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Prime's Thoughts

This is where Prime posts his weird and random thoughts. You're welcome to reply with your opinion on the topics.

  1. Black 2: Pokemon Study 1

    So, I bought Black 2 over the weekend, and made it my goal for the game to be my first step into competitive battling.

    So, I set my goal in-game to capture every Pokemon available in Black 2 and train them up and see which ones I like and what their weakness/strengths are. Also, I'm going to only catch female versions of them (minus riolu).

    I've gotten to the second gym so far.

    I've caught:

    Tepig -> Pignite: Ember was weak, but Flame ...
  2. Working to improve blogs

    The Blog part of this site is my baby.

    I think it's a fantastic aspect of the forum that is underutilized and underpromoted. It is one of my goals to make it so 10% of the population is taking advantage of the blog system on this site, something you don't find on many other forums.

    What have I been working on?

    First and foremost, I have been working on improving Blog's promotion on the Front Page. Currently, we have a 'Latest Blogs' section of the Front ...
  3. Missing the HGSS Theme Decks

    Every now and then, I think back to how awesome it was for the theme decks from the HGSS block to come with a booster pack.

    It was pretty awesome, actually. I remember going up to the counter at my local hobby shop and wondering what to buy. They were out of Triumphant, a brilliant set with plenty of Primes in it, but they still had some Triumphant theme decks left. I knew it'd come with a pack, so I bought it. Sure enough, I pulled a Gengar Prime out of the single pack, giving me the ...
  4. Why I am falling out of love with the Pokemon TCG

    I was watching the newest episode of Prof-It, a show that I never miss an episode of and praise J-Wittz for doing, when a bunch of negative feelings towards the game started to flood my thinking.

    1) All the different types are cool but it really just turns the game into a Rock/Paper/Scissors game. I've gone back and forth on the idea of weakness, but I feel it does more to hurt the game than to better it. I think it is because:
    a) There ...
  5. Making a deck for an illiterate child

    So, two kids came into my local league this past saturday. One of the kids couldn't read well yet, he was very young, but was very passionate about playing Pokemon. We played a game and he did really well. His brother had thrown together a bunch of Black and White cards to make him a deck. I added a few trainers to get it to 60 cards, but I feel some major improvements could be made.

    The only issues for the deck construction is that he's not very good at reading, so simple effects ...
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