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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by greenzangoose, May 5, 2008.

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  1. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Hello, because I can't go to anymore tonaments this year (Other than battle roads...) I guess it's OK to post my decks up, I come up with lots of them so you may see more sometime up the road... :thumb:

    Pokemon - 17
    4 - Rattata
    3 - Raticate
    3 - Houndour
    3 - Houndoom
    2 - Baltoy
    2 - Claydol

    Trainers - 26
    4 - Prof. Rowan
    3 - Celio's
    3 - Holon Mentor
    3 - Master Ball
    2 - Scott
    2 - Warp Point
    2 - Steven's Advice
    2 - Night Maintenance
    2 - Cessation Crystal
    2 - Strength Carm
    1 - TGW
    1 - Castaway

    Energy - 17
    7 - Basic Dark
    6 - Fire
    4 - Multi Energy

    Strategy - Use quick, medium damage, stage 2 pokemon to over-run your opponent.

    Houndoom - Houndoom Speaks for himself, Decent first attack (Nice if the defending pokemon will be killed by 20 anyways,) and an awesome second attack, for :fire::dark: you can do a possible 70 and burn if you discard a multi energy! If your opponent flips a tails it could mean OHKO for your opponent's Ho-oh (Skittles anyone? They don't even get to use Phenix Turn!) :eek:

    Raticate - Raticate is the perfect partner to Houndoom, requiring only one :dark: energy to do 40 damage! The first attack (Although risky,) can lead to a few good coin flips leading to a crazy 70 damage for :colorless! And top that off with a free retreat cost and how can this rat not rock? :cool:

    Claydol - Does it need any explanation? The raw draw power is awesome, and great when comboed with Rowan and TGW! And, it can even attack if forced too (Saved me once, started with only a Baltoy and Claydol, couldn't get any basics untill turn 3!) With multi energy, there is nothing you can't do. :thumb:

    Cessation Crystal - I know what you're going to say, why play a Cessation Crystal (Yet alone 2,) in a deck with Claydol in it? Well, sometimes having your opponent not have powers can mean more than locking in Claydol, plus, because you get to choose when Cessation Crystal is out (Expecially with the free retreating Raticate everywhere,) if doesn't hinder you much at all really. :biggrin:

    Prof. Rowan - Best draw in the game to date, period. Lets you keep what you need (A multi, or maybe a stage 1 without a basic, or even a scott in case you get a bad draw.) No matter what you need to get, playing this then using Claydol will let you sift through your deck in top speed! :thumb:

    I have tested this deck out, but don't know all of the match-ups. (Although I do know it kills Skittles,) (Doesn't matter anyway with MD around the corner.) Enjoy! :biggrin::thumb::biggrin:
  2. Garchomper

    Garchomper New Member

    -4 rowan
    ±2 dusk ball
    ±2 quick ball
  3. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Ummm... I want to keep the Prof. Rowans, I don't want total dependance on Claydol so if I have to use Cessation Crystal I can, and if I did start to depend on Claydol I'd need windstorm and that won't cut it. :nonono:
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