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  1. Regarding Product and Their Contents

    First, I want to re-post a post I made regarding the new Black & White Trainer Kits, which was a response to why certain cards are not included and why World Championship decks and Trainer kits are separate products for a reason:

    World Championships decks are made up of 60 cards that, when played by a certain individual, did well in a major tournament. These cards are highly advanced, complex, and have had many hours and experience behind them. By mimicing one player's set of
  2. Pokemon- Intellectual Powerhouses

    Slowpoke is smarter than you.

    That's right. Slowpoke. The Pokemon that at least acts like the dumbest thing ever to existed is smarter than anyone, you included. How does that make you feel?

    Ok, so you're probably wondering how I make this claim. Here's how.

    Do you know the English Language? Spanish? Japanese? Chinese? Latin? French? German? Polish? Ancient Egyptian?

    I only listed 9 languages, but there are tons more. But ...

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  3. Making Cards for the Game

    When I look at these sets, I see cards. Other people look at sets, and just go "WHY!?"

    Here's the deal, you take cards from a set like say "Call of Legends", and you think that the set is garbage. Buying packs is a waste of time, and a waste of money, and a waste of set. Here are some different perspectives to take before calling a set or cards garbage:

    1) It helps you build or enhance a deck for Modified Format. This is everyone's most popular ...
  4. Reprint- Why not?

    Let me start by showing the card that sparked this Blog:

    (Sorry, can't figure out how to insert the image in to the post)

    Now, for anyone who doesn't already have one- You can't get one.

    Why? Well, chances are because you didn't participate in Worlds, and you weren't given one. Presently, that is/was the only way to get one.

    Rather than taking ...

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  5. Why I am falling out of love with the Pokemon TCG

    I was watching the newest episode of Prof-It, a show that I never miss an episode of and praise J-Wittz for doing, when a bunch of negative feelings towards the game started to flood my thinking.

    1) All the different types are cool but it really just turns the game into a Rock/Paper/Scissors game. I've gone back and forth on the idea of weakness, but I feel it does more to hurt the game than to better it. I think it is because:
    a) There ...
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