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  1. I've got a blog?

    Now if I only had something to say...
  2. Anti-virus is not enough...

    Anti-virus is not update your computer software, as automatically as possible.

    Dear PokeGym Member,

    I appreciate you and your contributions to the Gym. Because we may only know each through our computers, I hope you'll indulge me in a little frank, but affectionate & well meant advice about your computer.

    Most of you, except Mac users, are running anti-virus software. First, a word to those who are not: what?

    I recommend and use ...

    Updated 12/28/2011 at 11:32 AM by bulbasnore

    The Plateau
  3. Getting Back in the Game - Ch.3: Another hiatus later...

    by , 04/07/2013 at 02:13 PM (Getting Back into the Game)
    I'll keep this one short...

    So two fighting game majors, a year of depression, and a new job later, I encountered a group of people at the local card shop. A mother, her two children, and several others also play the Pokemon TCG over there. She and I got into a huge discussion about how the game used to be (i.e. Base Set) and how it is now. Turns out she's a professor, and she's teaching the local kids how to play the game, and she mentioned that an extra hand would be great.
  4. Why I'm Leaving, Part 5

    Part 5- ME TOO

    This isn't a rant.

    I'm actually going to touch on one thing I liked about all of the players of Pokemon. Chances are, if you play Pokemon, you do something else too.

    I've seen players play, but not limited to, at least one of the following:

    -Pokemon VG
    -Magic The Gathering (multiple formats)
    -VS System
    -World of Warcraft TCG
    -D&D ...
  5. what the pokemon tcg has given me...

    i can't even begin to list the benefits my involvement in this game has brought to my life.

    i have a shared interest with my two sons that we all enjoy.

    i've been able to worlds, to nationals...because of this game. i've met people both online and IRL that i probably would NEVER have met otherwise, and some of those people have become some of my dearest friends. i've seen people turn their lives around because of this game, and seen/heard some actual works ...

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