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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Zierant, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Zierant

    Zierant New Member

    ive been try to get 1 of every pokemon since rs, so please help me fill every spot
    ill send first since i have no refs yet
    no overseas trading
    no fake cards
    no scamming, or ill report you to file mail fraud
    once address are exchange, no backing out
    have fun

    doesnt matter which set as long as its rs-dp2 but i prefer tr-dp2
    [caps, high want]
    venasaur charizard caterpie metapod BEEDRILL pidgeot-family rattacate-family feorow arbok raichu nido-k,q wiggilytuff-family vileplume venonat dugtrio psyduck primeape poliwrath-family alakazam-family «[e-reader-base set or star or dp2] victrebell tentacruel-family golem slowbro farfetch'd dodrio cloyster-family gengar[should recieve] hypno exeggutor hitmons marowak-family lickitung kangaskan seadra starmie jynx mr.mime pinsir tauros vaporeon aerodactyl ledyba ariados lanturn igglybuff togetic-family flaffy ampharos bellossom sudowoodo politoed jumpluff-family aipom sunflora-family yanma espeon umbreon murkrow slowking forretress scizor shuckle ursarring-family piloswine-family corsola octillery-family delibird mantine kingdra donphan smeargle hitmontop smoochum magby miltank raikou suicune celebi mightyena linoone masquerain-family shedinja loudred exploud nosepass mawile minun illumise swalot torkoal grumpig spinda FLYGON cacturne altaria zangoose luna-solrock barboach armaldo-family MILOTIC keckleon banette tropius absol glalie walrein huntail relicanth regis latios jirachi luxray[*] vespiquen[*] mismagius[*] ELECTIVIRE


    only typing rares and holos, so just ask for un/commons
    [--] wont let go easily


    medicham cradily-stamp goldname sableye seviper
    Dragonite ex d-- gligar d
    blastoise kingler d camurupt
    latias-gold name stamped crobat salamence flareon-gold name stamped
    machamp cradily-gold name wailord-gold name kabutops omastar dx
    rayquaza ex breloom-gold name[horrible condition]
    swellow ludicolo shiftry
    lapras ex[horrible] magmar ex scyt
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  2. LilBandit

    LilBandit New Member

    I haves these cards:
    Venusaur - base 2
    caterpie - base, base 2
    metapod - base
    beedrill - base
    pidgey - base
    pidgeotto - base
    pidgeot- jungle
    rattata - base
    raticate - base
    fearow -jungle
    arbok - fossil - not sure if i have one
    raichu (- base, fossil (holo and rare)
    nidoking - base 2
    nidoqueen - jungle
    jigglypuff - base, jungle
    wiglytuff - jungle (holo and rare)
    vileplume - jungle
    venonat - jungle
    dugtrio - base
    psyduck - fossil
    primeape - jungle
    poliwag - base
    poliwhirl - base
    abra - base
    kadabra - base/base 2
    victrebell? - not sure if i have this one
    tentacool - fossil
    tentacruel - fossil
    golem - fossil
    slowbro - fossil
    farfetch'd - base
    dodrio - base
    shellder - fossil
    cloyster - fossil
    gengar - fossil
    hypno - fossil - not sure if i have
    exeggutor - jungle
    hitmonchan - base
    hitmonlee - fossil
    cubone - jungle
    marowak - jungle
    likitung - jungle
    kangaskhan - jungle
    seadra - one of the newer sets, not sure
    starmie - base
    jynx - base
    mr mime - jungle
    pinsir - jungle
    tauros - base
    vaporoen - jungle
    aeordactyl - fossil
    ledyba - TRR - not sure if i have one
    ariados - NG
    lanturn - NG
    togepi - NG
    Dark flaafy - TRR
    sudowoodo - NG - not sure if i have one
    oddish - jungle
    gloom - jungle
    aipom - NG - not sure if i have one
    sunflora family - not sure if i have these
    yanma - TRR
    murkrow - NG 1st ed
    slowking - southern islands
    forretress - Neo discovery
    shuckle - not sure if i have one
    teddiursa - neo discovery
    pilowswine family - not sure if i have these
    corsole - ND
    octillery family - not sure what set but i do have
    mantine - NG
    donphan - not sure if i have this one
    hitmontop - not sure if i have
    magby - not sure if i have
    miltank - neo genessis

    for more cards, please check my list!
  3. Zierant

    Zierant New Member

    what are you looking for yanma flaffy and ledyba?
  4. The Captain

    The Captain New Member

    have a lot of your wants

    do you have any castaway?
  5. Zierant

    Zierant New Member

    no, traded my last one about a month ago...
    but i do got scott battle frontier and buffer piece
  6. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    DO you have any Vespiqueens or Lucarios?
  7. Zierant

    Zierant New Member

    i should be recieving vespiquen, but lucario, only got 1...
  8. LilBandit

    LilBandit New Member

    Do you happen to have any of my wants and do you need any other cards I listed besides those you lsited? And I double checked and I do have a ledyba
  9. Zierant

    Zierant New Member

    i got a machamp, giovanni, but i dunno how i got it and it has a sticker on the back saying machamp, hp=120, hurricane punch, it is written, holo
    i also got scott battle frontier and buffer piece, intrested on the ones i just listed in reply to you
  10. LilBandit

    LilBandit New Member

    Alright, how about this:

    Sableye (pk)
    Seviper (pk)


    Yanma (TRR)
    Dark Flaffy (TRR)
    Ledyba (TRR)
  11. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    i believe i have many of your wants
    i gotta check though
    how many would it take to get the dragonite ex d
    pplus is it mint?
  12. pokemon211

    pokemon211 New Member

    i have most of ur wants, how many lucarios do u havce
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