turn, David Quick Searches while he’s poisoned, and I call a judge. The judge issues a caution, and David passes in frustration since everything on his bench is weak to Queen and he can’t retreat or else I’ll get too far ahead for him to catch me. I’ve already drawn my card, but he tries to Clutch me. I say it’s a no go, and now David is pretty ticked off. I bring Queen back to Clutch his Pidgeot and keep the Toxic on it, and after that dies, the game just goes downhill. I end up winning with just 2 prizes left to take versus his four or five on time. GG.

    I quietly sort my cards out for the Top 4 deckcheck, and Mike, sitting next to me, comments rather loudly that I grinched the Andersons today, to which I respond with a =/ face. The sensitivity of a concrete block, I’m telling you. So it takes them a while to get around to deck checks, and I find out that Johnny has won the 11-14 division with Primetool against Devon’s deck in the finals. Ryan, though, has progressed to the final match of the 10- age group to play Patrick’s Eeveelution deck. I wish Ryan good luck and he sits down at the table next to the one the four of us will be playing at. Sensei checks my deck and says, “You’re missing a Mr. Briney’s Compassion,” and suddenly my whole life flashes before my eyes.

    Well, not really, but anyway, the Mr. Briney was in there to begin with. =) So the pairings for the Top 4 in the 15+ are announced. CFK beat Brett, putting him at 4th seed against Luke’s 1st seed, since Luke beat Rory at Table 1 in Round 5. Here’s how it went down:

    1 Luke R w/ Medicham ex/Espeon ex
    2 Rory H w/ SMP
    3 Me w/ Queen
    4 CFK w/ ZRE

    So I’m playing against SMP with Queen. The matchup is supposed to lean towards SMP, or so I’ve been told, so my hopes were not too high. But I was pretty confident that I could make a good showing. It was single elimination, which was good news for Queendom, I decided. Maybe a lucky break could win me the game and take me to the finals. And with that, the thirty minute match began.

    Top 4: Rory H w/ SMP
    We both check to see who goes first with six sided dice. First we both roll four, then we both roll six. Finally I win the roll and draw, and my hand is decent. He starts with a Beldum, and I with Pidgey. I Great Ball for another Nidoran. I check and see that three are in my deck, which I hope is enough. I knew I would probably have to win on time coming into it. So turns go by; I’m building a second Pidgeot and a Nidoqueen and he uses Call for Friends, then evolves to Metang and attacks my Pidgeotto once or twice, and retreats for a Beldum, not built at all, while powering his Scizor, hoping to stall with it for a while. I play a Celio’s Network and I’m about to find a card, but I realize I haven’t laid out my prizes. The judge simply shuffles my deck and places six prizes, then I resolve Celio. I felt this wasn’t harsh enough and from an unbaised standpoint, Rory should have won the game, but I took the ruling graciously. It’s at this point when I start to get rolling.

    He’s got a Scizor ex on his bench, so I play Ruins, then retreat to Queen and KO his Beldum. We go back and forth for a few turns, trading prizes between Pidgeot and Nidoqueen. The middle of the match is hard to remember, but I do distinctly remember Copycating for six and drawing my remaining three Desert Ruins, the game-changing move. From there he Island Caves and we trade back and forth, my fourth Ruins sticking for a while. I believe for a second that he only plays 3 Stadiums, because his benched Scizor ex dies before he can replace the 4th one, and his active Scizor ex is taken to 100. He does replace it though, running me out of stadiums. I realize that I forgot to take my prize for Beldum, keeping the game within his reach, but he falls short and I win on time. I congratulate him on his performance and stack up my cards and shuffle nervously.

    Ryan has won the 10- age group, beating Patrick T in a close game. He’s jumping all over the place and can’t wait to get his packs and his medal. Luke ended up beating CFK. I had always thought ZRE had the edge on Cham, but I guess that just shows how much I suck at this Pogeymanz thing. Anyway, that means that it’s a rematch of my Round 1 game for the 15+ finals. A crowd gathers around the table but the magnitude of the game doesn’t quite hit me. It’s just Cities, and we’re just having fun, although I could have used those extra 8 packs. So now the final match begins, single elimination, and I’m shuffled up and ready to go.

