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  1. metricus

    metricus New Member

    Well its almost itme to find something other then Flygon+Sceptile, and here what I'm thinkimg about doin could anyone give me pointers on how to make it better.

    Pokemon 24

    3x Wormadam:grass:
    3x Wormadam:fighting:
    3x Burmy:grass:
    3x Burmy:fighting:
    2x Furret sw
    3x Sentret sw
    2x Breloom sw
    2x Shroomish sw
    3x Smeargle 2w

    Trainers 14

    2x Night Maintenance
    4x TVR
    2x Celio's Network
    3x PETM
    2x Mr. Stones Project
    1x Scott

    Energy 20

    7x :grass:
    11x :fighting:
    2x Scramble


    Wormadam:grass:: Well attacking of course.

    Wormadam:fighting:: The same.

    Furret: Because it can search for any 2 cards from my deck, and its batton pass works well with Wormadam since it can give all or some of its energy to either one and switch to bring out one Wormadam or Brellom all powered up (plus 40 damage ain't to bad either).

    Brellom: Its a nice second attacker and works well because of its type and energy.

    Smeargle: Its extremely useful because it can search for up to 3 basic energy and doesn't need any to do so.

    Night Maintenance: I use it to refuel my deck because as you can guess my deck gets pretty low sometimes.

    TVR: Its a good addition to any deck and it can discard one card which I usually make an energy becuase then I can use Burmys wear cloak and attach it to Burmy which helps me get energy on it quick.

    Celio's Network: To search for pokemon

    PETM: Same as above

    Mr. Stones Project: to get energys from my deck or discard pile (preferably my discard pile).

    Scott: To search for supporters to do the other stuff I said.

    Thats my decklist and I don't think I need a strategy for the energy.
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