Worlds report with PSYCHIC not water energies and with list

Discussion in 'World Championships' started by luigamaster, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. luigamaster

    luigamaster New Member

    I spend most of the grinder day trying to figure out what to play but after talking to daniel he basically convinces me the play is G&G anyway so he gives me his super special awsome list pretty sure he won't mind me revealing it now that it's gone =p

    4-2-3 gardy
    2 gallade
    2-2 claydol
    1-0-1 dusknoir
    1 jirachi ex
    1 jolteon *
    1 absol ex
    1 holon's casty
    1 chatot

    4 roseannes
    4 bebes
    4 candy
    2 warp point
    2 windstorm
    2 lake
    2 tgw
    1 celio

    4 PSYCHIC not water
    4 call
    4 dre
    3 scramble
    1 fighting

    Round 1: Plox some guy from porugul
    He starts and calls for a toy and a ralts so my turn my hand is HORRIBLE and all I have is 2 ralts so I bebes for a chatot and mimic and then he busts out a t2 plox and claydol so I'm thinking I have this game cause most of his hand must of been that so I can just bebes for the jirachi and shield beam ftw anyway he warps and ploxs my ralts so I'm thinking this is just getting easier until I draw I realise my only energy is like 1 call 2 scramble and 2 dre which is a big help X___X so I bebes for a kirlia evolve my ralts and then call and get jirachi and another ralts he castys his dre and koes my chatot and then I draw no energy still O_O so I retreat my kirlia with a scramble and send up a ralts and he koes that and after that I scoop 0-1 gg

    round 2: Grafton R: empoleon/bronzong
    lol I totally d0nk him I get a t2 gallade and wager and then I get like claydol too and I ko his prinplup and then all he has is a lone bronzor so he scoops it turns out he has a clefairy + scramble in his hand but his clefable was prized =/ 1-1

    round 3 akira m the guy that got 2nd at worlds last year Absol/Gardy
    This game I must have had the worse luck in my LIFE he starts off and calls with a baltoy active and gets a ralts and absol I like mimic my garbage hand and draw into a celio and a candy and a gardy O_O so I have t2 gardy and claydol so I'm thinking this is gonna be easy so his turn and he retreats and attachs to absol and puts a cess on and baleful wind and discards my candy and some other thing =/ so then I celio looking for a claydol but cna't find one so it turns out there both prized so I get a kirlia and attach so we excahnge baleful winds to mimics for a couple of turns he eventully koes my chatot so I'm prepared for this I can casty the dre on gardy put out lake and jolteon to ko his gallade so I telepass roseannes and my jolteons prized =/ so I plox for 80 and we just attack each other for a while and ko back and forthwhen I'm down to 1 prize so he puts my gardy asleep with df ralts so it's my turn all I need to is warp but if I don't get it he can evolve his ralts and ko me next turn so I play jolteon * and put 10 on his active telepass to see if I have the warp XD which I do so I claydol and put 2 cards down and draw every single card in my deck EXCEPT the 2 cards I put back and the warp =/ so I think I lost until he dosn't evolve his ralts so all he does is do 20 to me so I draw and warp for the game GG 2-1

    round 4 norwegian person togekiss/magmorter
    he starts with magmar so I think I have this game but t2 he busts out a mag and does koes my chatot and I can draw into anything and hes just koeing me and then I finally get a gallade with a scramble but he brings up a mag with 3 energys and togekisses for 4 more for the ko so I just scoop as he only has 2 prizes left 2-2

    round 5 japanese person Plox
    Agh I start with jolteon. She gets like a t2 plox so I just jirachi for like 4 prizes until she starts coming back with scramble and kos my jirachi and then koes something else. Near the end of game I make a HUGE misplay by sending up my gallade thinking her muk can't ko me but it apparently poisions poke with grass energy not grass poke and she koes my gallade she gets out another gardy with 1 prize and just brings down gg 2-3

    with horrible resistince I just drop and play in some side events
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  2. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    ahhh o well GJ man
  3. Gengar

    Gengar Member

    good times eric. glad u had fun and grats on makin it in

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