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The Silph Scope

Bulbasnore's peculiar views on the Pokémon TCG and those of us that play, judge or collect 'em all.

  1. Back in circulation

    Just a short note of thanks to Chrisbo and the players at the Fountain Valley CC for the fun time yesterday. I was last year's champion, but very rusty this year and went 2-3.

    It felt so good to compete. Everyone was just great to play against and it was wonderful to catch up with some of the folks from around the huge area that is SoCal (and amp up my own event for this Saturday).

    I'm hoping to play more this season. I will certainly judge less (and organize more) since ...

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    The Journey
  2. Cut or shuffle your opponents deck, or hold your tongue!

    "He was stacking his deck. That's how he got those quick wins."

    In 7 years of judging I've heard that a lot.

    Is it true? Maybe.

    You know, sometimes stuff happens. Stuff like: Draw, discard Rare Candy to evolve Horsea to Kingdra, attach water energy to Kingdra, place Buck's Training, draw 2, attach plus power, discard 2 cards for Kingdra's attack, "Good Game".

    More than once in a tourney? Maybe not exactly like that each time. ...

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    The Plateau
  3. Team Battle

    A couple of months ago I spoke with PokéGym members Cameraman, The Thunder Don and The-Fire-Don about the first ever sanctioned Team Sealed Pre-release. Team Format is great for a lot of different focuses within the Pokemon TCG: strategy (3 players to anticipate, not just 1), family play (parent/child, siblings), parent involvement, learning the game (the stronger player helps the weaker). You can use decks that support each other's weakness or take a two pronged offensive strategy, or both! Their ...
    The Laboratory
  4. On the road... I'm on the road...

    I'm posting this from the train to Santa Barbara. I'll be doing a pre-release there in about 3 hours. Its rainy, but the sea and mountains are beautiful still.

    One of the things I enjoy about Pokémon is the travel. I used to patrol the California coast from San Diego to Marin in my late teens and twenties. Since getting involved with Organized Play I've done that again over the last 8 years... traveling to tournaments to play and to judge.

    There have been a lot of good ...

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    The Journey
  5. Pokémon Saved My Marriage

    My wife loves to play games. Cards, Scrabble, Risk, Candyland -- it doesn't matter to her -- its all fun! She's also a collector. Antiques, Stamps, Star Wars Burger King glasses or Precious Moments -- they all give her great joy.

    Scrooge that I am, games seem boring, same rules, same pieces, same dull colors. And, how much rent are those collections paying? It must be alot because they seem to get more room and better accommodations in my home than my tools and sports equipment! ...

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    The Journey
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