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  1. Now that my ineptitude is out of the way...

    I'm excited about the new Championship season. I can only get to one tournament this year (Boo!), but I'm still going to try my best to win. I've won a Prerelease Tournament before, so I know I can do it again in Cities.

    I plan to unleash my army of metallic horrors on my opponents. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Though the Magvire Maffia people are hard.... I need the Mamoswine line for the Dons. Bah....I might go for a Mamoscor mix. The Dons are my greatest threat, and I will stomp them flat if ...
  2. :s

    I think I know how to post on my blog now....
  3. Typhlosion/ Infernape deck


    Infernape (mega bravo) x2
    Infernape SF x1
    Monferno x2
    Chimchar x3

    Typhlosion (firestarter) x2
    Quilava x1
    cyndaquil x2

    Rapidash SF x2
    Ponyta x3

    Furret (keen eye) x2
    sentret x3


    Rare candy x4
    Stark Mountain x2
    professor oak visit x3
    Team Galactic's ...

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  4. need help with my deck!!!! please!!

    i dont really know how many pokemon and energy cards and trainner and support i must use please rate im still learning

    Treecko SF x4
    Grovyle SF x3
    Sceptile SF x3
    Oddish LA x4 (the poison version)
    Gloom LA x3 (grass version)
    Bellossom LA x3
    Scyther MD x1
    Scyther SF x2
    Scizor SF x2

    Support and trainner

    Luxury ball x1
    Cynthia's Feelings x2
    Professor ...
  5. Well.....

    boy what a day ... had to clean my room my comp was nuked so had to redo the well everything.

    OMG dad wants on srry ppl got to go
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