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  1. Pre-release Blues

    I couldn't go to the Emerging Powers Prerelease. I was on a Family Vacation in Pennsylvania, and there were none near the house we rented.

    Ok, ok, it's ok. You can stop crying, I know it's sad and you feel for me, but it's ok.

    Anyway, missing the prerelease is not the killing blow. The killing blow, for me, is knowing I'm not going to taste the new Emerging Powers cards for another 6 days, AT LEAST.

    Why do we wait so long for a release? Are ...
  2. Stage 2- Utterly Useless?

    After looking over the cards in Emerging Powers, I and Everyone else can agree- Stage 2's are done.

    That is to say that Basics and Stage 1's are significantly better than Stage 2's.

    Firstly, we have no Evolution Acceleration. Rare Candy doesn't count, because now a Basic needs to be out for a full turn. We lost both Spiritomb AR and Broken Time Space, which made Stage 2 decks possible.

    Secondly, our Stage 1 choices are almost always significantly ...
  3. Samurott/Yanmega

    Here's my thoughts. Looking at all of the current decks, I realized they all shared two particular strategies.

    First, there's Set-up Blowout. This deck has the tendency to rely on Cleffa/Manaphy for consistent hand-refresh, and to set-up the bench in increasing intensity throughout the following turns. Decks such as Magneboar, Reshi-something, Feraligatr, and other decks with "Engines" fall into this category. They usually sit on letting the opponent take 2-3 prizes ...

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  4. Pokemon Online and a week until the prerelease.

    Wow pokemon online is a blast. Been playing it alot this week and the pokemon tcg should be online a week from now. Emerging powers packs will have codes for online pack and i'm going to a plethora of pre-releases. If you havent played Pokemon-Online or PokemonTCG, they are very well written pokemon simulators. Tons of fun, very user friendly, and probably the best way to play pokemon. Second best actually, if your taking a road trip with your friends. Boss!

    Was playing around with ...
  5. The New EX Cards

    Let me start by spoiling (Let's face it, most of you know by now anyway) the new EX card:

    Psychic Type

    {CC} X-Ball~ 20x
    This attack does 20 damage for each Energy attached to each Active Pokemon.

    {PPC}Psycho Drive ~ 120
    Discard an Energy Card attached to this pokemon.

    *When Pokemon EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards
    {Sorry, Blogs won't ...

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