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    (re-posted since deleted. Reason deleted: use of an obscure (apparently) PG+ word in one sentence) ._.

    Well, my first actual competition for the pokemon tcg ever was Oklahoma States this past weekend! I have to say, beginner's luck probably had quite a bit of play in my showing - especially considering the fact that i changed my deck out from straight donphan at 4 am on the morning of the tournament! I met a ton of cool people and had a blast. Here is a quick rundown of my matches playing Yanmega/Umbreon - a random deck that, upon playing it for the first time that day, had a lot more synergy than i expected! So with waffle house prior and a couple hours of sleep, comboed with a totally untested rogue deck, i started off with not the best confidence!

    Match #1 - Ken (Keniselvis) - Vilegar

    -dang. It just came down to him not finding that tomb to lock my trainers early game. He milled through his deck and even refreshed it with Oak's new theory, but still no spiritomb. Would not have been an autoloss for my deck by any means, but the game would have been dragged out much longer and much closer if that spiritomb got out early - i drew pretty trainer heavy first few turns. Good game, really cool dude.


    Match #2 - Sidney - Donphan/Regirock

    -Well, I am going to start off saying that his Donphan list was SO much better than mine before i changed it out last second. This was my first experience in seeing how regirock/stark mountain/donphan heavy impact synergized with each other. What carried me through was annoying moonlight fangs from umbreon, the resistance to fighting with Yanmega, and the ability to tank with multiple e-belted yanmegas and seeker heal them up before the KO. I gotta say, he did a nice move with a flailing phanpy to get the KO on my umbreon. I totally forgot about flail! The active expert belted phanpy was really hard to try not to attempt the 1-hit KO... great match, I am quite sure i was outskilled but my deck just had a natural immunity what with moonlight fang and the fighting resistance that finally came in handy. Would love to play this guy again.


    Match #3 - I forgot his name >_< - Magnezone Regirock

    -This guy was ironically the guy that just graciously traded me the bottom half of ERL for use in future tournaments. (i wanted to tech it in this deck but I could not find the bottom half in time lol). Anyways, my opening hand was somehow flawless and i quickly was able to combine seeker with Yanmega Prime's Sonic Boom for the donk. I have a feeling if we both fully got set up, it would have been an uphill battle for me - what yanmega being weak to lightning and all, but sadly it got cut short...


    Match #4 - Martin Moreno - Dialgachomp (holy crap)

    -Well, this match was undoubtedly one of the best matches I have ever been in. What i had going for me was that my deck was so rogue/left field that he did not know how to play against it at first!That gave me just enough time to squeeze by through time and Umbreon Moonlight Fang defense. And man was I thankful. Dialga G LvL X EATS my deck alive since my Yanmega is virtually totally dependent on the energy free pokebody Insight. To make matters worse, i only ran one rainbow energy to provide my "grass" requirement for using Yanmega's attacks wtihout insight - virtually making my Yanmegas nearly useless. MY 2-2 Umbreon line and my 4 special darks saved the day thankfully, allowing myself to stall and do damage slowly but surely. I also got lucky with the nice coin flip to finish off one of his pokemon with quickblow...
    What really was crazy was how the end panned out. I was up on prizes by just one when time was called. Going into the three turn extension, i started to try playing defensively so that he could not get that last prize(s) to either sudden death or even win. After seekering up a yanmega that was almost one hit Ko'ed and replacing it with Giratina Let Loose, I put down my yanma and, after enough debating to warrant a stalling warning from the judge, i hesitantly put expert belt down with it too - Making the Yanma have 90 HP. After that, i ended my turn and hoped that he would not be able to somehow:
    A. Assemble a Garchomp C LVL X
    B. Get a DoCo on it
    C. Crobat drop with poketurn on my poor yanma for the two prizes.

    well, he did all of that. He poke-turned his flash bite, went to the GCLVX, attached Double Colorless and he announced dragon rush on my yanma. and BOTH OF US thought that, if i do not get a prize on my final turn, the game was over. I was just about to accept defeat when a judge THANKFULLY told us to hold up. He then pointed to the stadium slot. guess what was there? snowpoint temple!!! My yanma (the only one out of 4 that i run that has 70 hp) was able to brave it out with 20 hp left! This game was definitely crazy. I have a feeling that I would auto-lose to this awesome player now that he knows my rogue gimmick! That is the first, and probably last, time I would be able to win through the almost auto-loss DialgaChomp matchup. Great game Martin.