    Finals: Luke R w/ Medicham ex/Espeon ex
    CFK and Rory are playing for third even though they both get the same amount of packs. Never pass up a chance to play teh Pokemons. So we start out alright. I get a Nidoran (F) I think, and Luke gets Jirachi again. There’s not much to say about this much, because it wasn’t much of a match. He gets off a T2 Espeon ex to kill my Nidoran (F) and builds a Meditite on his bench, and keeps a Jirachi there to be safe. I make a few misplays which might have tipped the game in my favor for a few turns, but I don’t believe they were extremely consequential. They could have been, though. Anyway, I kill his Espeon ex with a donk topdeck ruins and 2 Power Lariats, not in that order, and he brings up Meditite, evolves and lays the smackdown on me. It’s GG not too soon after. But I didn’t feel like I got jipped this time. I made a couple misplays, so I got the loss. It happens to everybody.
    5-2, Eliminated

    So I was satisfied with my performance that day; it was a great tournament, like always. Sensei announced the winners in each age group, I got my ten packs, my POP pack, CC pin, etc etc. Ryan stuck his hand up in the air like the ref holds a boxer’s hand up after he’s won a match when his name was announced as the Champion in the 10-. Devon got his ten packs, and some door prizes were given out. Devon and Ryan both won Azumarril box toppers, and combined we took home 39 packs plus 3 POP packs plus all the Pokemon stuff in Ryan’s City Championship bag. There was an inflatable Pokeball in there about the size of a beach ball, which we got a kick out of, and I won one of the smaller prizes - two packs of Pokemon card sleeves colored light blue. Prooty nice haul. Timothy F from the fourth round ended up winning the Gamecube because he brought FOUR new people. =O WTG, dude.

    We return all our cards to people we borrowed from, except for Johnny R, who left before we got the chance! We still have to give you back your Admin and Pidgeot, if you’re reading this! Not sure if Ryan still has to give you back the Nidolutions and stuff. A great time was had by all, even Daniel, who finished 2-3, and it was only his third tournament. We walk out the door with our pockets crinkling from foil wrappers.

    Rhema walks out to the car with us and starts it up, and we drive out of the parking lot and go home and open our packs and live happily ever after. The end.

    No, here’s what actually happened. She tries to start the car, and it sputters and dies. Starts it again, and it doesn’t work. So she whips out her cell, calls her dad, and notices that we have no gas. Daniel runs inside to she where the nearest gas station is, and hey, no problem, it’s right across the street. So he runs over there to get some.

    And we wait.

    And wait.

    And wait.

    Seriously, it seemed like an hour but was probably was less. Daniel comes back and reports that he had to go to THREE gas stations before someone would give him gas, and of course he had to go to Wendys while he was there. So Rhema and Daniel borrow a pencil to hold down the thing while they put the gas in, and the green metal thing falls off the pencil and into the gas tank. =/ So we try and start it up again and it DOESN’T WORK! Aaagh! We head over to Dairy Queen and we all eat our little hearts out. I get their Flamethrower Burger, which is AMAZING, and a Cookie Dough Blizzard. It was so worth the seven dollars. So I’m ready to just live in Dairy Queen and never leave until Rhema looks at her cell and sees a number she doesn’t recognize. Figuring that it’s the AAA guys, we go out to the car, but they aren’t there yet. Devon, Daniel, Ryan and I head inside to Game Parlor, which is still open, but all the Pokemon players have cleared out. Daniel and I play a match while Ryan sorts through all his opened packs, from which he pulls 2 Delta Draggys, 2 Delta Gardevoirs, and a bunch of other good stuff. Daniel wins with his Crobat deck versus my Queen in a close match, and Devon nearly falls asleep. ;)

    Rhema comes in and takes us outside, where AAA has fixed the car and Mr. Conn has driven all the way up here, too. Daniel and Ryan travel home with their dad and Devon and I catch a ride home with Rhema. We get there around 10:40 and I open my 10 packs and get 4 holos, but no exs. As I write this, Devon’s AIMing me and telling me he pulled a Jolteon ex. All I got was a lousy Metagross D, Mewtwo D, Flareon D and Umbreon D. *tears*

    Anyway, I had a great time. Nicely run tournament, second place finish, mushy comments, etc etc. And now it’s time for everybody’s favorite: Props and Slops! *confetti!*

