XY Evolutions in Burton MI

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    Where: Retro Replay – 4437 Saginaw St, Burton, MI 48529
    When: October 22nd.
    Entry fee: $25. For this you’ll start off with a 22 card evolutionary pack and 4 packs. Each evolution pack contains 22 key cards from current and prior sets, plus 1 of 4 Pre-release promo cards. You can use both of these and basic energy to make a 40 card deck.
    At the end of the event or if you drop you get 3 more packs. If you play all 4 rounds you get an additional pack. There will be additional prizes based on attendance.
    Note you will not be paying me for this event, but the store itself.

    For those who haven’t done a pre-release draft before, it’s easy! When you get your 4 packs of cards as well as the 22 evolution pack, you open them. With what you get inside plus basic energy that is available for use, you make a 40 card deck. When it’s time to play, you & your opponent will play for 4 prizes instead of the standard 6.

    If you have any questions about any of this, just ask here or PM me here.

    Tournament page can get found here: https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/pokemon-events/16-10-000049/

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