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  1. Oh, no, I invented that deck.

    Every once in a while some row busts out around here with people bickering about who 'invented' a deck first.

    These are the dumbest arguments on the planet.

    Top 5 Reasons Why This Is Dumb
    1. One list differs from another as rose differs from rose. Some look the same, but one smells great and the other really stinks.
    2. Most archetype decks are obvious.
    3. It doesn't matter that you invented weedle-dunsparce-torkoal.
    4. On the Internet no one knows whether you got that
    The Plateau
  2. Postage within the U.S

    Tired of trades that get sent back for underpaid postage?

    Underpaid postage is a common problem. If you underpaid for it, you will lose that money and have to fork over more money to resend it.

    Here is a list of the breakdown:

    (with 1 toploader + a size 10 white envelope)
    Weight - # of cards - Cost
    1 oz - 1-7 cards - $.66
    2 oz - 8-22 cards - $.86
    3 oz
    4 oz
    5 oz
    6 oz

    Delivery Confirmation ...

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  3. Getting Back in the Game - Ch.4: The Return?

    by , 04/14/2013 at 08:01 AM (Getting Back into the Game)
    So the league went well yesterday.

    Got to play against some kids. Seems like all of them have a very good understanding as far as how to play the game. Helped them out with building their decks, which makes me think that I could possibly make a small seminar/tutorial on how to build decks.

    Although I had to leave a little early, that didn't stop my adventures in the PTCG. I played a few sets with one of my friends, who proxied up a Mewtwo ex/Tornadus ex deck, and I ...
  4. Getting Back in the Game - Ch.3: Another hiatus later...

    by , 04/07/2013 at 02:13 PM (Getting Back into the Game)
    I'll keep this one short...

    So two fighting game majors, a year of depression, and a new job later, I encountered a group of people at the local card shop. A mother, her two children, and several others also play the Pokemon TCG over there. She and I got into a huge discussion about how the game used to be (i.e. Base Set) and how it is now. Turns out she's a professor, and she's teaching the local kids how to play the game, and she mentioned that an extra hand would be great.
  5. I don't believe in Snorlax

    Snorlax, why are you always sleeping and eating all my food.
    Every time I use you in a battle, you are no good!
    Sleeping away while your opponent tries to attack,
    bouncing all their attacks right backs.
    We always win battles after your meals.
    Just like the bellsprout you just killed.
    With the blood stains on your belly, I don't know how you can relax
    And that is why I don't believe in Snorlax.
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