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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Scizor, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. Scizor

    Scizor New Member

    List all of the things that Tick you off. Here is some of mine:

    People who Smoke (espically in public)
    Bad Luck
    Not Winning
    Intentional Draws
    Players who are nervous when they play and make weird gestures or noises
    Sub-Par Players who make top 8 at a tourney over better players because they are lucky
    Terrible singers who can go on certain shows and sing terribly but become rich
    The New York Yankees
    George Steinbrenner
    New Jersey Devils
    Oakland Raiders
    Baltimore Ravens
    Maurice Clarret
    Alex Rodriguez
    Derek Jeter
    Chris Webber
    Sacramento King Fans
    Laker Haters
    People who say Kobe Bryant isn't the best player on the planet
    95% of all Sports T.V. Announcers
    Ugly or Fat chicks who wear revealing clothes
    People who think just cuz they drive a cool car that they are "BAD"
    Rich People
    Lack of Money
    How you have to go through 17 years of school to go anywhere in the world today
    Spongebob Squarepants
    That they aren't gonna make any more new Family Guy episodes
    People who wash their hands before they use the bathroom and then they don't wash them after
    How guys always have to be the one to initiate something while in a relationship, women got equal rights, so they should be doing half of the work
    How the Cartoon, Action figures, in some cases the Game Boy game and others make the Pokemon TCG look like a kid's game when in fact the 15+ probably doubles the 11-14 and 10- alone.
    How Pokemon gets no respect compared to M:TG
    Burger King
    Carl's JR
    When Taco Bell Screws up my order - I'm paying your company $$ I at least expect good service

    Anyway more on the way later. Anyone else got any?
  2. Dunjohn

    Dunjohn New Member

    Man, you've got more chips on your shoulder than an clutz in McDonalds. Chill, man!

    I find this pairing about half-way down to be particularly odd :)

    I'm a laid-back kinda guy. I like to think I'm nearly impossible to annoy. But, there are things that irk me, though I may not react much...

    -Tournament-goers who assume I'm going to lose when they hear what deck I'm playing.
    -Tournament-goers who act like prodigies after winning with a net-deck.
    -Jennifer Lopez.
    -Jennifer Lopez.
    -The whole R&B music genre.
    -Jennifer Lopez again.
    -Advertisements not aimed at my particular demographic (I can see right through them).
    -The majority of those that are.
    -Lack of logic in anything. I'm extremely logic-minded.
    -Big-budget action movies - what I call, "Homer Simpson movies". Particularly those with random, testosterone-infused names like "Exit Wounds" or "Extreme Prejudice".
    -Everything on Nickelodeon, ever, except Spongebob and most pre-Kimi Rugrats episodes.
    -The Academy Awards.
    -Jennifer Lopez.
    -When people let themselves be taken in by obvious scams. No pity here.
    -TABLOIDS, and those who base their opinions on the information within them.
    - People who put their faith in any information without examining it's source. You don't need to be cynical to wonder about motives.

    Wow. There's actually a lot of it. I suppose I could make it shorter - lots of connections up there - but I'm a fan of detail. I don't actively hate anything up there (except tabloids, which I helpfully highlighted in bold); they just irk me. And, they're probably not alone. Leetspeak, for example, was tragically left off.
  3. Swmpert 2004

    Swmpert 2004 New Member

    Jack-The-Box (Made me throw up once)
    Sitting next to people who are smoking that second
    People burning Pokemon cards
    Losing stuff
    Long Trips
    Thats about it...
    I EDITED: Dungjon and I posted about the same time! Cool!
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  4. Dek

    Dek New Member

    pet peeves? oooooo, you do not want to know... (or maybe you do)

    -J. Lo
    -most celebrities (expecially those of the pop culture type)
    -principals of schools who only try to make themselves look good
    -school districts who try to make PE a graduation requirement
    -paparatzzi (who know how to spell it. they dont deserve to be spelled correctly anyways)
    -smokers (nothing against anyone here, but I just find it harmful and wrong)
    -people who still think the Chicago Bears still are a great team (IMO, i find them great at losing)
    -most adaptations (of any sort. my only favorite is LOTR)
    -that guy who ruined the Cubs' chances at the World Series
    -"President" Bush
    -most movies that are out right now (Hellboy is awsome, and im definately waiting for Van Helsing)
    -schools that only recognize their "prep" students and no other groups of people
    -state exams
    -TV shows that are complete rip-offs of another country's TV show
    -most anime dubbing (my friend knows of about 7 companies that dubbed Samurai X (the first Kenshin movie))
    -people that make a big deal about the fact that I dont know about one little thing.
    -girls who think that they are "all that and a bag of chips"
    -as Scizor already said, overweight women who wear revealing clothes (no offense to any women out there, but it is something that I find very disgusting)
    -American Idol (who wants to watch a show where someone insults others 24/7)

    and last, but not least...

