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DjJoe's Rants

  1. Ramblings from a Customer

    I went to a comic and collectibles store this past Friday night.

    Now mind you, I know I declared myself a quitter in terms of Pokemon. Same goes for Magic, Yugioh, VS, and so forth. I still know how to play those games, and my current interest lies with Heroclix. Resume story.

    So I go in to this shop looking for Heroclix Merchandise. It's Friday night, so naturally there is an FNM of about 18 players going on. I'm going to leave the name and location of the ...
  2. Why I'm Leaving, Part 5

    Part 5- ME TOO

    This isn't a rant.

    I'm actually going to touch on one thing I liked about all of the players of Pokemon. Chances are, if you play Pokemon, you do something else too.

    I've seen players play, but not limited to, at least one of the following:

    -Pokemon VG
    -Magic The Gathering (multiple formats)
    -VS System
    -World of Warcraft TCG
    -D&D ...
  3. Why I'm Leaving, Part 4

    Part 4- The True Spirit of the Game

    Before I start on my part, let me give credit where credit is due. Here is the actual Spirit of the Game

    Now this is all well and good, in fact I feel this proposed Spirit is very much so right. However, I have one question:

    Is The Pokemon TCG a Game with a Pokemon Theme, or a Pokemon Based Concept modeled into a Trading Card Game?

    Let me explain what I mean. If the Pokemon TCG is a Game ...
  4. Why I'm Leaving, Part 3

    Part 3- Luck

    In any game, there is a luck factor. In card games, especially, there is a luck factor. Most of the luck is based on the random outcomes a deck can yield with the top card.

    With Pokemon, luck is in abundance.

    In Pokemon, there's luck in what the arrangement of the deck is, luck in what prize cards are there, luck in what the first 7 cards are before a game, luck in what your opponent does, luck in coin flips...
  5. Why I'm Leaving, Part 2

    Part 2- Margins of Card Prices

    When you think "Trading Card Game", there are three parts.


    This blog is going to focus on that first word- Trading.

    Let's be honest, outside of rogue players, how often do you actually complete a trade on a "I need this, you need that" basis?

    Let me disect a booster of HS-Heartgold Soulsilver I opened recently:
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