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The Plateau

Every once it a while on the journey, you arrive at a spot where you just get a settled view on something. You'll find some of mine here, for you to applaud, boo or try to change. Remember, I'm not stubborn, my way is just better.

  1. Oh, no, I invented that deck.

    Every once in a while some row busts out around here with people bickering about who 'invented' a deck first.

    These are the dumbest arguments on the planet.

    Top 5 Reasons Why This Is Dumb
    1. One list differs from another as rose differs from rose. Some look the same, but one smells great and the other really stinks.
    2. Most archetype decks are obvious.
    3. It doesn't matter that you invented weedle-dunsparce-torkoal.
    4. On the Internet no one knows whether you got that
    The Plateau
  2. Anti-virus is not enough...

    Anti-virus is not update your computer software, as automatically as possible.

    Dear PokeGym Member,

    I appreciate you and your contributions to the Gym. Because we may only know each through our computers, I hope you'll indulge me in a little frank, but affectionate & well meant advice about your computer.

    Most of you, except Mac users, are running anti-virus software. First, a word to those who are not: what?

    I recommend and use ...

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    The Plateau
  3. What's the matter, PokeGym?

    Well, that was awkward. The Gym went offline during 2011 U.S. Nationals.


    I guess it had been down all Saturday, but I didn't hear about it until I was leaving the hall. That was a mercy since I was judging and couldn't have done anything anyway. So, instead of going to the Mutant Madness Draft™, I ordered room service (nice club sandwich, but too much mayonnaise) and Wi-Fi, and went to work on the Gym.

    I made a phone call home to make sure that ...
    The Plateau
  4. Cut or shuffle your opponents deck, or hold your tongue!

    "He was stacking his deck. That's how he got those quick wins."

    In 7 years of judging I've heard that a lot.

    Is it true? Maybe.

    You know, sometimes stuff happens. Stuff like: Draw, discard Rare Candy to evolve Horsea to Kingdra, attach water energy to Kingdra, place Buck's Training, draw 2, attach plus power, discard 2 cards for Kingdra's attack, "Good Game".

    More than once in a tourney? Maybe not exactly like that each time. ...

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    The Plateau