    -my father's ignorance when it comes to other cultures
  5. Monkey

    Monkey <a href="


    The NY Yankees
    Pokemon Haters
    American Idol
    People who smoke right next to me
    The RIAA
    Stores that love to overprice GBA games
    Pop music
    Most Rap
    The Mandatory State test for 10th graders called the MCAS aka MCRAP
    People who are really religous and try to force there beliefs onto me
    everyone who says GUNIT!!!!1!
    Baby Pokemon
    MTV (MTV2 is cool though)
    The fact you need a credit card to buy stuff online... :mad:
    My French Class
    George Bush
    Car Commericals
    pop ups
    Outragous prices on clothes at some stores ($65 for a pair of shorts at Abercombie and Fitch o_O!?!?)
    Nick's Kingdra Ex deck
    Hearing about those priests who sexually abused boys
    THE BOSTON BRUINS THEY $#^$%&^$% SUCK :mad:
    Peer Presure
    People who make fun of other people
    My school food
    The fact our school doesn't listen to students opionons on how to make school more enjoyable
    Warhammer for being so damn expensive
    Having to wake up so early in the morning to go to school
    The Red Sox can't win the WS
    The fact that Pokemon decreased in popularity
    Pokemon cards are *still* very expensive
    My high school football team is on an 18 game loosing streak (I just find that very funny!)
    Spam (not the food)
    The fact you can't vote till your 18. (Im sorry that the government thinks im too stupid to vote!)
    Our rating systems for Movies and Video games. (LOL they are so worthless! You can just buy a ticket to a G rated film, and then just go into the R rated film! And i can easily buy an M rated game!)
    Fenway Park (It needs to have a major renovation! There needs to be more seats!)
    Not being able to buy tickets to see the Patroirs because they are *always* sold out the first few hours
    Pikachu, he is so overrated!
    When you got like 300 channels and nothing is on
    The N Gage
    People who hate Dave Chapelle and shove it in my face
    People who always complain
    When Girls wont shut up
    My printer
    People at school who ask to copy off me
    New England Weather
    My little brother
    When stores run out of something
    Games that have no replay value
    loosing things
    When Sega decided to stop supporting the Dreamcast
    Monday Night Football (Seriously, they put it at the worst time for people who live on the east coast. I don't want to watch football till 1:00 in the morning! I got school the next day!)
    School ID cards (I think there so useless, and you can get written up if you forgot them.)
    Online games that require you to pay monthly using a CREDIT CARD to play online.
    Charter Communications (They won't get the channel G4!!:mad:)
    My guidance counsler
    Having my old gym teacher as my cooking teacher. I loved being told everyday that carbs are evil... :/
    And the NY Yankees!

    Yeah, thats all i can think of now!
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  6. pokeprofRaymond

    pokeprofRaymond New Member

    Here are some of mine:

    Women who smoke (it turns me off, no offense :) )
    People who do not value time too much
    Polticians who play too much politics
    The condition of our league now (just reply if you want to ask me why)
    Pessimism that tells everything is hopeless

    Well that would be some of it.... ;)
  7. Marril

    Marril New Member

    Here's a partial list of mine:

    People who act like idiots
    People who act like elitists
    Reality TV
    Reality TV
    American patriotism-nazis ("we're American and we rule and we're better than everyone else"...)
    Bandwidth making lots of large internet downloads impossible
    Bad animé dubs
    The Cardcaptor Sakura dub
    Duel Masters (both the animé and the game)
    Cheating AI in games (you know them, you always miss when you need to win and they always hit)

    ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

    Reality TV
    The fact that Type 1 in M:tG costs an arm and a leg
    Type 2 in M:tG (its brokenness is second only to Urza Block Magic... that's right it's more broken than the Black Summer)
    Things costing money
  8. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Reverse Holo TV Reporter
  9. Tails

    Tails New Member

    Ooh, let's see...

