Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by pyrot53, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    how much would a yourname chancey english N/M be???????????
  2. Pkmnrulz240

    Pkmnrulz240 New Member

  3. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    really i thought it was really rare???????
  4. dogma

    dogma New Member

    ^ There never was an English version... the original Japanese version was in their equivalent of our Gym Challenge set.
  5. Pkmnrulz240

    Pkmnrulz240 New Member

    Nope. It was really uncommon. :p

    Seriously though - you can get them for about $5 on ebay.

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