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  1. Just "more" of it

    I hate the Holiday Season.

    Why? There's never anything "new".

    I mean yeah, the prices are great. But when it comes down to it- I have all this stuff already.

    They've released "new product", which is really new and intuitive ways to distribute packs. The Promo cards have mostly been reprints (Hello 4th version Reshiram/Zekrom..) and even the new Victini Tin will have a Reprinted Card, a Reprinted Toy, and Packs.

    How ...

    Updated 12/16/2011 at 02:06 PM by djjoe227

  2. Missing the HGSS Theme Decks

    Every now and then, I think back to how awesome it was for the theme decks from the HGSS block to come with a booster pack.

    It was pretty awesome, actually. I remember going up to the counter at my local hobby shop and wondering what to buy. They were out of Triumphant, a brilliant set with plenty of Primes in it, but they still had some Triumphant theme decks left. I knew it'd come with a pack, so I bought it. Sure enough, I pulled a Gengar Prime out of the single pack, giving me the ...
  3. Dragon "Type" Hype

    It's been hyped and hinted- we're getting a new type, and it'll be DRAGON.

    We had 6 types already, got two more (Metal and Darkness) and now we have one more on the way.

    I want to analyze everything we have thus far, and then I will give my best possible guess on what a "Dragon" type pokemon may or may not do.

    Fire: Fire types cover only Fire pokemon, and typically their attacks do one of several things. First and foremost, they cause ...
  4. Improper Weakness

    When I look at cards to put in my deck, one of the biggest factors I consider is their Weakness.

    Weakness, in short, makes or breaks the game. If you have a high volume of Fire decks, Steel is not for you. If Zekrom makes an appearence, your Water deck will most likely be done in less than 10 agonizing turns.

    In our current Meta, we see these types pop up more often than others:

    FIRE (Reshiram, Typhlosion)
    ELECTRIC (Zekrom, Pachirisu, Magnezone) ...
  5. League Concept- Basic Badge

    I figured that this time around, I would get a jumpstart on the League Building. This time, however, I figured to let myself expand a bit.

    For my first League Concept, I wanted a basic deck. It was a perfect (in my mind) representation off all three Gym Leaders of Striaton City, showing off each elemental monkey and the Lillipup line they all had in common.

    This time, there is only one gym leader, and unfortunately for me, that gym leader sticks to one type only- Colorless. ...
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