Zeo: Invitation to Catastrophe (NY, 08/11)

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    Just kinda echoing what Echidna said on WizPog to get the word out as much as possible...

    Get one last chance to boost your Pokémon DCI Rating and play in one of the final Pokémon BattleZones ever! (PUI’s league starts August 16th…). Attend the first ever pokemonzeo.com large-scale tournament, the Zeo: Invitation to Catastrophe, Monday August 11th in Yonkers NY.

    Yonkers Public Library - Riverfront
    1 Larkin Center, Yonkers NY
    Registration: 9:30
    Events: start at 10:00 and continue throughout the day

    A few different tournaments will take place at the event ranging from our Age Divided main modified constructed event, to the Final BattleZone’s Casual Play and some sealed/draft events.

    If you’re in the area, why not stop by and play and spend the day with Team Zeo? If your in the area and got a few buddies, why not have them all stop by and score a cool FakeCard, Crystal Onix. All the event details can be found below:

    Zeo: ItC Official Site
    Pokemon Zeo

    Keep an eye there and on Pokémon Zeo for updates on the Zeo: Invitation To Catastrophe.


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