Zegia's Trade Thread: W: UF Lugia EX H: Virizion EX reg

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Zegia, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    Hi all. Here are my rules:

    -No fake cards or World Championship cards.
    -No scamming please.
    -I ship with toploaders to protect cards.
    -Pokegym lower ref sends first rule.
    -Have fun!


    1x Virizion EX
    2x Lugia EX PS set
    1x Mewtwo EX reg ND set
    1x Meowth SR NV
    3x Latias EX reg PF

    1x Garbodor DRE
    2x Kyurem PLF
    3x Dragonite PF
    2x Kecleon PF
    1x Electrode PF
    4x Weavile PF (1x RH)
    4x Exeggcute PF
    1x Umbreon PF RH
    2x Klingklang Plasma PS (1x RH)
    2x Bouffalant DRE
    1x Chandelure PF RH

    1x Scramble Switch PS


    Lugia EX UF
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  2. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    1x Crystal Lugia (non-RH)

    1x SR Ultra Ball
    1x SR Garchomp
    1x FA Juniper

    Lemme know. Could add in something small-ish off my list. If you're interested in other Lugias, I have plenty, including some rarer ones.
  3. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    Hey man. I will wait on offers with the PB EXs I need then I will get back to the crystal Lugia offer.
  4. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    I got a Genesect EX FA, how much do you value it and are you in the US?
  5. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    Hey man! I value it around $40-45. Yes I am in the USA.
  6. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    Per Gym Rules, LOWER ref sends first, regardless of rating. I suggest you edit that out of your rules, if you don't want this thread locked and/or deleted

  7. quazz227

    quazz227 New Member

    CML for 2x Latias EX
  8. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    Sorry man I did not see anything that I need for now. I am focusing on the PB EXs atm.
  9. pokemonplayer101

    pokemonplayer101 New Member

    CML for FA Juniper, please. :smile:
  10. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    Sorry man I didn't see anything that I need for now.
  11. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Sounds good. Just lemme know.
  12. pokemonplayer101

    pokemonplayer101 New Member

    Alright, thanks anyway.
  13. Robic

    Robic New Member

    Hi there, I'm interested into yours Scramble switch, could you CML for it? Thanks :)
  14. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    Hi! Sorry I did not see anything I need for now.
  15. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    Bump for more trade possibilities
  16. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    Another bump for possible trades
  17. koltonsdragonite

    koltonsdragonite Active Member

    Would you CML for your Full Art Juniper? Thanks
  18. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit New Member

    Same, cml for FA Juniper possibly?
  19. PKM4

    PKM4 Compendium Publishing Assistant

    Would you mind CML for SR Empoleon and SR Sigilyph? Thanks!
  20. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    @koltonsdragonite, @SoldiersSpirit, and @PKM4 Sorry but I didn't see anything that I need for now. I am focusing on the PLB FAs right now.
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