Zygarde EX

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  1. HoloLucario

    HoloLucario New Member

    Zygarde EX HP: 180 [F]


    [Ability] Camouflage:
    If there is a Stadium Card in play,
    Zygarde EX gets +50 HP.

    [F][F][C] Z Strike: 90+
    Discard 2 [F] Energy attached to
    Zygarde EX. This attack does
    30 damage to 2 of your opponent's
    benched Pokémon (if there is less
    than 2, this attack does 30 more
    damage to your opponent's Active
    Pokémon for each Benched Pokémon
    missing) (don't apply Weakness and
    Resistance to Benched Pokémon).

    Weakness: [W]x2
    Resistance: [Fire]-20
    Retreat: [C][C][C]


    Please tell me what you think, this is my first card idea.
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  2. Walrusaurus

    Walrusaurus New Member

    Cool idea.

    The Ability seems a bit OP, but the fact that the opponent can play counter Stadiums should keep it in check.

    The attack is too strong, especially with Strong Energy. 70 damage with a 20-20 spread should fine.

    Note: The "+" modifier is only used when something adds to the attacks base damage. It wouldn't be used if the extra damage is just Bench damage.
  3. tutti

    tutti New Member

    The extra damage isn't Bench damage though, the attack specifies that if there aren't that many Benched pokémon it does more to the Active instead.
  4. Simau

    Simau New Member

    Im willing to make this card in Photoshop if you want :)
  5. AnJaFrIv

    AnJaFrIv New Member

    It could be entertaining to have your opponent pick where the damage goes as well, although i think the damage should be a bit higher then. It'd be the same with no benched pokemon as there's only one choice and it does reduce the power a little.

    Also the ability doesn't specify that the stadium has to be yours, so as soon as one's played he would have hp to match the healthiest megas for the rest of the game which is very broken in my mind.
  6. Walrusaurus

    Walrusaurus New Member

    Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe it should be changed to 30+ HP or it should stay the same except you need to have your own Stadium.
  7. AustralianAmpharos

    AustralianAmpharos New Member

    +Walrusaurus Your Ampharos Ex And Mega one is awesome i don't care if anyone says its too op, its still awesome, i also hope that they make Ampharos ex and Mega Ampharos EX for the next set. Keep on being awesome :) :biggrin:

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