    Match #5 - Alex Fields (butler for hire) - Vilegar

    So here begins the end of the streak. I was four prizes up against this guy, speeding through his vilegar deck almost a prize per turn with a quick yanmega set up. The game was going so smoothly and my top decking so godly that three KO's in i noticed I did not even play a single thing to have in my discard pile! Little did I know that my confidence wave soon was to come crashing down on me. The guy pimped out his vilegar with a freaking FROSSLASS GL. A card I was totally unfamiliar with. He then drug out and locked up my mespirits, which was annoying but worked around, and then finally giratina. WITH A THREE RETREAT COST. Oh and i was trainer locked. I'm not bitter lol. I hate the fact that i decided to play Giratina instead of of just seekering an uxie for 7 to equal his hand size. If i did that i could have very well got the last two prizes and bagged this game. Instead, I giratinaed and he drug it out next turn. I do not run any warp energies, and would have to get amazingly lucky to draw into three energies for me to retreat the big guy - so i was basically screwed at this point. He then proceeded to shadow room my ENTIRE bench one by one as giratina flailed around like an idiot. For the finale, he Gengar LVL X spread damaged me like a boss and netted multiple KO's until he finally got all 6 prizes. :/ now i know what frosslass GL does! Sick tech. I think I would run the drowzee version though. :p



    Match #6 - Austin Baggs (Austino) - Bacardidos

    This guy is good.

    and dang, I about had a heart attack on this one from the beginning.
    My deck decided to INCONVENIENCE me pretty hardcore and grace me with an unown q start. It all came down to chance from turn 1! Luckily, he was not able to donk me (i think he went first), but it did not get much better from there. Stuck with three BTS in my hand that could not even be played since he already beat me to it, all i could do for like 3 turns is abuse mesprit and seeker to lock him as much as i was. I finally got yanmega set up but it was too late, he pulled a double drawer on me, and not only expert belt nuked my yanmega, but also flash bit my unown q to death. :/ Why was i so foolish as to leave unown q unattached just chilling on the bench? Perhaps it was because i was so relieved in not getting donked at the beginning. Brilliant exploitation on his part. Anyways, he just starts chugging away with his BA e-belted gyarados as i struggle to recover. I judge and let loose like a mad person but just could not simultaneously stick him and benefit me enough to turn things around. great game! i just wish my deck could have been consistent enough to set up while simultaneously locking him! XD


    Match #7 - Ty Smith (Tyler Typhlosion) - Mewperior

    This game was basically lopsided from the start because not only did I get a great hand that fully set me up, but started quick with an Umbreon Moonlight fang - which basically nukes his entire mew attack strategy. :/ Luckily, this match ensured that i got top cut, but that would have been awesome if he would have been able to get in also with his rogue as well.


    TOP CUT! - the beginning of the end...

    Match #8 - Josh Highlander - Luxchomp ._.

    I am going to just consolidate this long-winded report and combine this best two out of three match in top cut as 1 match. The same thing basically happened anyways XD

    This guy was pretty cool. His opening hands were pretty cool too. When i say that I mean that he power sprayed my crucial set up at turn 1 EACH TIME. Ouch. He then proceeded to god draw out of judge/let loose and set up his luxray's almost instantly. I got creamed. I kind of want to tech in a mankey just to make sure that luxray gets taken out quick! hmm.... i might do that. Sudowoodo was also a suggestion! (lol austin). Luxchomp is just nasty. Eagerly awaiting next format!


    This was an awesome experience. I had a great time coming here with my roommates and hope to either show up at Texas States (i just go to college here - i live in Wylie, TX) and regionals!
    Yanmega/ Umbreon is fun to play and I hope that the next format will make it even more powerful. Great games everyone!

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