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  1. To catch a Pokemon

    I'm going to rant about a card.

    No, wait, not a card. Not yet at least.

    The "card" I'm going to rant about is the highly anticipated, and in my opinion overhyped, Pokemon Catcher.

    Pokemon Catcher is a trainer card that is a word for word (except name) reprint of the Base Set card, Gust of Wind. Differences include name, set, and of course the new distinction of "Trainer- Item".

    Why is it being hyped? Here's ...
  2. Bored of the game - looking forward to next set

    I thought I'd post to my blog since I'd like to promote the blog system on this forum and try to get more people writing.

    Right now, I am a bit bored of the brand new (coming July 1st) format. I think the #1 reason is because there aren't a lot of sets in the format and thus the number of options is kind of low.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the format is ten times healthier than the current format for Battle Roads (MD-BW), it's just the number of options seem limited when ...
  3. So, you think you want to Judge?

    I asked this guestion to one of my long time friends a few weeks ago.

    We were discussing the Judging Staff for the 2011 Battle Roads Spring series. This friend is a long time player and has worked with us as a runner forever. He is willing to do anything to help out the event, and I mean anything.

    We used to refer to him a Slave Boy, but now we call him Zebra Boy, mainly beacause we have him wear a referee shirt while he is running for us so he can be seen easily by ...
  4. when pokemon is taken too seriously

    This is what i really think, You bother with giving Pokemon classifications, you do solo runs(although these are cool to see), you are overly competitive, and you just go a bit overboard with other things related to the game. Games are meant to be fun. They were created to entertain us and gives us something to do. Competitive playing has killed that. This game is supposed to be fun. Instead, you people(most of you that is) worry about which Pokemon is better for competitive playing. I personally ...
  5. To play or not to play…

    That was the question I faced several years ago.

    After learning how to play this game for the sake of teach my children how to play Pokémon, I faced the ultimate question most players face.

    Do I finally admit to myself that I will never be a competitive player and focus on my skills as a Judge or do I just continue to make a fool of myself as a player? Well, I made the choice, whether I realized it then or not, the day I passed the Professor Exam.

    I passed ...

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