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  1. Trading Online Properly

    Let me start by saying my experiences.

    I began my online trading experience in July of 2003, on a website I was an avid Yugioh Player at the time, and began my trading on their forum. Within 5 months, I was on the Moderating Staff there. Some people remember me, as I was on the staff up until two years ago, and I am currently still a behind-the-scenes person on their Trade-staff. I was a major contributor to the Trading Staff for the better part of 3-4 years, and ...

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  2. Why can't Pokemon expand?

    This is a blog where I will discuss an idea. It's not card related, it's more of a hopes & dreams deal towards the video game.

    First off, because I want to get it out of the way: I HATE Microsoft and Xbox/Xbox360. I am not having a technological discussion, or a quality discussion on Multiplayer or currently released Games. I, personally, do not like the games, do not like the controllers, and I don't appreciate paying $110 to play one game online ($60 game, plus $50 LIVE fee ...
  3. So Much for a Tournament of Skills

    A few blogs ago, I wrote about how I'd rather be donked.

    Well, I got my wish.

    Sunday afternoon we began our tournament at 1:30. We usually start sign-ups at 12, and close them close to 1:30 to accomodate everyone who says they'll show up either from League the day prior, or who say so on the Facebook page.

    Then it happened, and I was one of the unfortunate games. That day I was running my Roserade/Yanmega build. Our TO shouts to the 6 matches ...

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  4. Magby, the Underrated Baby!

    Today I'm going to do something a little different. Today I'm going to praise what I think is going to be one of the better cards in the format. Today I'm going to talk about Magby. Magby, I feel, is one of the most underrated underused cards we have available to us.


    Now currently our format is dominated (in the baby department) by Tyrogue and Cleffa, with random Smoochum techs.

    Tyrogue- Deals a quick 30 that can't be blocked by weakness ...
  5. What's the matter, PokeGym?

    Well, that was awkward. The Gym went offline during 2011 U.S. Nationals.


    I guess it had been down all Saturday, but I didn't hear about it until I was leaving the hall. That was a mercy since I was judging and couldn't have done anything anyway. So, instead of going to the Mutant Madness Draft™, I ordered room service (nice club sandwich, but too much mayonnaise) and Wi-Fi, and went to work on the Gym.

    I made a phone call home to make sure that ...
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