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  1. Pojo's Pokemon CotD - Rayquaza C

    Rayquaza C
    Supreme Victors
    Holo Rare

    As we saw, Rayquaza C Lv. X has the potential to be an extremely dangerous card. In a deck that's based completely around it (and runs well), the card can consistently do 200 damage! While its HP may not have been the most amazing thing in the world, causing the card to lose value in a format where its ability to stick around for a few turns is key, it really poses a threat in the current metagame. That's the Level X card, however. ...
  2. Prepping for VGC 2010 - Training in Emerald Part 2

    Well, it is a new Tournament year. And with a new tournament year is a new Video Game Championship Series.

    ph33r t3h p1Ka

    Last time i covered my Regi's battle tactics, and now i will be covering the Lati twins.

    These two pokemon, Latias and Latios, where introduced in Ruby and Sapphire and then again in emerald. These pokemon where greatly used in last years VGC tournaments as they boast some absolutely amazing stats.

    They are quite literally ...
  3. So, you think you want to Judge?

    I asked this guestion to one of my long time friends a few weeks ago.

    We were discussing the Judging Staff for the 2011 Battle Roads Spring series. This friend is a long time player and has worked with us as a runner forever. He is willing to do anything to help out the event, and I mean anything.

    We used to refer to him a Slave Boy, but now we call him Zebra Boy, mainly beacause we have him wear a referee shirt while he is running for us so he can be seen easily by ...
  4. Just "more" of it

    I hate the Holiday Season.

    Why? There's never anything "new".

    I mean yeah, the prices are great. But when it comes down to it- I have all this stuff already.

    They've released "new product", which is really new and intuitive ways to distribute packs. The Promo cards have mostly been reprints (Hello 4th version Reshiram/Zekrom..) and even the new Victini Tin will have a Reprinted Card, a Reprinted Toy, and Packs.

    How ...

    Updated 12/16/2011 at 02:06 PM by djjoe227

  5. Cut or shuffle your opponents deck, or hold your tongue!

    "He was stacking his deck. That's how he got those quick wins."

    In 7 years of judging I've heard that a lot.

    Is it true? Maybe.

    You know, sometimes stuff happens. Stuff like: Draw, discard Rare Candy to evolve Horsea to Kingdra, attach water energy to Kingdra, place Buck's Training, draw 2, attach plus power, discard 2 cards for Kingdra's attack, "Good Game".

    More than once in a tourney? Maybe not exactly like that each time. ...

    Updated 11/09/2008 at 10:18 PM by bulbasnore

    The Plateau
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