    Games Workshop, for supporting Chaos and nothing else (Wood Elves need a book, and every army needs a second one, too!)
    Neopets' Other Worlds chat (AKA Gen Chat II)
    Magic players who think their game is the only one worth playing
    33 modem
    d20 in general
    Having to get up at 6 for school every day
    No parking at said school
    Brothers and sisters who think that my room is a common room...
    People who think taking ONE Ratling makes your entire 2000p army cheap.
    POWER Gamers
    World politics in general
    Hypochondriac siblings

    Almost forgot...


    Nintendo, for practically making the game nosedive. The EX rule is fine, but KEEP THE POWER LEVEL ON THE SAME CURVE AS WIZARDS!

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  10. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    Geeze... some people have very narrow views of the world. I'd comment on a lot of these statements, except it'd probably just start some fighting and such, so I'll keep it short and just reccomend that some of you review your list of Pet Peeves and *really* reconsider these things that make you mildly annoyed (or worse)...

    So, I supposed that's my biggest pet peeve... narrow minded people.
  11. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member


    -Sac. Kings
    -Dallas Stars
    -Dallas Cowboys
    -Dallas Mavericks
    -Houston Rockets
    -Houston Astros
    -Cold Mornings
    -Noobs Winning Tourneys
    -Noobs Who Think there good.
    -George Bush
    -George Bush Jr. (LOL)
    -Baltimore Ravens
    -Oakland Raiders
    -Public Bus
    -Most Rappers

    Prolly More to come.
  12. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    smokers (my uncle especially)
    n00bs who don't take deck help
    n00bs who brag and then lose with that deck that they refused help on
    taunting while losing
    YGO: TCG (the show is pretty nice)
    M:TG players (I've met some, they're even krazier than me)
    POP not giving us any information (esp on Prof Program)
    LA Lakers
    NY Knicks
    Philadelphia (except for McNabb)
    Dam Yankees
    Chicago Blackhawks
    NHL hockey in general
    32 hour Baseball games (hyperbole)
    rap music (anything after Will Smith)
    blaring deep base
    Adlai E. Stevenson high school in Lincolnshire, IL
    WWE Smackdown (RAW is kool)
    Pokemon haters (leave us alone, we'll leave you alone)
  13. onederlnd

    onederlnd Administrator Emeritus

    1. Narrow minded people
    2. Egotystical people.
    3. People who get mad because you don't reply back to them right away.
    4. Those who ask, but won't take your advice.
    5. Poor losers.
    6. Those who won't take others feelings into consideration.
  14. I ahve too many so ill post a few now:
    The yankees ><
    people who wont show some respect and say good game back to you after a hard fought battle
    snobbs,not just the rich people either
    Dr Phil :mad: I hate him
    That they deckded to take the brak show off cartoon network :mad:
    More i can but wont mention
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  15. TheCrossFormatKid

