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  1. Where we play at

    In this blog everyone is aloud to talk about where they play and who they play with.
  2. Black 2: Pokemon Study 1

    So, I bought Black 2 over the weekend, and made it my goal for the game to be my first step into competitive battling.

    So, I set my goal in-game to capture every Pokemon available in Black 2 and train them up and see which ones I like and what their weakness/strengths are. Also, I'm going to only catch female versions of them (minus riolu).

    I've gotten to the second gym so far.

    I've caught:

    Tepig -> Pignite: Ember was weak, but Flame ...
  3. Memories

    This might all seem a bit arbitrary, but I have a point. I'll get to it at the end of the blog. Trust me. Skip ahead if you feel like it.

    I was playing a game of Pokémon cards with a friend and had 3 cards left in my hand, none of which were Supporters, one of which was an Ultra Ball. I have not played as frequently as I did MD-on, so my first instinct was to go for Uxie and Set Up. Of course, that was my initial 2 second reaction, I did not really play Ultra Ball without further ...
  4. Working to improve blogs

    The Blog part of this site is my baby.

    I think it's a fantastic aspect of the forum that is underutilized and underpromoted. It is one of my goals to make it so 10% of the population is taking advantage of the blog system on this site, something you don't find on many other forums.

    What have I been working on?

    First and foremost, I have been working on improving Blog's promotion on the Front Page. Currently, we have a 'Latest Blogs' section of the Front ...
  5. The Mobile PokeGym

    The Internet has gone mobile, and the Gym has a few technologies that are working to keep up with this trend.

    We've had a mobile style since August 2010, coded by community coder dartho. 25,804 of our 2,210,415 posts contain the tag line, "Posted with mobile style..." indicative of mobile style users.

    This style is lightweight (as befits mobile data plans) and reformat posts so they can usually be read on the small screen. You use a lot of features ...
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