    Props: :thumb:
    - Rhema first and foremost for driving us! Thanks for sacraficing your Saturday to drive us kids to our Pokeman tournament!
    - Sensei and Wendy and everybody else that helped to make the event possible.
    - Game Parlor for hosting le tournament.
    - Devon, Daniel and Ryan for being just that cool.
    - Devon’s 2nd place 11-14 finish.
    - Ryan’s 1st place 10- finish! Finally Patrick is dethroned!
    - My 2nd place 15+ finish.
    - Luke’s 1st place 15+ finish.
    - CFK and Rory for their Top 4 finish in 15+.
    - Johnny the Rabid for his 1st place 11-14 finish!
    - The Andersons for graciously accepting their losses and trading me another Metagross for Typhlosion UF.
    - Jermy for winning Worlds and making this beast of a list so I could steal it!
    - The Andersons, Johnny R, and others (?) for letting me borrow cards.
    - Inflatable Pokeball beach balls.
    - Daniel for being a good sport.
    - EX: Delta Species for not being EX: Emerald. ;/
    - Mr. Conn for coming to pick us up.
    - Flamethrower burgers at Dairy Queen! <3
    - Melody’s leg for healing!
    - The judges for judging.
    - Triple A for fixing the car.
    - Mike P’s pink sleeves of doom.
    - Door prizes.
    - Everybody and everything else I forgot!

    Slops: :nonono:
    - Only a Top 2 in the 11-14: not enough attendance.
    - Devon’s “weakness is a stupid mechanic” comment. =/
    - Losing in the finals.
    - Misplays.
    - Pencil parts getting stuck in the gas tank.
    - Subway’s 2 subs for $8 deal only working after 4 PM.
    - Me for not winning the GCN plus XD: Gale of Darkness.
    - Being stuck in the cold for a million years (aka maybe an hour).
    - My brother for quitting Pokemon.
    - Yu-Gi-Oh.
    - Life.

    Hopefully I’ll be making a show at Severn and give you all a run for your money again. Team Triple threat will be back. Oh yes, believe the hype.

    ttyl :thumb:
    super “world championship deck ripper” wooper
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  2. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Very nice showing, Wooper! Good luck in your next tourney.

    I bet that LUCKSACK Luke won't be posting a report? :biggrin:
  3. Venusaur

    Venusaur New Member

    GJ on getting 2nd, I like your deck XD. Was there ever a time in your games where heal would've helped over fighting? Would it have turned a 2TKO from sky kick into a 3TKO? It's too bad you lost to luke and his medicham, but luke does the equivalent of backwashing IRL, so it's understandable.
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  4. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    It might have turned Sky Kick into a third turn kill, I dunno. I probably should have played 3 Heal, but I couldn't get a 3rd one on time and didn't think much about it then. And I don't get your comment about Luke, whether it's sarcastic or not. He played clean both of our games, so I can't say I know where you're getting that from.
  5. registeel

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    W[][]t, another long tourny report by wooper... I'll never need to right a report aslong as I go with you :thumb:... You did leave out a couple cool parts... like when we bet all our packs that Dan went to get food and I won... But of course you decline and say "I didn't shake on it!!!"...
    Hey, you and I both know that my (Weakness was a stupid mechanic) comment was just out of frustration that I lost to PRIMAPE! =O YARG! Stupid... Weakness.... Johnnny... Primape
    I seem to recall you telling Johhny he won't get anywhere with that deck =D...
  6. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Let me count the grammatical errors... ;) And BTW, I didn't tell Johnny even once that he wouldn't get first place. I said the build wasn't as good as it could have been because he had no ATM: Rock, which is a HUGE necessity and Primeape. But I never said he wouldn't win - and he ended up winning, right? There you have it. GJ on 2nd place, Devon. Team Triple Threat strikes again on January 7th, hopefully.
  7. Pidgeotto Trainer

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    Go Wooper. Please get cards for more options though. :wink:
  8. ShadowCard

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    Who told you I got four new people to come there? While I did state that four new people may be coming in the Woodbridge thread, that number was not confirmed in the thread.

    I beg your pardon.