    TheCrossFormatKid New Member

    People who use annoying acronyms on IRC
    People who use "trout savers" on IRC
    People that always diss Canada
    Bad Grammer
    Oxymorons(god, i HATE oxymorons)
    And uh, javas
    People that hold sensless grudges forever
    People that think they are better than others
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    HYPER EEVEE Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    -Not getting the cards i want
    -Losing to n00bs
    -people who dont listen
    -people who dont talk
    -bad days
    -things that messy
    -lines that are not straight
    -poor losers
    -People that live in Iowa
    -poor winners
    -New york Yankees
    -La getting the the tourneys
    -having to travel to LA when I have bad luck
    -As matter of the Dodgers
    -people who hate me (most do)
  17. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member are 100 things that bug me in no particular order
    1. The many wars we have to study in history
    2. The imperialist invaders of Africa that we studied in history
    3. People who disregard people who deserve to be recognized
    4. Peppy people
    5. Ignorant idiots
    6. Jerks
    7. Mean people that think they are your friend
    8. Weird people that think they are your friend
    9. Unfairness
    10. Flipping coins in Pokémon TCG for crucial stuff
    11. Losing at Magic
    12. Being wrong
    13. Being ordered around by someone who doesn't deserve to lead
    14. When someone you dislike is given authority over you
    15. Stupid, pointless music
    16. Stuff meant to appeal to "everyone"
    17. When people value hot weather over cold
    18. Students who shield their faces from the sun with their books, regardless of how hot/cool/bright/dark it is, as if any ounce of the sun will destroy their fragile faces
    19. People who think they always have an answer
    20. Not getting math
    21. People who talk loudly
    22. People who get high and mighty
    23. Asking jerks for help
    24. People who honestly just want to make you mad
    25. Fools asking for "rights"
    26. Children asking for more freedoms, as if they were adults
    27. Stupid stuff that "everyone" is doing
    28. Pokémon is nearly taboo, while people cuss left and right, among other bad things
    29. That thing about clothes and certain builds...
    30. Shows with clearly token ethnic characters
    31. Shows with only white actors
    32. People seriously using ebonics as if they really talk like that
    33. Commercials with just white families, advertizing family fun/comfort/enjoyment
    34. Mexican food commercials without a single non-mariachi Mexican in them
    35. Mexican food commercials with white people eating the food and being the pitch-men!!!
    36. People thinking less of a race without knowing at least one person of that race, well enough, first
    37. Food going to waste
    38. Getting cuts out of nowhere
    39. Scars
    40. Popular people that monopolize class discussions
    41. People stealing stuff
    42. Jerks with no remorse
    43. Mockeries
    44. Fear
    45. Not getting your deck to work out when you want to impress a particular opponent
    46. Being "owned"
    47. Being beat at something you're good at
    48. Mean people who assume the worst
    49. Blatantly bad grammar
    50. People pretending to not understand double negatives when they really do
    51. The idea of dramatic change
    52. When you make a bunch of progress, but what you're doing gets deleted or frozen before you save
    53. Hearing people eating
    54. Hearing crunches of jaws chewing
    55. Excessive noise from people
    56. Excessive noise from plastic/foil/jackets/etc.
    57. David Letterman
    58. Undeserving people who get a lot/most of the credit/attention
    59. People who don't attempt to listen
    60. People who help gang up on someone
    61. People who think you think they are right
    62. Repeating myself over and over again, but still not getting understood
    63. Teachers who use the element of shock too many times
    64. Fake laughter at bad times
    65. People who say things loudly to get attention of people not in the conversation
    66. Dorks that are "cool"
    67. The Lizzie McGuire show
    68. Hillary Duff
    69. Britney Spears
    70. Christina Aguliera
    71. Cheap quality commercials
    72. P. Dummy--er, Diddy
    73. Barry Bonds
    74. Burps
    75. Hiccoughs
    76. The San Fransisco Giants
    77. People who always make a big production out of the smallest thing
    78. People who stand up for the rights of something avoidable over something unavoidable
    79. People who feed others' egos
    80. People who can never acknowledge your opinion
    81. People who give their opion as fact
    82. People who rub stuff in when you have acknowledged the fault
    83. Show offs
    84. People thinking of you as a lesser person
    85. Losing at Chess
    86. Not meeting expectations
    87. Rediculous card titles, especially in YGO
    88. Lame marathons that clog your favorite show's station
    89. Being in over your head
    90. Not being understood while explaining something
    91. Being passed up for a less adequate helper/explainer
    92. Making costly mistakes
    93. Not finding your shoes in the morning
    94. When people who value sunny days over rainy days
    95. Stupid logos/mascots/representatives
    96. Unfunny people who get all the laughs
    97. People who rag on your hobbies
    98. People who use ignorance as an excuse for important or simple things
    99. People abusing rights
    100. Wealth wasted
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  18. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    Things that make me mad...

    People telling me I can't do something when I know I can.

    My bad luck at tournaments.

    Noobs that think they're hotshots and brag about everything then they get their arses kicked by someone who is 1003593258 times better than them and they accuse the person of cheating.

    People that are very good at what they do but are very arrogant and self centered and rub it in when they win... especially if they're playing someone who is new to a game and they act like show offs instead of trying to help.

    Double crossing two faced people that will do what ever it takes to get what they want.

    Anyone who says GG at the beginning of a game acting like hotshots.... and then I lose cause of luck lol.

    People who make fun of others for listening to music (someone who likes country... but is made fun of by someone who likes rap or something)

    Anyone who judges people from looks or one thing they do, everyone makes mistakes anyone who says they don't is full of it.


