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Prepping for VGC 2010 - GBA exclusive Moves

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Well, it is a new Tournament year. And with a new tournament year is a new Video Game Championship Series.

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Alright, it has been awhile sense my last blog post, but as promised i will discuss GBA exclusive moves and how they can serve you in Competitive battles. Sure, you do miss out on a few exclusive egg moves - but sometimes the pros outweigh the cons.

This first one should come to some shock to a lot of people, but it can be such a life saver to some very good tanks:

This was Chansey's signature move back in the day, but when FireRed and LeafGreen came out, it's usage was broadened to some very defensive Pokemon.

These Pokemon are Clefable, Blissey, and Togetic (who can go into Togekiss when pal parked)

With softboiled, your Clefable will live to use follow me a whole lot longer, your Blissey will tank with its already massive HP, and Togekiss won't have to rely on Roost (And can use Tri-Attack from Pokemon XD:GoD)

Second up is a great attack, but it mainly used for two Pokemon:

I will say this now - most Pokemon that learn this can also learn Explosion. But two Pokemon cannot - Mewtwo and Snorlax.

Mewtwo is a beast when it comes to Special attack, but if Mewtwo is running out of HP - Mewtwo can get one last big move off. With the great power of Selfdestruct and Mewtwo's amazing speed, selfdestruct is quite the useful addition to Mewtwo.

The second Pokemon, Snorlax it even better when it comes to using selfdestruct.
Some of you are going to say "Munchlax gets selfdestruct via Pokewalker". And it is true it does, but you miss out on egg moves, Mostly Curse.
Snorlax is a great attacker already, and has the defenses and Hp to make up for its slow speed. But trick room can also take care of the speed issue. But selfdestruct on Snorlax means it will get the STAB (Same Type Attack Boost) bringing the power to 300 (more than explosion on anything other than LickiLicki) and Selfdestruct also halves the defense of the Pokemon taking the hit, essentially being a 600 Power attack! Plus, if you used curse or any other stat boosting attack - it will OHKO anything that is not a ghost.

The next move can be use for a whole lot of pokemon:
This move is a great thing to have that is prone to taking physical hits, like Blissey/Alakazam/Regice/Etc. It can most definitely can turn a game around with accurate prediction. Your opponent sends out Hitmontop, Scizor, Tyranitar, or Garchomp - You can almost bet that they are going to hit you physically. Like i said it can (and most likely will) eat these Pokemon alive, and will catch them off guard as most people don't bother with older games like emerald.

The next one is for the Pokemon that cannot attack at all:
Seismic toss
This was made for Pokemon like Blissey, Clefable, or any other pokemon that cannot attack for it's life. Being able to do a set 100 damage is nice to have on Blissey since it has the worst evolved attack in the game (same as Shuckle). I have even seen this attack on High level Baby Pokemon like Igglybuff just to add insult to injury.

That is it for today, but next time i will be talking about my experience at the 2010 VGC Regional in Phoenix, AZ.

See you on the battlefeid trainers!