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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by XxShininG_CeLebIxX, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. XxShininG_CeLebIxX

    XxShininG_CeLebIxX New Member

    Does anyone happen to have any extras of these uncommon and common cards that they don’t mind giving away?
    You see I don’t really want to spend any more money on packs or singles to try to get these cards since most of them are from the older sets.
    And also, since I usually only trade extra cards that I own and most of the cards I own are part of my private collection, I don’t really have any worthy cards to trade.
    I hope that someone can help me with my collection and that you could be generous enough to consider doing this for me.
    Please PM me or post in this topic if you are willing to consider doing this or if you need any cards that I may possibly have for trade.
    Anyways, here is my list for anyone interested:

    BASE SET 2
    39. Exeggutor
    44. Ivysaur
    68. Caterpie

    48. Koga’s Koffing
    54. Misty’s Dewgong
    116. Masterball
    120. Rocket’s Secret Experiment

    92. Card-Flip Game
    97. Sprout Tower
    98. Super Scoop Up

    48. Light Jolteon
    57. Unown C
    102. Pokémon Personality Test

    37. Charmeleon
    38. Dark Dragonair
    44. Graveler
    47. Ivysaur
    48. Kabuto
    49. Kadabra
    50. Kakuna
    51. Machoke
    52. Magikarp
    53. Meowth
    54. Metapod
    55. Nidorina
    59. Primeape
    61. Raticate
    64. Snorlax
    66. Tentacruel
    67. Abra
    68. Bulbasaur
    69. Caterpie
    70. Charmander
    72. Dratini
    75. Exeggcute
    77. Geodude
    78. Grimer
    79. Machop
    83. Nidoran M
    84. Onix
    94. Spearow
    96. Tentacool
    99. Weedle
    100. Full Heal Energy
    101. Potion Energy
    106. Challenge!
    109. Mysterious Fossil

    48. Furret
    50b. Golduck
    59. Seaking
    60. Skiploom
    130. Pokémon Fan Club
    133. Seer
    136. Town Volunteers
    139. Power Plant
    141. Weakness Guard
    145. Boost Energy

    55. Farfetch’d
    72. Ledyba
    97. Skarmory
    98. Slugma
    99. Slugma
    117. Zubat
    123. Desert Shaman
    135. Mystery Plate (Gamma)

    87. Lanette’s Net Search
    88. Rare Candy
    89. Wally’s Training

    If anyone is considering to do this, I would really appreciate it!


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  2. XxShininG_CeLebIxX

    XxShininG_CeLebIxX New Member

    Thanks to procrastination_alley!
    He has provided me with 85 cards off of my list.
    I have other people who are also providing me with some of these cards, so this list might get even shorter in the next month or so. Thanks to those people, too.
    I will mention their names as soon as I get the cards from them and update my list again.

    But in the meantime, my list has been updated for anyone else who will consider doing this for me.

    Last edited: Jun 15, 2004
  3. lunatone_solrock

    lunatone_solrock New Member

    Do you have:

    2 Crobat (HL)
    1 Regirock EX (HL)
    1 Registeel EX (HL)
    2 Metagross EX (HL)
  4. XxShininG_CeLebIxX

    XxShininG_CeLebIxX New Member

    lunatone_solorock Sorry, I don't have any EX Hidden Legends at the moment.
    I am waiting for several packages from several people and a lot of their contents, I will probably be able to trade out to people and actually start a serious Have/Want list maybe by the middle of next month. But right now, I am just asking people if they are willing to provide me with the uncommon and common cards listed above. Thanks for understanding!

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  5. lunatone_solrock

    lunatone_solrock New Member

    It's OK, really.
  6. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras New Member

    I can get you some of those, I'll LYK.
  7. XxShininG_CeLebIxX

    XxShininG_CeLebIxX New Member

    Pythagoras Have you sent the cards that you listed in the PM yet?
    I haven't heard from you in while. As soon as you are on, please PM me or IM me so we can talk about the cards you were to send. Thanks!

    GCTonyHawk Thanks for providing me with more cards off of my list.
    I will be sending your cards out soon. Thanks for being patient.

    BballPlaya77777 I have recieved your cards and I will be sending your cards out soon. Thanks for being patient!

    PokeGramps I will send your cards out soon, too. Thanks for being patient!

    Anyways, my list has now been updated if anyone else would like to help me with my list.
    I will be also updating my list of the uncommon and common cards I need from EX Hidden Legends.

    Last edited: Jul 28, 2004
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