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  1. phoenixback4fire

    phoenixback4fire New Member

    So I wanted to keep this deck a secret and try it for states but, I figured I would see what people thought about the idea so here it is.

    4-Burmy sandy cloak SW
    4-Wormadam sandy cloak SW
    1-Mothim SW
    4-Lunatone GE
    4-Solrock GE

    3-Tv reporter
    2-Roseanne's research
    3-Celio's network
    3-Crystal beach
    2-Strength charm
    1-Night maintenance
    3-Great ball
    3-Plus power
    2-Warp point



    The Ideal start for this would be burmy active and the rock combo (lunatone and solrock on the bench).
    You discard and energy and attach it by burmys wear cloak pokepower and attach a 2nd energy from your hand next turn get out wormadam and attach the last energy for 70 + the 20 you dealt before which would be 90!

    Burmy- With only 40Hp he really scares me but he's needed for his :ppowr: and to evolve into wormy :]
    Wormadam- He has a :pbody: which makes him not effected by Effects of attacks so no bring down for this little guy, His attack for 3 :fighting: energy is really good because you can keep attaching to do more damage..
    Solrock- He also has a neat :pbody: that alows all my :psychic:and:fighting: types to not be affected by resistance as long as lunatone is out (which isnt too hard) and solrock also has Sol Charge which deals 20 damage and attaches an energy(basic) from your discard pile to a pokemon on your bench.
    Lunatone- He's basically only used for his :ppowr: Gravity change alowing you to discard 1 card from your hand to draw a new one (if you have solrock in play) Making a T2 70 a little easier (ex. If you can get 2 energys t1 or t2 to burmy b4 it evolves you attach for your turn and deal 70!) his attack is like a windstorm but only discards stadiums, that could come in handy ?

    Well thats the deck tell me what you think!
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    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    how do you beat magmorter?

    why does gallade need sonic blade to win?

    i don't think wormadon is going to do anything for you at states, it's attack is weak so you can't one shot anything , and it's slow because it depends on "extra" energy to work, i honestly would say that this loses for the same reason your brecario deck loses, yeah you might be able to do a lot of damage in some hypothetical situation, but anything can knock you out, forcing you to slowly setup something else that will be knocked out, you can't go blow for blow with any stage 2 pokemon even if they can't one shot you, that was like when i tryed playing delta at regs last year, i didn't have a chance against, Flygon, Steelix, Metanite, i know you expect there to be a bunch of fighting weak pokemon or something but everyone would have to play fighting weak for this to stand a chance, or get paired up with really new players, but i don't see why fighting weak would become popular in the middle of a gallade format, even new inexperienced players will be playing gallade, you said people were talking about hurricane all of the sudden, well this seems weak to that too

    normally when people post decks on here i try to help them even if it's obvious the main strategy and combo will never work, but since you're my friend i want to be honest with you, i mean it's another fun deck but not a states deck, , you keep making decks that fail for the same reasons, i'm not trying to be rude or make you feel bad i've never thought of myself as a better player than you, it just seems like you're missing the point somewhere, if you wrote this deck down,looked at it and said "whatch out states my new SD is gonna sweep masters", i'd be happy to test against your deck with you,but i'd be REAL happy if you play this at states and i get paired up with you because you've actually beat me in the premiere matches we've had together, and if i saw we were paired together normally i would be worryed a little
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  3. phoenixback4fire

    phoenixback4fire New Member

    Simple, I Just play my best (If I lose I lose at least I could say I had fun ...Thats Rule #1)

    Umm what? If you Hit Ctrl+F and type "gallade" You will notice I said nothing about gallade....(I mentioned gardy x and bring down.) ^ except from just now

    1. Its attack is not weak. It does 70 for 3 energy If im not mistaken Gardy deals 60 for 3 energy as well which is weaker than 70 and being a st2
    2.It doesent "depend" on extra energy it still deals 70 for 3 no matter what It just happens to have a basic that helps it be able to get a t2 70
    3.Unlike empoleon and ampharos which can only ever do 70 he can keep attaching and keep increasing his attack.

    - I'm not expecting anyone to be playing :fighting: weak pokemon I never said that ?
    - but, some popular cards that are Fighting weak
    .MOST electric types
    .MOST colorless types
    .MOST dark types

    -Your deck isnt mainstream, Its your own version of it and I'm not going to face 70 decks just like yours there all different so beating me with your deck wouldn't prove that this decks bad necessarily.
    And not everyone is going to be playing a G&G, Magsol, or Hurricane deck I mean those are big decks but some people are going to try red face paint decks ....this is one of those types of decks .

    And ill see you at league so we can play ok !
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