    Yes, yugioh being there was a major slop. I hope the incident did not put a damper on Sensei and Wendy's kindness.
  9. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    I'm flattered. ;p Hey, it's called sarcasm. I'm happy that you won a Gamecube, especially since, from the looks of the post you made on Sensei's thread, you didn't have one already. Congrats! =)
  10. rroaryh

    rroaryh New Member

    Great job Woop. Sorry about the loss to Reed's deck though man. Our match was awesome and I'm not sure why I took forever to knock out Ruins. One was prized, and that cost me a Scizor. The other time I was just manipulating it to auto power up my benched Scizor. It was a great match, and as far as I know and played, Queendom trumps SMP. The Anti-exness of it all makes it hard. Oh, and when that one Scizor died by ruins, I was searching for my lone potion to heal it, but alas, it was prized. Great match, sorry about the Beldum thing, but overall, well played.

  11. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Hey `Woop, you did a heck of job! Congrats on the 2nd place finish!

    Da Law :biggrin:
  12. TheCrossFormatKid

    TheCrossFormatKid New Member

    Man, you've come a long way spencer since we first met, you actually placed this time! :tongue:
  13. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Masterfully outplay'd!
  14. TrueGamerX

    TrueGamerX New Member

    The stage has been set, its Wooper's year. Congrats my brother Wooper, you did Rodney and I proud.
  15. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Wow, I always enjoy your reports. Good job...SuperWooper; kind of wish I knew your real name so my reply doesn't sound like everyone else's. LOL

    Good job SW
  16. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Thanks to my reviewers for reviewing. Special thanks to Prime, who from the looks of it, read all the way through all 5107 words (or something like that). GJ.

    Ross - I'd gladly get more cards if I had money. Wanna help me out in that department? ;)

    CFK - Thanks for the props. I guess I have come a long way. And it was a very spiritual journey. I feel so enlightened after playing the Pokemon TCG. ;x

    Daniel!! Team FAT reunites! You'd better come to Severn, MD, brotha.

    The Law (all rights reserved) - Thanks for putting together a great event, I always love coming to Woodbridge! Is there anything we can do to make them have any extra incentive to host, and if there is, could I contribute? Because I really don't want Game Parlor to be another Comic World. It was disappointing when we had to leave that place. =( If you'll be in Severn, I'll see you there. Thanks again to you and Wendy and the judges.

    Rory - I'm sorry about our match, dude. It probably felt like I was stalling you out in those last two turns, but I was doing my best to keep a neutral standpoint about the time limit and shuffle as much as I normally do. And there were a couple crappy misplays I made, but I still managed to pull it off somehow. I guess my setup was good, because SMP is supposed to slam Queen iirc. I'll see you at the next event, man.
  17. Slash in the sand

    Slash in the sand New Member

    Hey, Dan here.. wow! good job going into exact detail in how our day went from start to a very long finish.. as my bro said, we will never have to post a thing while ur going w/ us.. I'm sad i didn't get a placing in the 15+ but at least i'm learning.. well, i'll do better in Jan.. And if ur talkin about me, well, team FAT will definitly reunite for some burgers ( That Flamer burger was out of this world ) ttyl..

    Stick it to the man.. .. .. .. .. ..
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2005
  18. rroaryh

    rroaryh New Member


    No hard feelings about the last min quick searches, I prob would've done the same, let's face it, it wasn't casual play. What I want to know is how you got the idea SMP slams Queendom. I have a hard time with that deck all the time. I mean, Queendom is just so anti-ex ness.

  19. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Hey Dan, you know that you can make the double period thing a part of your signature instead of typing it out after every post. If you'd ever get on AIM I could show you how. ;p And yeah, it looks like a go for January. We'll throw together our decks again and dominate. GG, Severn. =D

    Rory - Your misplay was letting Ruins get Scizor down too far, IMO. You could have had that happen naturally with metals and Scizor's first attack, which is sufficient from what I've seen, instead of letting Scizor slip too far down into the red, which handed me the win. It's really a matter of preference, and I assumed you had what it took to counter all 4 Ruins based on your style of play, so it was unfortunate one was prized. =( If you're coming to Severn I'll be ready and waiting for a rematch. Ttyl dude.
  20. Slash in the sand

    Slash in the sand New Member

    I know i could .. but its just fun anyway... we got to get that flamer burger again man..
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2005

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