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  1. Prime's Blog: Judging Nationals (Part 3 of 3)

    Sunday, 29th:

    I didn’t get much sleep...again. It was alright, though. I was used to it by now. I did all the bathroom stuff, and got down to the Pokemon area for the last time. Patricia and her crew rearranged the tables for the Top Cut. The Seniors team got a few extra judges, so that every 2 games would have 1 judge watching them. Me and Kim. K were stationed at Table 1 and 2. I was a little nervous, because I would be at the top table, but Kim was such a professional, and I knew ...

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  2. Prime's Blog: Judging Nationals (Part 2 of 3)

    Friday, June 27th:

    Yay! A day where I didn’t have to work the entire time! What a relief. I got my deck together, and put on my snazzy new Pokegym shirt (woo Chrisbo) and headed down to the room. I grabbed a deck sheet, and started taking apart my decks. I got it taken apart, and started writing my deck up. Things were going well…until someone walked by and told me that they didn’t need decklists from Professors. Information I could have used YESTERDAY! /adam sandler Oh well, so I ...

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  3. Prime's Blog: Judging Nationals (Part 1 of 3)

    I've been thinking about if I want to write something up on my experience at Origins/Nationals 2008, or if I am content with my own memories. I think I want to write something up, and take advantage of this blog system we have here on the Pokegym.

    I’m still new to judging. A few years ago, the PTO of Tennessee stepped down and Keith H. (Lawman) took over. He contacted me and asked me if I wanted to help judge events for him. I said it would be an honor, and I have been working with ...

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  4. what the pokemon tcg has given me...

    i can't even begin to list the benefits my involvement in this game has brought to my life.

    i have a shared interest with my two sons that we all enjoy.

    i've been able to worlds, to nationals...because of this game. i've met people both online and IRL that i probably would NEVER have met otherwise, and some of those people have become some of my dearest friends. i've seen people turn their lives around because of this game, and seen/heard some actual works ...

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  5. Pokémon Saved My Marriage

    My wife loves to play games. Cards, Scrabble, Risk, Candyland -- it doesn't matter to her -- its all fun! She's also a collector. Antiques, Stamps, Star Wars Burger King glasses or Precious Moments -- they all give her great joy.

    Scrooge that I am, games seem boring, same rules, same pieces, same dull colors. And, how much rent are those collections paying? It must be alot because they seem to get more room and better accommodations in my home than my tools and sports equipment! ...

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    The Journey
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