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  1. The Advantage to going Second

    I said this in a thread, and I want to just make it a blog because...well I just want it to get out there because I made the idea of it up on a whim and as I thought more about it I liked my own reasoning. This is an explaination on why going second isn't so bad, and is sometimes beneficial!

    The advantage to going second is that you are able to respond to cards played and work strategies around the type of deck you are playing against. The first turn player, without ...
  2. Comics and Cards

    I'm a comic book reader. I read comics every week, and I look forward to Wednesdays. This is what I do on my spare time.

    Don't believe me? I'm going to even be in a podcast. As soon as we get it up, I'm the "Joe" you'll hear in the the comics section of the Geek Asylum Podcast. You should check it out anyway!

    Anyway; I also play Pokemon. I've played Yugioh, Magic The Gathering, VS System, Battle Spirits, Bloodbowl, Munchkin, and a few other games that ...
  3. Rewards...FINALLY!

    I got my POP Rewards in. Finally!

    I was starting to think that it was a myth, having joined last year in November and not recieving anything for over a full YEAR.

    I got...

    2x Call Energy
    2x SP Radar
    2x Pokemon Collector
    2x Super Scoop Up
    4x Rainbow Energy
    1x COL Basic Energy (each)

    Not Bad at all!

    Free is Free
  4. Anti-virus is not enough...

    Anti-virus is not update your computer software, as automatically as possible.

    Dear PokeGym Member,

    I appreciate you and your contributions to the Gym. Because we may only know each through our computers, I hope you'll indulge me in a little frank, but affectionate & well meant advice about your computer.

    Most of you, except Mac users, are running anti-virus software. First, a word to those who are not: what?

    I recommend and use ...

    Updated 12/28/2011 at 11:32 AM by bulbasnore

    The Plateau
  5. How I Feel about EX and the state of the Game.

    When I see the new "EX" cards, I see collectibles. I like having goals. I'm still not done with my NV Fullarts, and keeping a consistent goal when trading is healthy for me. It gives me reason to be interested in other people's collections, and vice versa.

    However, I don't believe "EX" is the answer the game itself needed, not fully anyway.

    Here's my gripe- I can only run 4 Pikachu and 4 Raichu. I use these because everyone ...

    Updated 12/15/2011 at 09:13 PM by djjoe227

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