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Time, love and tenderness.

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If you can get that musical reference .... good for you.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Those of you who have read some of my earlier blogs, have seen a bit of history of how I and my son started into pokemon, moving from collectors at a flea market, to early pokemon league goers, to league leaders, and early professors, to "Master" Professors under WOTC, then under POP we got to be professors, League leaders. I was also able to be a tournament organizer and through patience and hard work, along with some judging in major tournaments, I finally was asked to become a Premier Tournament Organizer (PTO). Well, during that time, I was able to find many friends in this game. I hope I've helped many people to find a love of the game. I know it's influenced my son to be a better person - though I hope that our parental influence had something to do with that too! Ha Ha! Yeah, I know Josh has come out of his shell - he was such a quiet introvert when he was younger. Of course there's nothing wrong with that, but he seems to have bellossomed (pokemon humor there folks!) into a young man that can be respectful of others, can talk with anyone, and as a judge, can make his point known when it's important to be firm. Not only that, but has become a good reader, and teacher. I certainly credit that to his training, and his playing pokemon. Both Josh and I have found good friends here locally, Nationally, and internationally. We've had the chance to talk to lots of people about our views, interests, and work, and have even had chances to talk to stars - like in my profile picture where I'm standing next to Henry Winkler (THE FONZ), who I met and talked to at a convention, and was able to give some pokemon product to. I've had a chance to trade online with people internationally, and have become good friends with many of my traders. Through tournaments, even though I've never had the pleasure of attending events outside of Canada, I've had the pleasure of meeting people from the US, Canadians from across the country, and even some from as far away as The Netherlands. I've judged many events, and organized many more, and time has moved on.

Unfortunately time has moved on in other ways as well. A while ago, my wife fell, and broke both knees. Obviously, this affected her mobility, and forced her to slow down in many ways. Due to that, and some other health problems (fibro myalgia, liver and gall bladder problems, a constant nausea, and lately a failing kidney), my wife Tammy has needed some care by myself, and other members of the family. Of course failing health has resulted in some depression as well, which we all seem to fall prey to from time to time. And here I thought I was the healthy one, but I find out that I'm not immune to time's folly either. I'm having problem with my lower legs, lower back, and even unfortunately I seem to be getting the early stages of Alzheimer's. Oh don't worry - I'm not gonna go postal or anything. In fact, I'm a pretty happy go lucky person most of the time. I have a good life, some amazing and helpful friends, and a good attitude toward life and people in general. However, I've had to from time to time step back from things a bit. Some of you may remember that I wasn't always a Moderator. In fact, I was just a regular user here on the gym for a while, then I was asked to be a Trade mod for a while. I had to step back for a bit, then my circumstances changed a bit, so I was able to volunteer again to be a mod. I hope to be able to keep up helping here for quite some time to come. The Admins are great, they are happy to have as much help as I can give when I can give it, and understand that we all have different priorities at times. Not only that, but they're fun too.

Now as for league, I have had to give it up - due to those reasons I mentioned in this version of my blog, plus the fact that I live in a house that was built in 1876, so you can imagine that there's always something I have to do around the house. As for my work as a PTO - well, I try to keep up with that as best as I can, but I've had to bring on a partner to help me out with my duties. Of course that doesn't mean that I want to slow down in getting events (That's for you Pete, just in case you read this! Ha Ha), but that I can see the need to get help with the full responsibility of being a PTO. To that end, I approched Jennifer Mckenzie-Boone (who I've used as my head judge on multiple occasions) and asked if she would like to join me as my partner. At the printing of this blog, we're still waiting for confirmation by TPCi that she can be acknowledged as a PTO, but she has been my partner for some time now. I'm not sure if you know the McKenzie-Boones, but Robin her husband is a great player, competitive, but with astounding spirit of the game, Jennifer is one of the greatest female head judges in the game in my opinion (very knowledgable, personable, and a fantastic asset to the pokemon game up here in Ontario - you may know her here on the gym as "CPstar"), Alaric their son is one of the best players up here - a new Masters player who won Nationals last year as a Senior, he's a force to be reconned with, and then his younger sister who is only 6 or so (it's probably best if I don't give out her name here - but she's a cutie) is also a player, who has already played in multiple theme deck challenges - she's very very smart for her age! Yes, this family has been a very good asset to pokemon up here. The good part of this partnership is that we each can depend upon one another to help each other out, and can adjust our schedules to help take care of the important stuff when it comes up, sometimes Jennifer will run an event, sometimes I will, but most times we run them together. It's been a very helpful way to make sure everything has been taken care of. As time goes on, I'll be depending upon my friends more and more, that's for sure.

So pokemon ... I continue to love thee, and have had many blessings, though not everything has come up roses, and though I've had to give up league (though I help out with reports and such), I will keep working for as long as I can and try to help others find a love for pokemon too.

I hope your pokemon true life story can be as full and happy as mine.