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  1. Prize Support For Local Tournaments

    Alright, here's the deal, before I get into details:

    The store we hold local tournaments has the following prices:

    $4 for any pack of Pokemon. They stock one box at a time, but quickly replace empty boxes. Currently stocking HS Triumphant, with refusal to stock more than one box at a time. Black & White took too long to sell, while HS Triumphant was in high demand.

    $5 for Platinum, until it runs out.

    $5 for league play (It's more like ...
  2. Properly Playing Magneboar for Nats

    Today's rant is less of a rant and more of a guide. That's right, I've not only perfected the fabled Best-Deck-In-Format (BDIF) but I am willing to share my knowledge with everyone else. That's right, today you're all going to learn what to do with "Magneboar".

    Magneboar is a deck type that has it's consistency through the use of the following cards:

    Rayquaza ...
  3. Bon Voyage!

    Today I decided to rant about something everyone is familiar with: July 1st 2011 Rotation. But before I do, I'd like to make one thing clear- when I rant, I am expressing my own personal opinions and thoughts. I by no means assume I am correct, but merely wish to be. If there are conflicting ideas, I would love to have a comment conversation, but if and only if there is constructive criticism and explained though processes.

    As we all know, on July 1st 2011, the following ...
  4. I'd rather be Donked!

    Let me explain something about how I play the game- I play to have fun. I don't look at this and hope I have a new source of aggravation. I don't play to win, it's just a bonus.

    Now that that is out of the way, I have two, and a third coming later, cards to complain about.

    Zekrom & Reshiram
    *And Kyurem when it comes out.

    Why do I hate these things?

    Well it's simple- I'd rather be donked. At least Donking saves ...

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  5. Making a deck for an illiterate child

    So, two kids came into my local league this past saturday. One of the kids couldn't read well yet, he was very young, but was very passionate about playing Pokemon. We played a game and he did really well. His brother had thrown together a bunch of Black and White cards to make him a deck. I added a few trainers to get it to 60 cards, but I feel some major improvements could be made.

    The only issues for the deck construction is that he's not very good at reading, so simple effects ...
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