    People who don't know when to act normal and when to be nuts...

    Most music reviewers and movie reviewers... if something is good they say it's bad because they're jealous they didn't come up with it 90% of the time.
  19. Scizor

    Scizor New Member

    Well i'm glad to see my thread is a success so far :) Well i got a bunch more to add that i thought up:

    Dice Rolls
    Top Decks
    Blaziken ex
    Rayquaza ex
    Pokemon Reversal
    People on the East Coast who whine about not getting major tourneys, but yet they get more than the West Coast and often have 2-3 GCs or CCs within 5 hours, unlike us in California.
    Runny Noses
    Having to write an essay about something you don't like
    College costing money
    People who go slow when getting on the highway
    People who go slow in the fast lane
    The DMV
    Highway Patrols
    Driving at night
    Bakersfield's lack of signs
    CA Highway 405
    CA Highway 46
    My Math Teacher
    Cancer Sources
    Making my bed
    Cleaing my room
    My Printer
    My Computer
    My Speakers
    My Obsession with girls I can't have
    How girls who are under 18's parents are paranoid about them going out with a guy who is over 18
    Age of Consent
    Girls who wear too much perfume
    Girls with a really hot body but an ugly face
    When girls say they just want to be friends
    How girls can't just come out and say something, they have to give you a bunch of signs
    Guys who are afraid to kiss their girl in Public
    Valentines Day
    Movie theater prices
    Gas prices
    The War
    The chance of a Military Draft coming into play
    That i would be drafted even though i can't fight for crap and even though i should be one of the ones staying in college, what's the point of college kids being taken out of school? Don't we need smart people in the future?
    George Bush (BOTH)
    California's outrageous prices on everything
    The Legal Drinking age
    How TRUK's parents won't let him do anything
    Hyper Evvee
    Jermy's Backwash (BOTH KINDS)
    How T-Tar666 thinks up decks faster than i do most of the time
    Fulop's luck with women ever since he met me
    Me for playing Blaziken at States
    If i don't win a trip to Worlds
    M:TG Regional Tournaments and their length
    Sleeping too long on days you have off
    Being addicted to this game
    Not living in Ohio or having their player base
    The UPS
    Shipping Costs
    Credit Cards
    Car Insurance
    Kobe Bryant's accuser and anyone who calls him overrated or not the best player on the planet
    Colorado Avalanche
    Allen Iverson
    Rick Fox
    Gary Payton's atitude
    Bruce Bowen
    Robert Horry hitting shots in the playoffs for the Spurs
    Mike William's chance of getting in the NFL draft
    Rasheed Wallace
    Cal Poly SLO Basketball
    Duke's Coach
    Dick Vitale
    Mel Kiper JR
    The Sunday Night Football Crew
    Dick Enberg
    Dick Stockton
    Greg Gumbel
    The NBA without Micahel Jordan
    My Physical Capabilities
    My Lack of Job
    Getting a job
    The 600000449494949382828 Italian Restraunts in this town
    People who think you can fall in love over the internet
    People who think chatting is dangerous
    Religious people who try to force you into their religion
    Older People who think because they are older than you that they are always right
    Little Kids
    My Brothers
    The fact that my Cousin is H-O-T
    Most of my family
    The legal gambling age
    Girls who are Naive
    My narrow mind regarding girls
    That i don't have a g/f right now
    That i wussed out and didn't ask this certain girl out yesterday
    Most Pokemon except for Scizor
    7th HEAVEN
    That there were not any girls as developed as Ren Stevens (Christy Carlson Romano) in Even Stevens in my 8th Grade Class
    The Bachelor
    The Swan
    Most Reality TV shows
    Fear Factor
    Super Millionaire not being on the air anymore
    Meridith or whoever hosted the 2nd millionaire show

    Eh ok there is some more to ponder for now, i will have some more later. Keep 'em coming people!
  20. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    Ok, here's a few of mine

    People who smoke in congested or indoor places
    People who do illegal drugs
    People who do any of the following:
    A. Come to this country illegally
    B. Come to this country and don't speak English
    90% of Reality TV
    American Idol
    Politicians who don't care about anyone from ages 13-17
    Tabloids/About Half of the Media
    Boy Bands
    Any man that sings like a girl

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